Jefferson Parish’s 53 million dollar problem with conprofits laid bare by IG David McClintock

Yesterday Ben Myers broke the news of Jefferson Parish Inspector General David McClintock’s first report since he founded the Jefferson Parish Inspector General’s Office and man is that report a doozie. I chucked at George Amato’s comment to Ben’s story, which I completely concur.

The bottom line is the report is so bad my suggestion is that the taxpaying public would be better served if the Parish Council simply eliminated the various Parish departments and employees that hand out these taxpayer funded grants that are subsequently looted, take the $53.5MM of tax money they are determined to squander and simply put it on a silver platter at the intersection of Veterans and Causeway so the general public can at least get a shot at taking some of the bounty. Not only is such a more democratic method of squandering tax money the squandering can be done without the accompanying overhead. In any event here are the low lights from IG McClintock’s first report:

OIG Audit Finding Louisiana Community & Family Services, Inc.
OIG Audit Finding Louisiana Community & Family Services, Inc.

But it gets better because the gang Louisiana Community & Family Services took the money from the Parish, converted it to cash and then supposedly paid their expenses with that cash without any further documentation. For those of you that actually believe that, Chermaine Kelly has some waterfront in the Gobi desert for sale:

JPOIG 2014-1 Cap 2
OIG Audit Finding Louisiana Community & Family Services, Inc.

Now there are some people that would have you believe the sky would fall if the State of Louisiana were to put an end to all these taxpayer funded handouts. I do not personally subscribe to that line of thought because it assumes the taxpayers are actually receiving a benefit in exchange for the money that is currently squandered, an assertion to which I harbor some dubiety. And the findings – well they get worse:

JPOIG 2014-1 Cap 3
OIG Audit Finding Louisiana Community & Family Services, Inc.

And worse:

JPOIG 2014-1 Cap 4
OIG Audit Finding Louisiana Community & Family Services, Inc.

And worse:

JPOIG 2014-1 Cap 5
OIG Audit Finding Louisiana Community & Family Services, Inc.

If all this reminds you of the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation I’ll admit I’m reminded of it too. At least now the public has an inspector general to actively investigate this kind of thievery. The ball is now with D.A. Connick to actually do something to recover the looted funds. Don’t hold yer breath waiting for Mr. Connick as it could be hazardous to your health.

File this one under same old, same old……

3 thoughts on “Jefferson Parish’s 53 million dollar problem with conprofits laid bare by IG David McClintock”

  1. Holy Moly Monkeyshines, Misdirected Redistribution of Wealth with Entitled Enrichment of Political Families Batman;

    Who the hell besides the Jefferson Community Action Programs makes cash payments ( $61,000 worth according to IG Mc Clintock) to alleged workers and WITH NO TIME CARDS ? How about check payments – oh, I’m so sorry that’s right there would be an alleged worker’s name on da’ check and dat done bees leaving a paper trail don’t it. How stupid of me. Butt these Block Grant local folk ain’t stupid bro’ and dats why dey always vote” block” after” block” fo’ dem Democratic candidates promising mo’ and mo’ of dem wasteful misdirected entitlement programs.

    Anyone notice these Community Block Grant programs are always “family” and education oriented and all about “summer enrichment” except the monies don’t go to enriching and educating the deserving poor families but instead into the illegal, enriched pockets of well connected “families” who are politically connected and well ” educated” into making cash payments to their unnamed, unclocked workers. What if white families were heading these programs and were doing the stealing from the black grant programs? You would have all the national Reverends and NACCP down here in a New York second. But it seems like the targeted poor black population who don’t properly and fully receive these programs/benefits still keep on voting for the same local politicians who allow the local stealing to continue.

    Finally, I see why certain Council members are against the IG from having transparent access to e-mails as IG Mc Clintock in his audit appropriately seasoned his report/s with supportive e-mails . It all makes complete sense now.

  2. Slabbers check out lee zurik’ investigative report on the so-called nonprofit , Alternatives Living, tonite which makes Jefferson Community Action Programs look like kindergarten operations.

  3. Let’s see, Jeff has a picture on a milk carton for a district attorney,Caldwell is too busy pizzing away money to mend broken fences against come one, come all opposition, and Ken Polite is too busy growing protective figleaf covers for the nomenklatura.

    And the Legislature has never favored qui tam except for the contractors lobby.

    Guess you should start a deathwatch clock, Doug, to count the days running that nothing was done on this problem.

    Of course the good people of Jeff would only be so fortunate that such rich financial angel on the level of the nefarious Koch brothers would give money to publicize opposition to tax hikes given the local kleptos participate in giving away money to friends & family plans in a manner akin to Fed Reserve printing press policies.

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