You know the season is down the tubes when……

The biggest story line coming out of a disappointing loss is a Saints fan taking liberty with Jimmy Graham’s ass followed by the same fan apologizing the next week (during a disappointing loss) for groping Graham’s ass the week before:

And of course through it all the fans in the Dome (don’t get me started on that stupid train whistle) are keeping it classy by throwing elbows to the chin of a female Bengals fan (who has evidently never been to Mardi Gras):

Yes it is true the secondary has been decimated due to injury but there is a bigger problem at play with the Saints defense. When Rob Ryan showed up the Saints were supposed to swap over to Ryan’s version of the 3-4. Victor Butler was signed as a free agent joining Will Smith and Junior Gallett at outside linebacker. Butler and Smith both ended up hurt, Ryan adapted to his personnel moving Gallett back to D-End and swapping schemes to a 4-2-5 featuring 3 safeties. The Saints experienced some success last season in that scheme. Not so this year as the Saints zone coverage has been easily shredded. The secondary is not the biggest problem here as the lack of a consistent pass rush from the front 4 leaves the back end of the defense exposed.

The Saints actually have a kick ass 3-4 D-line with Akiem Hicks and Cam Jordan anchoring the ends. What they do not have are two of the four linebackers to go behind them. The Saints have one defensive player in the top 50 for tackles league wide in Curtis Lofton at number 5 with 93 tackles. The next two Saints in tackling, ranking 58 and 83 respectively, are safeties Rafael Bush and Kenny Vaccaro with Bush now gone for the season.  When your tackling leaders come from the secondary that usually signals a major problem in the front seven.

While the Saints gave up draft picks to zero in on a new offensive toy for Drew Brees in Brandin Cooks, quality inside rookie linebackers like Chris Kirksey (81) and Avery Williamson (104) ended up on other teams. Both of those rookies have more tackles than Saints Linebacker David Hawthorne and neither appear to have between the ears issues like Saints draftee Khairi Fortt.

Despite adding Cooks, the Saints still need additional talent at wide receiver along with needing to get younger on the offensive line to go with the linebacking needs and a number two corner. With Rafael Bush out things look to get worse from here and that does not count that dumb ass train whistle.

On the bright side we need not worry with planning our Sunday’s around the Saints game.

4 thoughts on “You know the season is down the tubes when……”

  1. Holy Saints’ Characters Help Us Batman;

    We needs to pray da’ multiple Saints’ Popes perform Dome Patrol exorcisms on da’ Joker, some NFL officials wit’ their occasional devilish calls and anoint/sanctify Edward Scissorhands to do a job on Ryan’s hair along wit’ a simultaneous scissors C-Section to remove da’ twin aliens Ryan is carryin’ so da’ team done take his defensive calls seriously.

  2. At least one good thing out of this meltdown, the azzklowns who hijacked the Who Dat slogan are not running around suing single moms trying to eak out a few ducats with “Who Dat” slogan-bearing product. Rather humourus to see a bunch of shakedown artists from San Antonio, Texas jacking over the locals using a slogan dating back for decades and tying up federal court dockets..

  3. My two cents are as follows: Cooks has been an excellent addition given the lack of CB prospects that were available in the draft. We do need a physical type receiver, think Colston on his prime. The biggest problem on offense has been the pass blocking starting with Goodwin and Jhari Evans. I suspect Goodwin will be gone next year and Evans will be too unless he accepts a pay cut. By the way, Bryce Harris is so bad, I think the Saints would be better off with “air” at the position if Strief is out for any length of time.

    As far as defense, the obvious glaring issues are with the 2nd and 3rd cornerback positions. However, that is not the most glaring issue. The most glaring issue is Kenny Vacarro’s Grand Canyon like drop off in performance. Whether it’s because he acutally has to think this year or make calls because Jenkins and Harper are gone or because of his ankle injury, the guy just isn’t the same player. Linebackers have not been great, but are far from the main problem.

    Think about the Saints’ season for a second. Barring late game collapses which one would think would have averaged out by this time, this train wreck of a team could be 8-2 with Ws over Cleveland. Detroit and San Francisco no less.

    As a season ticket holder and die-hard fan for 30+ years, I will always arrange my Sundays around the Saints.

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