More transparency issues with the Hancock Board of Sups

My personal opinion is the local government with the most transparency issues is the Bay Waveland School Board but the new Hancock County beat guy with the Sun Herald documents more transparency issues involving the Supervisors including an unwarranted executive session. This type problem extends across the coast:

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  1. Doug,
    While I know this is frustrating for the press and everyone else, this is nothing new with the Hancock County Board of Supervisors. Go to their webpage that we in the Alliance for Good Government have been asking them to update for over a year now. The last entry for dockets is April, 2009. You have to subscribe to the Sea Coast Echo to see their expenditures–really. And their minutes are not available unless you go down to the Courthouse and ask for them. Pitiful All of the other governmental agencies in the county are online. These 5 just can’t evolve into the 21th Century. Pitiful. I hope the press gives them Hell.
    I agree with you. If I had to give a award for the worst run public bodies in Hancock County, it would be a tie between the Bay-Waveland School Board and the Supervisors. For almost 20 years, they were counseled by the same law firm–does that send up a red flag?

  2. Lets see last month Ms. Cowand found away around the open meetings act. I must say after speaking
    to Mr. Hood monday afternoon, he seemed dumbfounded about the actions. The executive session
    that we all missed was the Hancock Solid waste authority. They went in exec. session to discuss
    personal matters. Problem is they have no employees, therefore they went in to discuss a contractor.
    While Mayor Filingame was reprimanded in the case M-12-005 Jeff Harding VS City of Bay St. Louis
    for entering into executive session to discuss Tommy Kidd a contractor, he has already been warned.
    Hey wait, they went into executive session with Tommy Kidd last monday. I understand Mr. Kidd has
    been off the job for an illness. It appears Mr. Kidd still billed the county for his services. In case those
    may not be aware Les Lie is the chairman of the waste authority. This must stop. If you are reading this
    and find it wrong, please go to The Mississippi Ethics Commission and file a complaint. Mr. Hood needs
    to hear from someone other than me.

    1. Just thought of this!!! Ms. Cowand sits on the utility authority as well, looks like another letter to
      Mr. Hood.

  3. I’m the “Hancock County beat guy” referenced in the original post. The story I wrote Tuesday has opened a floodgate of similar complaints from citizens all over the coast. Many are in Hancock. All are in my inboxes, both email and Facebook.

    I’m trying to keep a watchful eye on our officials, but I’m new to the area, so any help is much appreciated. I already touched on this with one of you, but documents are key. I’ll dig for records if I have to, but if any of you already has documents regarding whatever it is you want me to look into, then by all means, just send me the documents. No need to ask first. If it’s legitimate, I’ll investigate it.

    I appreciate the shoutout, Mr. Stabbed.

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