By popular demand: Cut Herzoner, Raise the Council

I received a couple of emails asking for coverage of Adriane Quinlan’s piece a week or so back on the Harahan Council so here goes:

In Harahan, some council members once bemoaned budget, now seek raises ~ Adriane Quinlan

Newly-elected Harahan councilman questions proposed pay raises ~ Adriane Quinlan

Its better than those headline because the outgoing council is not only seeking a raise, they also seek to cut the Mayor’s financial package, which appears to violate Louisiana RS 33:404.1 which Adriane was kind enough to link in her piece.

Speaking of Harahan’s new Herzoner is it me or did Adriane take a victory lap in comments?

How will a political newcomer as mayor affect Harahan?

I got that one.  First here is the mug of the guy that is leaving: Continue reading “By popular demand: Cut Herzoner, Raise the Council”

Indictment rumors swirling from the Coast to the Capital

After all folks, it is the fall indictment season in here Mississippi. That said I’ve found indictment rumors to be notorious unreliable except in certain circumstances. That said the muckraking community is raking up in Jacktown:

Mayor Yarber: FBI Has Not Questioned Me ~ R. L. Nave

Numerous sources in the Jackson legal and political community suggested that the city’s $90 million Siemens contract could be a target in the investigation, Yarber, who voted to approve that contract, when he was city council president, said today that his administration has “not been any part of any major contract negotiations” in the seven months since he took office and that while he served on the council as the Ward 6 representative, and as council president, he “didn’t have an opportunity to participate in contracting.”

I haven’t posted on it but the Mayoral election in Jackson was a three ring circus and now this. That said I have this from Greece from this past Monday:

Prosecutor seeks trial for 64 in Siemens bribery scandal ~

And of course there is this circa 2008:

At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item ~ Siri Schubert and T. Christian Miller

Could all be just a coincidence but that rumor mill is on fire at present.  Did I mention the indictment rumors swirling here on the coast? Continue reading “Indictment rumors swirling from the Coast to the Capital”

Jim Brown: You Outsiders, Quit Telling Us What’s Best for Louisiana!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014
New York City, N.Y.


The political termites are swarming into Louisiana. They are coming from everywhere; north and south-east and west. All with one purpose in mind. The want to tell us who we should vote for as the state’s next U.S. Senator. I don’t know about you, but I get sick and tired of all these out of stators who must think we are too dumb down here in Bayou country to make up our own minds.

Republican challenger Bill Cassidy can’t seem to make it through his day without announcing some new out of state surrogate who will fly into Louisiana and tell us political retards just how we should vote. Kentucky senator Rand Paul charged in last week to tell a Cassidy campaign rally that Louisiana would sink into the Gulf of Mexico if voters don’t elect Cassidy on December 6th. Now I happen to like Paul’s libertarian views on the erosion of Americana freedoms, but that doesn’t qualify him to tell us Cajuns and Rednecks whose best qualified to deal with problems down here in the deepest of the deep southern states. I’m sure Paul’s presidential aspirations have nothing to do with his efforts to support Cassidy.

Sarah Palin also joined the Cassidy support team last week to ballyhoo his candidacy. Just last month, Palin was in Louisiana backing Col. Rob Maness, who was eliminated in the first primary election. I personally think Palin just likes coming down to Louisiana. Considering it’s below zero in Palin’s Alaska hometown, and the sun rarely appears this time of year, she will probably volunteer to come back again next month to barnstorm in a futile effort to rehabilitate Gov. Bobby Jindal’s poll numbers. Continue reading…………….

Dewey Cheatem and Howe plus murder conspiracy: An MDOC Update

Over the past 18 months we’ve had two major Mississippi state agencies go up in flames folks with the second crash and burn at MDOC looking like it will be spectacular. Here is a Clarion Ledger three pack on the widening scandal that now strongly appears to include murder conspiracy (H/T RFP in comments) :

Inmate’s killer: Officer opened victim’s cell door ~ Jerry Mitchell

Epps probe: ‘Mississippi Hustle’ started with sex scandal ~ Emily Le Coz

Lawyers: Epps said prison companies ‘spread’ money ~ Jerry Mitchell

And of course with these major state agency scandals breaking loose in Mississippi (on Phil Bryant’s watch) it is only natural Ignatius chimed in on Louisiana politicos being altar boys.

I think the difference involves law enforcement because the prison-industrial complex corruption problems are also well cataloged in Louisiana, even if under investigated by the authorities: Continue reading “Dewey Cheatem and Howe plus murder conspiracy: An MDOC Update”

I’d give a report about last night’s Bay City Council meeting…..

But I could not find a video of a dog with firecrackers going off behind it. With that set up, despite prior assurances the City would be able to pay off the loan the City took last November to pay past due bills, the Administration informed the Council last night the City would need additional time to pay off the remaining balance, pegged by City Clerk Kolf at approximately $200,000.

In other news, proposals to conduct the 2013-2014 fiscal year audit were opened and tabled. Two of the three firms on the State Auditor’s list of approved firms here on the coast submitted proposals. The lack of more proposals means Winner’s curse is not a factor thus the effective hourly rates implied in the pricing are very good (from a CPAs point of view).

Finally if you got an agenda from Miss Jane and did not see advertising for bids for a major construction project or declaring as surplus several pieces of City property it because those items were not on it. Those official actions did make most of the assembled crowd happy though and that gets back to the dog and firecracker thing. The bottom line is do not count on the agendas you get from the Council Clerk in advance of the meeting because they are not worth the paper they are printed upon when it comes to the business the council actually considers.

Finally since I am a turf and grass aficionado:

Here is the weed in question.

Here is what kills it and here is where you can buy it.