6 thoughts on “Daniel Abel suspended from the practice of law by the Louisiana Supreme Court”

      1. Absent Abel spitting in a judge’s face or flipping off Charley Plattsmeier, got to wonder what despicable deed resulted in the filing of a the petition.

  1. Ok Mississippi—- one of your civil judges wisely spotted some unusual legal activity displayed by a Louisiana attorney before him and filed a complaint with the La. Disciplinary Board and WHAMO—- the attorney who did some pretty bad things was disbarred by the Supremes singing “Stop In The Name of Love”.

    But why was it a Mississippi judge filing the judicial bar complaint and not a judge in the 22nd JDC, namely Satanic Tammany Parish where this attorney also did some amazing, wacko things and where her legal office was located ?

    What does an attorney have to do in 22nd JDC to be reported? I would like to see what judges’ campaigns in 22nd JDC this disbarred attorney contributed to, what political endorsements she received when she ran against the very 22nd JDC judge which was presiding over her civil case and more details as to the injustices she alleged happened in her civil case she represented before this same 22nd JDC judge; and finally what was/is the name of the opposing attorney she faced in her 22nd JDC case:


    1. I looked at that story and saw that Nanine McCool was disbarred by the Supreme Court, which disregarded the recommendations of the ODC in doing so and I thought of this disciplinary case from late last year, where the recommendation was suspension for a year and the end result from LASC was a nod and a wink I reckon under the theory that boys will be boys.

      From the outside looking in my own opinion is the lawyer that was in a relationship with is client and then began serial suing her all over the State of Louisiana when she broke it off is the one that needs to be disbarred.

      But when you consider his conduct was directed to a member of the public while McCool’s was directed toward the judiciary I think the reasons for the results come clearer. At the end of the day the lawyers are looking out only for themselves, not the public IMHO.

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