Slabbed 2014: 3.2 million pages served

Slabbed: Small, mighty and parabolic.  Thank you for being in that number.  Here are the top seven most trafficked posts on Slabbed for 2014:

7.  How I became a made bananaman and discovered that Miss Chiquita was a government subsidy whore

6.  So I hear my ears shudda been burning last night: A periodic examination of the media and journalism in the public interest

5. Who dunnit ? Let’s solve the DEQ / BP City of D’Iberville Ocean Expo grant mystery (Updated)

4. Analysis: Rumors of sweetheart insider contracts swirling around Singing River Hospital (Updated)

3. Because he is a faithful man: Hervey Farrell sues the City of New Orleans and former radio show host Jennifer Gaubert

2.  From the LSU Porno scene: Campus abuzz with rumors of sorority girl turned porn star

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Steve Scalise on my mind……

Its no secret that Slabbed’s arrival on the local media scene included copious stops in Bucktown covering the Aaron Broussard political corruption scandal. Naturally my email inbox started going into somewhat of overdrive yesterday afternoon after the disclosure on Cen Lamar that Scalise had spoken to David Duke’s white supremacist group back in 2002. Cen Lamar is a hard left democratic resource run by Lamar White Jr, locally known as unabashed left wing partisan but who is also a blogging superstar because of his high quality online work. Since then Lamar’s story was picked up by the WaPo and all hell has broken loose.

Before I get to a sampling of the sentiment I’d like to remind people that Slabbed is the only blog close enough to the Bucktown political establishment to nab pictures of Senator David Vitter’s legs thus what people are telling me is literally coming from inside the family so to speak and unlike the portrayal of Buckown’s populace in the national media as being a bunch of racist hicks it is both rich and highly nuanced.

First off a disclosure, I like Steve Scalise and Slabbed is favorably disposed to the man editorially and I’m not ashamed to admit it as he embodies most everything I expect from a Congressman in that I think he has profoundly committed to looking out for the people that elected him. It is the same calculus that attracted me to Gene Taylor and in fact it was an insurance forum in 2010 here on the Coast that drove home how committed Scalise was to his own people.  To set things up he came to an insurance forum sponsored by a Democrat and actually shared panel space with insurance company executives, a bunch that after Hurricane Katrina had been compared to child molesters.

For me it was a defining moment because Scalise could have taken the opportunity that so many Republicans had before him in genuflecting before big business and begin shining the shoes of the Insurance execs in order to collect the campaign cash given out by the industry. Instead he blasted them for what they had done after the Hurricane to the people down here. Continue reading “Steve Scalise on my mind……”

Back in the land of the living

Luckily we live in an advanced age where Oseltamivir can stop a case of the flu dead in its tracks. I was especially lucky as my Doc was working Christmas eve morning.  Like Lana and her hubby this past Thanksgiving, sharing the season’s pestilence was a family affair for us as well.

With that out of the way I’d like to acknowledge that much to my horror several pieces of high quality email in response to the post I did on the rumored related party transactions at Singing River Hospital went to my spam folder.  I have rectified the issue and will be replying to each today as I catch up on unfinished business.  I’d like to thank every one of you folks that contacted me sharing additional information.  It will be put to good use.

The biggest news item here behind the scenes at Slabbed relates to that rumored Mississippi Laundry Service contract with SRHS, a rumor that Hospital System spokesman Richard Lucas flatly said was not true (see link in preceding paragraph).  Its the ultimate conundrum folks because I have people that still insist there is a money connection between MLS and SRHS.  I mention this because I think there is a good explanation out there that resolves the riddle. Consider this a teaser but it is best that we wait while Slabbed procures the proverbial smoking gun before we solve it.

Way back in the beginning of this whole SRHS disaster I started to write what I’d term a “framing post”.  I use the term “framing” because in order to understand what is happening it helps it you view the chain of events through the proper lens.  The PR people at SRHS and the Jackson County Board of Supervisors have literally been “framing” the problems at SRHS since early in 2014 and how they presented the problem at the SRHS to the public still permeates the discussion.  My issue with how the problems at SRHS have been framed by the spin doctors for the politicos and the Hospital system is that it contains copious amounts of bullshit, for lack of a better term.  The retirees on fixed incomes whose pension income from a life’s work is now at risk demands that Slabbed take a look at the real issues involved with the SRHS financial meltdown and what had to have happened behind the scenes for it to occur.

Finally, speaking of framing, Kingfish up at Jackson Jambalaya is on the right track with the post he did which looked at five years worth of financial data from the Hospital system that is well worth the read.

Jim Brown: Rhetoric and Death go hand in hand in Police Officer Murders!

Friday, December 26th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Words matter. The old saying that “Sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me?” Wrong! Dead wrong! Words can inflame, and the rhetoric can reach such a fever pitch, that violence erupts. And people can die. That’s what happened last week in New York City. A disturbed career criminal got so caught up in the speeches of hate and virulence that he took what he thought was revenge. And the blood on his hands is on many others all across this nation.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley was a 28-year-old street thug who never should have been on the streets in Brooklyn last week when he assassinated two New York City police officers. He was a perpetual lawbreaker with at least 19 arrests-four in Ohio and 15 in Georgia. He had been convicted of grand larceny, felony shoplifting, destroying property and possession of a stolen gun. He should have been behind bars.

There was no doubt as to why he murdered the two officers. Just two hours before his slaughter began, Brinsley wrote on his Instagram page: “I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours…Let’s take 2 of theirs.” It included the hashtags “#shootthepolice” as well as references to Michael Brown and Eric Garner. He was getting even. It was, in his warped mind, payback time for the reams of inflammatory rhetoric that had flooded the news in the past month. Continue Reading…..