Indictment rumors swirling from the Coast to the Capital

After all folks, it is the fall indictment season in here Mississippi. That said I’ve found indictment rumors to be notorious unreliable except in certain circumstances. That said the muckraking community is raking up in Jacktown:

Mayor Yarber: FBI Has Not Questioned Me ~ R. L. Nave

Numerous sources in the Jackson legal and political community suggested that the city’s $90 million Siemens contract could be a target in the investigation, Yarber, who voted to approve that contract, when he was city council president, said today that his administration has “not been any part of any major contract negotiations” in the seven months since he took office and that while he served on the council as the Ward 6 representative, and as council president, he “didn’t have an opportunity to participate in contracting.”

I haven’t posted on it but the Mayoral election in Jackson was a three ring circus and now this. That said I have this from Greece from this past Monday:

Prosecutor seeks trial for 64 in Siemens bribery scandal ~

And of course there is this circa 2008:

At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item ~ Siri Schubert and T. Christian Miller

Could all be just a coincidence but that rumor mill is on fire at present.  Did I mention the indictment rumors swirling here on the coast?

Like the indictment rumors swirling in Jackson, the one involving the Harrison County Utility Authority just won’t go away but salient reporting is now well over a year old with the players sporting much lower public profiles than Siemens.  That said I’ve adopted a believe when I see it mentality for HCUA for purposes of reporting on Slabbed but I must acknowledge the persistent rumor mill because it is churning full tilt.

4 thoughts on “Indictment rumors swirling from the Coast to the Capital”

  1. I, for one, am so glad to have Thanksgiving and the Jackson County Sheriffs race in the rear view mirror. That race turned out just as I had hoped it would. Some friends in high places in Jackson have said charges over the Siemen’s contracts are a certainty. On the Coast the HCUD has sure been quiet. Many have been interviewed but the Feds must not have what they need yet. I do not think this matter is over. Too many people are still shaking from fear of exposure. Sure appears that the FBI/DOJ are overworked in our state with all of the crooked politicians,their appointees and the consultant- lobbying mafia coming to the cesspool surface. They are doing their best to keep us at #1 in the corruption category.

    1. Another round of indictments would not surprise me either way. If Pickering is involved I am sure he will bag a bunch of low level employees to take the brunt of the rath in order to save the faces of the politically connected as much as possible. Regardless if they are innocent or not Pickering knows lower level emplyees generally do not have the resources to fight. Just like the way the DMR case was handled.

  2. Seems like Obama’s liberal EPA organization was behind the order forcing officials to upgrade the city’s water system so investigations should start there to see if Siemens had any associations with members of the EPA to gain inroads into all cited communities which were under EPA orders.

    There is a local public outcry in papers and other media that poor people are being unfairly burdened with such an expensive upgrade so I would suggest that those people start to demonstrate their feelings during the next elections(national and local) against the Democrats who acclaim to do so much for the poor downtrodden.

  3. Speaking of rumors and Singing River Health System’s $106M Jackson County cosigned bond debt…

    Supervisor McKay accused…of being a CPA?!

    SRHS owes $106M on Jackson County co-signed debts, money went to renovations and additions

    Icyurn 1 day ago

    “You would have to ask prior administration this question,” Lucas said. “No one in current leadership was involved in that process.”

    Are you serious Richard? You Kevin Larry Heath Craig Stephanie Lynn davis nebo and others were at the board meetings making these decisions! We are not dumb! Mike Heidelberg was there along with the rest of the BOT making these decisions.

    I am now calling for the resignation of all the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. They were asleep at the wheel while these buffoons were wrecking our lives. Either step aside, clean house at SRHS, or get ready for voting season.

    Polyphemus2013 23 hours ago

    @Icyurn Isn’t John McCay a CPA? Can you imagine this guy as Mayor of Ocean Springs? WOW!

    Wonder how a CPA can miss such obviously, “questionable” financial transactions and future effects? Unless……

    Warren Kulo |
    Warren Kulo | 19 hours ago

    @Polyphemus2013 @Icyurn I don’t want to get into the middle of this debate, but for clarification purposes, supervisor John McKay is not a CPA. I believe his degree is in recreation management. He was the city recreation director for Ocean Springs for a number of years before taking a job with Chevron, in addition to his tenure as an Ocean Springs aldermen, followed by his election to the BOS.

    Sammy 18 hours ago

    @Warren Kulo | @Polyphemus2013 @Icyurn

    Agreed Warren – John a CPA ??? hahahahha !!! Too funny !!!!

    😉 😉 😉 😉

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