Life without Vinny: Harahan sees major political change…

Despite being outspent 9 to 1 and out fund raised 4 to 1, political newcomer Tina Miceli wins the Mayor’s office in Harahan, defeating a good ol’ boy that was endorsed by everyone from the Times Picayune, Gambit along with various and sundry political machine organizations such as the local Alliance for Good Government. It appears the women of Harahan did not get the memo.

Of note is long time Harahan revolving doorman, Vinny Mosca also lost last night in his bid to revolve back onto the City Council after completing a financially disastrous tenure as Mayor.

5 thoughts on “Life without Vinny: Harahan sees major political change…”

  1. Showing once again that what the slimeballs at TIPSY mean by “good government” is “government that is good for you.” It never fails that the TIPSY is synonymous with slime; thankfully the TIPSY will soon go into the cesspool of failed enterprises.

  2. The Times-Picayune is irrelevant & out of touch. As is Gambit. As is the Republican Party. As is the Alliance. Etc etc etc.
    Endorsements become meaningless when they are horse-traded among the riders for past, present and future favors. The press have become too chummy with those they are supposed to objectively report about. One that comes to mind has a standing lunch date once a week with his informer on the inside. They must think they are invisible. They should forget about endorsements. Just report facts you have triple confirmed from independent sources and let the people decide. Stop trying to influence and be King-makers. And as far as the ‘other’ endorsers go: ya’ll are laughable in your ‘bubbles’. IMHO.

    1. Yes, Mrs. Vandeweghe, good point, I noticed that pathetic excuse for a journalist, Clancy Dumbos, at Ruth’s Chris chowing down with a 24th JDC judge. Of course it doesn’t inspire the booboisie to have a judge chumming it up with the press/attorney (gee, wonder what treatment HE gets armed as he is with a barrel of ink?) and thus one need query the judge’s “temperament.” As for Dumbos, who is a legend in his own mind, nothing more need be written.

  3. vandeweghe, when it was revealed in 1981 pursuant to division orders that the owners of the Tipsy, who during their cultivation of an effete progressive attitude developed a faux disdain for the Perez family and their nefarious doings, had been cut in for a piece of the action on parish oil lands by none other than, you guessed it, good old Lea himself.
    Nothing else is required to show the existence of interlocking establishment directorates which would make a Lenin proud.

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