Everyone has an opinion on the now concluded DMR Investigation…..


Per Anita Lee’s story on yesterday’s sentencing of Joe Ziegler, Ziegler claimed he had nothing to do with the foundation but instead was the DMR lobbyist for the legislature. Trinity Walker begs to differ.  I’m hoping some of you old DMR salts can help reconcile the difference.

As for Ziegler, other than what he told Judge Starrett yesterday in court that garnered Team Walker’s ire, mums the word as he’s letting his attorney Joe Sam Owens do all the talking:

After Joe Ziegler was sentenced, Stacey Pickering announced the investigation of DMR wrongdoing is over. Like Kerwin Cuevas, Ziegler got a good deal from the prosecutors when one considers how much money was diverted and then squandered on Bill Walker’s personal fleet of yachts.

File this one under there is no honor among thieves.

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  1. There may be some truth to what she is saying but that is just a guess. What I find funny is how she made the comment about stepping away from Bill’s shadow and how he gave Joe a chance. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. God help this woman as it appears she is out of touch with reality and can only relate to things like designer clothing, makeup and hot articles in glamour magazine.

    Perhaps Trinity can explain how she landed a prized state position at the DMR when “Mr. Bill” was the director.

      1. Trinity,

        I am not a betting kind of guy but I would put a years salary on the line that you would have not gotten the DMR position if you were an ordinary citizen with no connections to the folks at the DMR.

        I am certainly glad that you have the luxury and opportunity to come on slabbed as yourself to express your views an opinions. Unfortunately, most of us on slabbed do not realistically have that option.

        Anyway, thank you for expressing your views.

  2. Hi Eye Spy!
    I applied online through the State Personnel Board website. This is where you can find all jobs listed with the state of Mississippi. Perhaps you can check there for an opening and find something else to do with your time.

  3. I am afraid that this Trinity e-mail tells it exactly like it really is. Joe Zeigler took control of the DMR through his interaction and favors that he performed for the Legislators and elected officials of this State and United States from Bill Walker. So, first, Shame on all of our representatives and senators. They should all be hanging their heads in shame. Everyone knows that it was actually Joe Zeigler who ran the DMR because everyone did what he told them to because they were afraid of him in my opinion. It was common knowledge that he provided the “people in charge” including fata$$, happy with wine, women, song, and anything else they desired. Plenty of photos are out there. I hope the owners decide to share.

    As far as the kettle/pot scenario…that is true too. Mr. Ziegler used to run a cleaning service out of his home while he was employed by the telephone company. He was given a chance by them, to retire or be let go, because cleaning supplies, among other things were missing that he was in charge of. Vehicles were being completely refurbished by the company, and then put up for auction. Friends knew which vehicles were like new. I wonder if any finders’ fees were involved??? That is what Trinity means when she said that Walker gave him a chance. He could not have found a job anywhere else because everyone knows what he does….(except his lawyer evidently???) Bill Walker gave him a chance to hold a job again and paid him well. Bill Walker was back-stabbed when he wasn’t looking! I am convinced that this was the beginning of the seduction of Walker. It is my opinion that Bill Walker was tarnished under Joe Zeigler’s tutelage.
    I think that Bill Walker and Tina Shumate were used as skape goats for all of the scandal. It is absolutely not right for Joe Zeigler to walk away scott free, but his brother-in-law, Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes (who is chums with our current governor), saw that he got a break. (Pay attention Voters!!) And as far as any Judge saying that Zeigler couldn’t afford to pay fines???? Come on now. Are we now bowing down to criminals??? Where is the blind lady scale of justice???? Shame on you Judge!
    And Investigator Lott??? What is going on here??? This is just disgraceful!!! Did you sell us out??? What is a life worth??? What is a lot of lives worth??? Come on now. What happened??? Someone needs to grow a pair!!!
    I, for one, am hanging my head in shame and despair. Every Taxpayer of this State needs to get off of their duffs and pay attention to what is happening to OUR State!!! Our justice department, elected officials and even the FBI are all turning their heads the opposite way while the crooks and Joe Zeiglers rob us blind and then rub it in our faces!!! “He comes from a good family” – indeed – what a joke. I don’t even think he has “felon” attached to his name??? He was the leader of the Pack!!! What a disgrace to this State. And meanwhile, the fiasco at the DMR continues and the same hands that protected Zeigler are reaching out to receive the new incoming BP monies. Clean out the trash people!!!

    1. Charlene,

      According to sources that have contacted me today, Ziegler was hired by a director named Woods who served before Walker. If this is true, then the philosophy that “Missa-Bill” gave Joe a chance is false.

      If your looking for scape goats–look at two of the three lower level employees the DA and Pickering gang banged at the start.

      As far as Walker being the scape-goat for the Feds. I am not sure what you would call it but he was the single person out all involved who had the power to direct the actions. And he did just that. Without Bill’s approval, the rest are dead in the water.

  4. Oh, I forgot one thing . I just saw this caption under his photo that his attorney said : “Zeigler signed blank foundation checks when he was instructed by Bill Walker, Kerwin Cuevas” P L E A S E !!! What a hoot!!!! Zeigler did not e-mail or leave any paper trails UNLESS he had a reason to. That was his MO. He knew what he was doing and was too slick to be trapped like that. THE ONLY REASON he signed the checks was so that he could be “given credit” as a donor to the candidate. He did that to get some attaboys! In my opinion, Joe was for Joe ONLY and was out to make money any way he could to compliment his “above his means” life style.

  5. Slabbed has done it again. You got them all Ryaled up .You can expect a phone call from Mr.Papa Ryals, if not already received. You were smart not to feature the grand kids because he gets real “I will sue you” mad about that. We need a little “Stand by your man” backround music for this post.You have to either have a little bit of respect for Trinity or wonder about her sanity for opening herself up online. For certain she has the balls in the family. One thing that has always puzzled many is why has no information been provided to the public about the amount of money that went into and out of the Marine Resource Foundation.Even in today’s article in the SunHerald it is discussed. Many think those who received money as campaign contributions have called in favors to keep it suppressed. One thing for sure is there was a reason not to reconcile the money being taken in and passed out.

    1. PondScam,

      There is absolutely no doubt in my personal mind that politics influenced the investigation, prosecution, who got what deal and who got away free and clear.

    1. Mr. Handshoe is a man I have tremendous respect for and would feel honored to answer to him if need be. He has provided a blog that allows for anyone and everyone, who desires, to comment on many different subjects. The views and opinions he presents are good for all except those involved in SCAMS ,schemes, political corruption and other forms of illegal activities. Even a Pond Scam’s opinion is welcome.

      1. Thanks Land Scam. I wish we had heard more from Pond Scam during the scandal as I personally like hearing differing viewpoints.

        1. Believe it or not folks, I am also a fan of different view points no matter if I agree or disagree with whoever is expressing them. Even though I disagreed with Trinity’s comments the other day , I still respect the fact that she is entitled to express her views and has the privilege to do so on this website.

          I am not sure if anyone mentioned it or not but it appears that Joe Ziegler made out like a bandit when compared to Scott. Without knowing all the inner details, one could assume that just by public perception, Scott got screwed. More especially when you consider that Joe Ziegler was in DMR management. Unless something big is missing from the picture (and it probably is), it seems like his sentence should have been comparable to Scott Walker’s and Michael Janus’.

          1. You are so right Eye! But you see, in my opinion, Zeigler had all of the blackmailing goodies on all of our illustrious crooked elected officials starting at the Coastal counties and going all the way up to Jackson and beyond. You can bet that they were all busting their humps to get him a sweet deal because he was singing like a canary when he was first arrested. None of the real crooks got anything. I do feel that Big Walker and the Shumate woman were made examples of. I feel that all of the rest involved needed to serve as much time, and pay restitution (which the Taxpayers will never recover). The lower level ones that were involved all needed to be accountable in some way. However, the favored ones (including Jamie’s card-playing pal over at Coastal), are still employed by the DMR because the Walker Clan buddy, John McKay has a straight info line to the top that way to keep the pipeline open up the line- in my opinion. Until they clean out all of the rats and do the right thing, the sewer will stay the same and still stink.
            The DMR has effectively locked out the Public from the DMR building. How is that legal? You have to get a badge to visit Mr. Miller. Does that sound normal? The head of an local State agency needs bodyguarding??? It is locked down tighter than a drum to keep the internal info from leaking out. Good luck with that Mr. Miller. The eyes of the Public are still upon you!!! Threatening people with their jobs and making them fearful is an old Fata$$ ploy that doesn’t scare the people that matter. You are despised in that Agency. How does it feel to be hated by the people you are supposed to be managing??? No amount of your damage control and fun and games can change what is hidden deep in those employees’ hearts. Where is the Sunshine??? How about it Phil?? Why isn’t the sun shinnng at the DMR except by crap that is spoon fed info to the Sun Herald by Jamie??? The State law says Sunshine for the public. Not closed drapes. It is time to follow the law!

            1. Haha, Ziegler holding cards would not surprise me one bit– if you have been paying attention to the recent past, Doug posted a story that pertained falsified signatures on Samantha Hebert’s time sheets.

              Also, Samanta Hebert along with others were not charged with any crime and were issued a civil demand letter. A civil demand letter is really only issued when one obtains funds or property that they were not entitled to obtain.

              It sounds like someone fucked or blew the right republican.

              1. What I am trying to get at is why the others who were issued a civil demand letter were not charged with anything.

                The connection is found between the sheets……………

  6. As a former research lab employee who worked with Bill Walker as far back as 1977, I only want to say that Bill Walker was not led astray from some different lifestyle and behavior that started only when he became DMR director. I saw him treat the people’s money less than frugally from 1977 forward. He learned early to entertain politicians at the lab and took that job voluntarily–he wasn’t assigned to host annual fish fries for legislators and politicians. He knew that doing marine research was not his forte but being an entertaining host was. He learned to obtain research grants by writing them correctly, but to grease the process by taking trips to where the deciders were located and entertaining them there and all at research lab expense. He was enabled and encouraged by the lab directors and no one at the top saw a problem. Only the morally equipped researchers who cared about tax payer monies and expenditures had a problem and no matter how good they were at advancing our knowledge and making discoveries, they were pushed aside as Bill Walker climbed the ladder toward the director’s position. And he brought his wife along for the ride– a nonscientist phd in education whose management skills whether over the Marine Education Center retarded janitor or over marine biologists were highly questionable. But then Bill Walker is remembered at the lab for how many times he ordered the painting of doors and floors at the Toxicology Building he was in charge of rather than any marine research of any kind.

  7. Holy Trinket Trinity Tripe Batman;
    Gotts to gets me peepers checked by my ophthalmologist but did I just read Trinket Trinity blog ? : ” For once in your career (Joe Ziegler) would you step out from behind Bill’s Shadow”

    If I done read dat right all I have to say to Trinkets is why don’ you gets yo’ disabled hobbled hubby to dislodge his politically privileged head out of his paw’s “behind” and yo’ head dislodged out yo’ hubby’s “behind” cause I smell two sh*t heads way up da’ politically connected ass of “Bill’s shadow”.

    And further Trinkets, yo’ applied for yo’ job from the State personnel to made it done look like yo’ didn’t have no connections butts yo’ didn’t fool nobody butts yo’ little material trinket- seeking self.

  8. Our elected officials, state and FBI ALL let down the honest, hard working people of Mississippi with their slap on the wrists and minute fines of DMR crooks.

    Does anyone expect more out of our elected officials, state and FBI in reference to cleaning up and keeping DMR clean?

    Not NO; but HELL NO!

  9. I have spent my entire adult life polishing the dull, creating what didn’t existing and repairing damaged goods for public acceptance.While I admire Bill Walker’s daughter-in law for speaking out, I encourage her to first accept the fact that Walker lead the effort for numerous years at the MsDMR both legal and illegal.He used his position for self benefit and has totally lost the respect of all who know the facts.Trying to say that an underling ran his criminal enterprise,know as the Ms.Resource Foundation, would be the equivalent of blaming Scott Walker for the purchase of the furnishings he supplied to his son’s house using the public’s money because Trinity picked the furniture out. The young lady should save her time and just get used to living in the damaged Walker world or change the scenery. The image, was custom built by the Walkers, is beyond repair in the opinion of this professional.

  10. I saw online that Tina Shumate was transferred last week to the Marion County CSWP. From what I can tell that’s where state inmates can go to enter the Joint State County Work Program. It just makes one wonder if the rumors of an early release from prison are true. I don’t know much about that sort of thing but it seems like she hasn’t been in jail long enough to qualify for such a program. Perhaps Mama Hebert and Papa Bryant are pulling some strings.

    1. I think it is more likely that people driving on Highway 98 in Marion County will see Shumate picking up trash alongside the roadway.

  11. I have a crisp $100 bill that says Shumate will be home before Christmas of 2015 which correlates to be about a year in the pen or around 1/2 her directed prison sentence at best. If I am wrong, I’ll gladly donate it to Slabbed. We have to remember short time ago her lawyer stated something in regards to “We hope to see her home soon.” Crafty foreshadowing IMHO.

    As I have commented before, she has deep rooted connections within the Republican party that go back an entire generation, she has been babied as much as possible and I am sure our elected officials will do what ever they can to make her life as a convict go as smooth as possible. And, don’t forget the pardon that will most likely be handed out during Bryant’s last day’s in office. Then, her life will roll on like it was all one big understanding.

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