Last DMR Defendant cops a plea: A friends and family scandal update

And Anita Lee was there when Kerwin Cuevas copped a plea:

DMR heads ‘ran it like they owned it’ former employee told judge ~ Anita Lee

Cuevas also said, “The department was being run like it had no oversight and the people in charge ran it like they owned it.”

That one statement sums up the DMR scandal better than anything written before or since. Why Governor Bryant and his legislature refuses to require every state agency to be audited annually defies the imagination…that is until one logically concludes that what we saw at DMR more than likely repeats across every state agency.

As for Cuevas, the man who knew where all the bodies were buried ended up with the best deal.

25 thoughts on “Last DMR Defendant cops a plea: A friends and family scandal update”

  1. Once again the the Walkers are protected. Folks are really being protected to not name all the politicians who partied on those boats!
    Heard Scotty boy had a wonderful time last night at the YMCA charity dinner. I’m sure he and Haley Barbour had a wonderful conversation discussing how to keep him out of jail and his mouth shut! Perhaps the BP grants also came up? Can’t wait to see what is uncovered there!
    Where was Anita?? Why isn’t she on this story?

  2. This story is interesting to say the least. I wonder if the public will ever find out what politicians were on the boats having a good time with Walker at the tax payers expense? Oops (my bad)–At this point we already know of one that took a cruise for a particular reason. :) If they were pimped out to the investigators, shouldn’t they be responsible for paying back the money? Shouldn’t they be charged with misuse of public money?

  3. I, for one, am relieved that Kerwin Cuevas got a break. He is one of the ONLY ones involoved in the DMR scandal that didn’t deserve jail time. If the taxpayers truly understood the working atmosphere and hostile working environment down there, they would have rammed the doors down to get to that crooked bunch that was in charge and believe me folks, nothing has changed except the participants. (And now that building is sealed up like Fort Knox to keep the public out). The very same thing is being carried and the same crooks are pulling the puppet strings there today. I’m sure that Mrs. Boyd Oracle can fill you in on anything pertaining to the following:

    1. Why hasn’t Jamie Miller gotten rid of the people that were tied in to the CONprofit group? Or better yet – the Walker regime. His past boss and card-playing partner, Mr. Boyd, is still there and has NEVER been subjected to what Kerwin Cuevas has. HE is part of the same Walker circle.
    2. Why is Jamie Miller throwing out the old employees and replacing them with MORE Walker and Barbour “dear friends”? He was given carte blanche to get rid of the people INVOLVED with the scandal and instead, he fired innocent people and brought in people that belonged to the Frontier group, were relatives of KNOWN CONprofit associates (point in case, Mr. Spraggins), people that were involved in failed agencies associated with the Bernie Madoff scandall (Bill Feidt), felons that were “pardoned” by Haley Barbour(Jennifer Wagner), to name a few.
    3. Why is Bill Walker’s right hand gal in Human Resources still there (Christy Royals)? She helped him get rid of a lot of innocent people and yet, she was not let go. Just given a raise. She was part of the old Walker boy regime. She should have been long gone.
    4. Why is the Bolton building on “lockdown”? That building belongs to the Public – not the CONprofits! People should be able to walk in and out of that building without all of the bruhaha.

    The same is true about the fish hatchery in Lyman that was transferred to the DMR by Bill Walker, Billy Hewes, and Haley Barbour, for no reason, except that they didn’t like the girl that was over the hatchery. Women-haters. It has been out of operation (except for questionable parties, hunting, fishing, boat repairs, Katrina cottage storage, etc.) and the gates are locked so that no one can enter! This is property of the people!!! One of the historical brick buildings on the property was destroyed by Joe Zeigler and Bill Walker for no reason!!! Someone should be brought to task for that! Why isn’t the State Audior or Federal Auditors looking into that?? The remains of the home are buried right where it stood on the facility today. Anyone should be able to enter there to see what is being done with our money. Of course, the DMR heads have put out propaganda about releasing fish and producing soft shell crabs and the like, from that hatchery – but that is a joke. Anyone can produce small amounts of anything if they blow enough money!!! It is NOT cost effective to continue to waste money for saltwater fish production at that facility!!! Their efforts are just smoke screens to hide the bigger picture.

    All I see printed in the newspaper is how wonderful everything is at the DMR (propaganda). Jamie Miller tells of an agency of milk and honey. NOTHING has changed folks. NOTHING. It is the same, if not worse, than before. Jamie puts on a good show for the publice – all smiles and grins. But that is just for show. The CONprofits are just waiting with their hands open for the next BP monies to come in so they can pass it down the line to their crooked cronies. Jamie Miller plans on running for political office to help perpetuate his current good fortunes. Just a puppet being used by Barbour and his now minion, Pahlazzo.

    I could go on an on, but more will be revealing itself soon enough. I don’t think the prisons of the Coast will have enough room to house all of the crooks involved in the fleecing of the Mississippi Taxpayer, and I am still amazed at the people who believe what these crooks have to say!! They fall for their lies – hook, line, and sinker!!!
    I truly had hope when Danny Guice was put in as the interim director. He knows the Coast, the people, and our way of life. Instead, the CONprofits discredited him and ran a false campaign against him. He was nicely “fired” and replaced with another of Haleys’ boys. And the CONprofit gang is back in business again! Just as before – with additional players who are skilled in the game now in place.

    Kerwin Cuevas was simply used by this bunch. He is a descent and hard-working man that deserved none of this and would not have been involved unless he had no choice in the matter. He is human and imperfect, but he is not the “leader of the pack”. He is not even a member of the pack. I am so relieved that he was given a break. God Bless you and your family Kerwin. The light will begin to shine again soon and hopefully the trash will be swept out of our Coast!! And the likes of Barbour, Hewes, Zeigler, McKay, Cloyd, Spraggins, Feidt, Frontier, and the rest of the CONprofits hopefully will find other fertile States to rob.
    Please don’t forget to vote folks. Please vote against ANYONE who is associated with the Barbour and Walker regime. There are plenty of “friends and family” associates…so don’t forget to get them too. Scott Walker has them over a barrel right now and is being protected. That shouldn’t last too much longer. PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE THE TRASH OUT!!!

  4. Oh hush Eva,Ava whatever your name is. You hate the Walkers, Jamie Miller, Christy Royals, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. You did a terrible job running the fish hatchery, now get over it. You clearly like Kerwin because you said he deserved a break- like he didn’t enjoy the heck out of going on these fishing trips. Please, he’s uneducated and saying whatever he can to squeeze out of this one. He’s a minnow in a sea of sharks, no one cares what his opinion or yours is.

  5. Please tell us more Mr. Pond Scam (Scum?) . Did someone hit a nerve with you?? Seems like you know what is going on. How about sharing your information with us?? That is what this blog is all about. To share information about the CONprofits, who are fleecing the citizens of the Coast and the Taxpayers of this State through the DMR. Share what you know with the bloggers please.
    I beg to differ with you about Kerwin Cuevas and the girl from the fish hatchery. Both were top notch employees but just wouldn’t bend over and kiss the asses of the crooks that were in charge. Trying to do the right thing DOES NOT make either of these long time dedicated employees poor workers. I think the girl at the hatchery was always a problem because she was working for insecure arrogant men with ego problems who were women haters. They could not stand it that a woman was in charge. As a matter of fact, I have been told that by a couple of those men. I think that mostly the same is true for Kerwin. He was liked by so many – the same insecure, egotistical men were jealous of him because they couldn’t captain a boat like him; were not as nice looking as him; were not as tall as him; and didn’t have employees that would do anything they asked of them like he did. However, since these two employees didn’t dance to the tune of the crooked politicians, they were dispensable. And these weren’t the only employees that were mistreated due to dirty politicians. This has nothing to do with reorganization. But it IS all about discrimination and money laundering. And soon, many others at the top will be on a fast train down…and it is a long, hard drop from the top floor. How about it Joey boy? Mrs. Boyd Oracle? The rest of the CONprofits? You know what we mean. Hang on boys – it is gonna be a hard hit!!!

    1. Just for your records, I’m in no way related to Mr. Boyd… The things you come up with are pretty amusing though. Not all are incorrect as Miller is for sure misusing funds (although its no secret and they aren’t trying to hide it)

    2. Having worked inside the belly of the beast for 15 years I have a different viewpoint. I worked with Kerwin and Ava for many years. I knew Kerwin since I started in 1999 and Ava since 2007. I agree Kerwin is an outstanding person both professionally and personally. He was but another victim of the Miller Time Tide and its attendant wave of cronies and suck ups. That and the overzealous auditor investigators. As for Ava she was her own worst enemy. If she had simply done what was asked of her or been proactive and asked what the mission was she probably could have still been living on the hatchery grounds till Miller fired her. But none of this matters now. Miller has bought off the Sun Herald by hiring one if it’s less useful people as a PR person. It’s all roses and cotton candy in the DMR as far as they are concerned. When the big boat sank WLOX did the real story and the Sun Herald just took the canned story the poor excuse for a PR person put out. Well that is enough for now I feel better now.

      1. You and I feel the same on most of the DMR mess; however, you are very, very misinformed about my “kidnapping” by the DMR. I did as I was told EXCEPT for doing anything illegal. I
        even did things that I knew were against transfer policy because Bill Walker, Joe Zeigler, and Dorothy Daniels told me to. At this time, I am unable to speak more due to ongoing litigation; however, I am glad that I caught this post because I am afraid that my work ethics, among other things have been lied about by these crooked people with no conscience; beginning with Bill Walker – just to cover their own butts. I do know where the bodies are buried, but neither Stacey Pickering or the Federal investigators have contacted me because the leaders of this fiasco have stopped them (I guess). I have not been treated well at all by this State but it is not because of my work ethics or willingness. It is because of dirty politics. I have a list of employees who were mistreated just as I because they were a threat to the State machine. But I don’t see anyone coming to the aid of any of us.
        I am certified as a Public Manager by this State, and hold a Biology/Chemistry degree from the University of South Alabama. My work record speaks for itself until Lyman Hatchery was jerked away from the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks and Joe Zeigler was put over the hatchery. Please help me understand what education Joe Zeigler has to top my experience at that hatchery? Since March 2007, that facility has done nothing but cost the taxpayers’ money. Since I left, very little fish have been produced. I thought that the bass fishermen would step up and kick and scream, but I guess they don’t care either.
        I don’t care what propaganda has been put out there about production of soft shell crabs, striped bass, red fish, etc. Any fool can raise a handful of fish with the type of money and manpower that has been wasted out there since I was moved to the main building of the DMR. While at Lyman, my crew and I raised fish on a shoes-string budget, insufficient manpower and a run down facility. It is the taxpayers’ loss because no Florida largemouth bass have been stocked to amount to anything in our rivers and streams. Neither have coppernose bluegill and redear. I saw one article that 47,000 largemouth bass were stocked this year. What a joke!!! My crew produced millions!!!
        Enough said. I have already shared more than I should have, but being the individual I am, and knowing what lies have been and are still being told about me, is hard to swallow when unknowing individuals, like yourself, are ill informed. I just ask that you know the facts before you crucify my good name. What you have been told about my treatment since Bill Walker took the DMR from the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks is simply not true. It is all propagated lies made up by those in still in charge. So please take all the lies that are being told about me with a grain of salt – it is just more cover-up and lies by people that would die if they had to do a hard day of work.

  6. Some of us honest people have tried to get the word out but so far, it has fallen on deaf ears. It seems the Sun Herald have dropped the ball, our elected officials are only looking at getting reelected and instead of Walkergate; we have MILLERGATE. God help us!

  7. I have been sitting back reading the comments over the weekend and I must say I find some to be very interesting.

    If any citizen or employee of the state of Mississippi has factual evidence of government corruption or government waste I would encourage them to bring that matter to the proper authorities at once. If the accusation has merit and authorities don’t do anything, other options are available.

    Remember, they key word is factual evidence.

  8. I really think there is so much more to be said about what went on during the Walker dictatorship at the DMR. Why are people holding back? Past and current employees should be burning up the Slabbed blog with information about what really went on and continues to go on. What does a past employee have to fear? Cuevas should come forward with who was on all the party trips on the boats. Which politicians and crooked consultants entertained at the taxpayers expense? Ava Coleman knows where the bodies are buried so Ms. Ava lets dig them up. We should have no fear for exposing all of these crooked bastards both past and present. One thing that is for sure, if we the public, do not the DMR will repeat the same scheming. If you look at the current leadership you can see the upper floors filled with friends and former colleagues. What is the high powered CPA firm doing for all the money they are being paid that the CFO should be doing? Sure seems like they have increased the number of people in management at great expense and at the same time have consultants crawling all over the place. While there may not be anyone else indicted from the Walker crowd the crimes they committed and were not charged for should be exposed. Lets roll.

    1. I feel your pain Mr. Gordon. I can not say why the current “good” employees there are sitting back watching, which aids and bets the replacement bunch. I do know that they have experienced the wrath of the rogue leaders and are fearful of losing their jobs. They do not understand that if they would all stand together that this could all end. Because I can tell you it’s the same game — with new players —-same recipients.
      As for me, I am at the mercy of my Attorney. I have too much at stake and too many years invested as a Public Servant of this State to go against why my attorney. If and when I am allowed to tell my story, I have promised it to Ms Anita Lee of the Sun Herald, who has worked tirelessly and diligently on exposing everything. I hope it is not too much longer before all of the citizens of this State know the whole story. It will take everyone standing up to the crooked politicians and judges for that to happen. Hope you have a blessed day.

      1. My Fellow Americans,

        I would first like to thank Ava for coming out and expressing her thoughts and experiences at the DMR with the rest of us., The same goes for the “Former DMR Employee” and “Former Property Officer” who have expressed their comments within the past few weeks.

        I understand that there is concern about why current and former employees have not expressed their opinions about the culture at the DMR. I for one, would like to see it but I also understand why fear may exist among this group. The fear of tarnishing a career or an opportunity to start another one. I think its quite obvious that Miller’s connection to the governor hold’s plenty of weight and I would not put it past him to use it at will to squash the common-folk. This man is very dangerous people.

        The DMR is fertile ground for employment and EEO lawsuits and I saw this coming as soon as Miller was put into office. Unfortunately, it will take a mass of people to swing the pendulum in their favor while fighting a powerful Republican Regime. Can it be done, yes. Will it be done, probably not.

        Remember, come this time next year, election time will be at a climax. Don’t worry about the Democrats–bag and tag the regime in the primary’s against their own.

  9. Eye, I see that John McKay is back in the newspaper today. It is amazing that everywhere I look I see his name associated with missing funds??? Just what does that mean?? Is he and his cronies involved with all of the scandals on this Coast??? Is this just another arm of the DMR scandal???? Please enlighten us.

    1. Speaking of Jackson County Superduper McKay, Ms. Silkwooder, someone told me to check out his Facebook page. He has announced a campaign fundraiser coming up soon over in Ocean Springs. Google the location to see if this was the location of Pickering’s event a few months back. Will be interesting if it is.

  10. Sorry Eye, this is referring to the Singing River Hospital missing retirement fund story that was int he Sun Herald today.

    1. Karen Nelson did a good job reporting on that topic. My mind is open to the possibility that certain laws may have been broken in the Singing River Hospital mess. KPMG may have some explaining to do as well.

  11. Everywhere you look in our state you find corruption,scandal, misuse of public funds, fraud, theft and very weak prosecution of people who are guilty as hell. With Ms. being the #1 state for political corruption we may need to do an instate ranking of the counties for the same. I feel certain Jackson and Harrison County would be in the top 5. I would also like to commend the past and present employees for speaking out about the wrong doings at the DMR. I wonder why the SunHerald has not gone to the harbor an interviewed the charter boat captains who took these crooked fools fishing. I remember the owner of the Silverdollar 2 was quoted in the newspaper saying once the investigation was over he had much to say. Well, its time for Mr. Trochesset to contact RG or the owner of Slabbed for an interview. We all want the truth that can be provided by those who know the facts that have been kept below the surface by the authorities. Ava Coleman knows who participated in wrong doing and so do many more. Ms. Coleman can you elaborate on the litigation, which is public if already filed? I understand if you cannot. We need more like her that will not allow this to be swept under some political rug to protect the guilty. These lawlessmakers who went on the party boats at our expense have never even offered up an apology to the public much less repaid a damn penny misused. Let us not forget.

  12. My Fellow Americans,

    I believe I have discovered the magic formula for uprooting the regime. Its not foolproof but the statistical probability is high by my calculations.

    1) Vote Democrat or Independent
    2) If neither of the above is listed, vote for a female
    3) If neither of the above are available choices, write in “NONE of the ABOVE”

    Some may state that this might be a very unintelligent way of voting. That’s a solid argument but look at what “highly informed” and “intelligent voters” have helped bring to the state of Mississippi: Pickering; Bryant; Barbour; Bentz and the list goes on……………………..

    1. In reality, if you want to de-legitimate the regime, don’t participate in the advance auction of stolen goods at all.

  13. Yesterday I voted like Eye-Spy suggested but they were my convictions. Of course, I lost every vote I cast. But I feel good this morning. I can sleep well tonight knowing I voted for the best qualified person and not for the party. Our system is very flawed when whomever has the most money wins. But I am only the middle-class, pull no weight so therefore look for no changes in our nation in my lifetime.

  14. Doug, in reviewing your comments concerning having an independent auditor, fine, but judging from the mechanism in place in Louisiana, more often than not the system is used to provide protective cover to the favoured while making a show trial out of those expendable.
    Obviously the Louisiana system which features politicians in charge is a joke. Furthermore, the auditor in turn has a goodly ability to build up his own “system,” as with various levels of government an entity can have its own audit done by an non-government auditor; however, the leg auditor can “bless” the hiring of the auditor or of course provide more forceful “advice” as to who must be hired.
    Certainly a state constitution can set up a non-government entity to do the audits, but then you run into the problem of funding. You’d have to have some fund source not constitutionally subject to legislative involvement;.
    And, of course, the final question: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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