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  1. Well folks, the word is out! The Marine Resources is getting ready to sink $4 million dollars in the Hatchery at Lyman. For what???? Who knows. The freshwater hatchery at Lyman is 15 miles inland from any saltwater. The last time the idiots out there emptied salt water into the Little Biloxi River, there was a fish kill down stream. And guess what??? No one understood why!!!!
    The hatchery is being “guarded and supervised” by a marine officer who worked for enforcement and I might add, is great friends with Mr. Pul-ass-o, Lenny Bentz, and is also a yes man for Mr. Miller, Fat-ass, Billy the boy, and Philly boy.
    Now I am sure that the “work” done out there will be in the name of saltwater aquaculture of oysters or shrimp, but the loss to this State will be in the freshwater game fish that bring in losts of tournaments and fishermen.
    The hatchery over at Cedar Point is laid out to do any research work for marine fisheries. Why is that inland facility being corrupted with saltwater and “wildlife rehabilitation”??
    A few words can answer that: greed, money, and private area for parties, hunting, and fishing.
    Bill Walker and Joe Zeigler were using that facility to store “fema cottages” for their buddies and funneling money to buddies; and this is all public record. An attorney friend, Mr. Byrd, was being paid $90K a year for “carpenter work” on the DMR yachts. This is only one example.
    My questions are:
    1. What is going on out there, and why are the gates locked to the public?
    2. Who is getting the contract to do this work, and who is watching the accounting? Who is doing the engineering work? And why is another overpriced marine facility being put on this Coast when the one in Jackson county is sufficient enough??? Millions of dollars were already put in that place for the same marine aquaculture. This should be done at that facility.
    And will the new accounting system named “Magic” really work magic and hide this fiasco from the public?
    Why isn’t Mr. Puhl-ass-o stopping this waste of money after he already approved millions for Cedar Point hatchery in Ocean Springs? (BTW, his father received a pretty penny for the sale of this property back to the government).
    How about it Mr. Puhl-ass-o? Why is your foot soldier sitting on his arse at the fish hatchery facility? Why is this facility (that was designated for freshwater fish production by the Federal Government) being used for other things? Why are you wasting all of this money at yet another facility?
    And what is wrong with Mr. Miller? I thought he was a Scientist? Or is his degree in Air and Ecology also??? What the hell is going on and why are the FEDS allowing this to happen??
    Maybe it is time for some answers and I think the SRHS employees have the right idea for that. Maybe it is time for some picketing. I am sick and tired of my tax dollar being stolen from fish restoration and put in the pockets of political pigs.
    I need some support slabbed. What is our next step???

  2. P. S. Whoever are the State representatives and senators involved with this – look out! We are watching you Mr. Eure, Mr. Wiggins, Mr. Ladner, Mr. Tindall, Mr. Gollott, and all of the members of the Marine Resource legislative committee. What role does Diane Hunt play in this? Get ready – the action is about to begin.

  3. Mona,

    Interesting information. Very interesting information.

    Speaking of the DMR. I wonder who will take the place of Bill Feidt? Something tells me they already have the candidate hand picked and ready. The only thing missing is a staged selection and interview process. The question is, who will it be? Will it be a political hack that Jamie Miller knows who is imbedded within the Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississippi. (RRRSM)

    Or, perhaps “The General” will help out by pulling for a retired military officer that doesn’t know shit or someone he met at the local senior citizens group.

  4. Eye, what happened to Bill Feidt?? Was he fired too??? Now that Mr. Swetman is out of politics, what if they can’t get another “cooperative player”? Looks like the tower may be crumbling?? What is the status of the S. H. Anthony indictments and the Harrison county indictments?? Do you think that maybe Mr. Swetman is being “forced” out of politics in exchange for some “cover up” work? So many questions and too few answers.
    We are with you Mona – and understand your complaints. Maybe Mr. Miller or our legislators will jump in and explain what the heck is going on to us. We can only hope.

    1. Charlene.

      I can answer all your questions with one statement:

      I have no clue;

      Mona outlined some of the regime members we must be aware of. And they must be stopped at all costs.

      I can’t attest to anything about Swetman other than I think he is a big pussy and rides on the coat tails of out illustrious governor. Just like Jamie Miller.

      Could the tower be crumbling? I highly doubt it but it would be the best thing for the citizens of Mississippi.

  5. Rumors are that Bill Feidt is quitting while the quitting is good. Fishermen are asking where the disaster money is? No one knows. It does seem that the Research Labs hatchery are better suited and closer to saltwater. If that is the intended purpose. More secrecy under this dictator than any other time at the DMR. Makes you wonder where all the money is going? As for Mr. Swetman he like Feidt saw the writing on the wall and quit while he could. More rats fleeing soon…

  6. Eye, it seems to me that these people are all unqualified that are being put in these positions. And none of it makes any sense to me. Especially since the world can see what is going with these “fake companies” instilled to funnel money. It can’t go on forever, and this goes all the way to the top in this State.
    We all know right and wrong, but it appears to me that the people of this State are just sitting back and watching wrong being accepted!!!! What an be right about redirecting and stealing monies that were sent down here after Katrina to help the poor that rode that horrible storm out? Why should any Katrina money be put in MS State’s football buildings? That money was put here for people to try to recover their lives after Katrina.
    What can be right about redirecting and stealing monies that was sent here to rebuild our resources and rebuild our fishermen’s lives???? How can these people sleep at night??? Our Coast has been devastated for the past 10 years by continual disasters; one right after the other. First Katrina; then the Bonne Carre spillway episode; then the BP oil spill that will go on for years and years; the denial of any problems caused by the oil spill by our Fatass governor, Fatass Trudy Fisher of the Department of Environmental Equality, and Marine Resource puppets; then the Governor who can’t smell; and now to add insult to injury, the money is missing. Did you know that the Marine Resources housed the BP people in their building? Oh yes – they were busom buddies with them….chummy, chummy. BP purchased a laptop computer for Joe Zeigler’s (felon) wife and paid her $50,000 for 6 months of “research” with no credentials imo. Now Billy Hewes is Joe Zeigler’s brother-in-law. So you see, one hand was washing the other. And the fishing industry wasn’t even considered. Just the wealthy and influential robbing more from the poor whom the money was intended. And at the time all of this was going on, the head of the legislative committee over the Marine Resources was from Pearl River county – that’s right, you got it – Herb Frierson – who is now over appropriations and handles all of the money in this State and dishes it out to “the deserving”.
    All I can say is there are a lot of greedy, evil, and selfish politicians living in our State, and they are leaving a terrible example for their children and family. They hide behind Christianity, but God knows who is faithful and who is not. They will reap what they sow. I just hope they get them all. End of sermon….and God bless your faithful – the true workers and taxpayers of this State!

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