Slabbed exclusive: Bay Tech Civil Suit Settles

A few weeks ago the parties to the Bay Tech civil suit settled their differences and the case was dismissed. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Those wondering exactly what I am talking about should click here generally and here for specifics on the use of the Bay-Waveland School District to facilitate a real estate transactions that benefited private individuals.

There is one last document in this case that I have known about for over two years that I hope to present to Slabbed’s readers so we can complete the timeline of this specious transaction, which included the Bay-Waveland School District spending almost $100,000 on architectural fees designing a building the Superintendent and School Board knew they would never build. This whole deal completely reeks on several levels folks.

Next Tuesday, the voters in Waveland will be able weigh in with their thoughts on this matter.

2 thoughts on “Slabbed exclusive: Bay Tech Civil Suit Settles”

  1. Can’t wait to see that document, Doug. Talk about a duping of the taxpayers, but this was the biggest. I have heard the taxpayers paid over $200,000 more for that building than they had to thanks to those in charge of the district’s finances–the Superintendent and Board members. Wonder if any of them would do that with their own money? They may have gotten away with this heist for now, but I have a feeling the day of reckoning is a guarantee down the road. There is not a more deserving bunch including that so-called attorney who, from what I hear all over town, was more than just a “counselor” on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So, the terms of the settlement are not going to be disclosed? I guess it wasn’t enough of an insult to the taxpayers that fund this school district to pay what we did for that building with no improvements at all done to it. Now we and our tax dollars have an additional insult by not being allowed to know the details of this so called deal we got. In my opinion, the public has every right to know ALL of the details since this involved public money. This wasn’t just a rip off of one business man by another. This was public money, and the public should have the right to know EVERY detail. The decision to conceal the details of the agreement speaks volumes—good ole boy politics now protected by the court. There will be restitution for this some day–maybe not here, but those responsible will answer for what they did–count on it.

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