Old friends, new friends and legal ethics back in the news…..

I have a busy day on tap so I’ll simply direct everyone to the following and hope the lifers will fill in the gaps for everyone on some of the players because the following is too rich!

Slidell man files bar complaints against Tammany sheriff’s lawyer, top deputy ~ Sara Pagones

Having competing newspapers in New Orleans rocks!

22 thoughts on “Old friends, new friends and legal ethics back in the news…..”

  1. The Advocate article is a complete hit piece against Trainor. First, he had no conflict of interest as he did not represent Travelers. Second, it’s not unusual for attorneys to seek out friendly experts whom they hope will write a favorable report; as it turns out, the friendly experts did not support the complainant’s personal injury claims. I smell a smear job!

    1. If Trainor was working for STPSO as Deputy Chief or Chief Deputy (can you say dyslexia?) at the time, how is any accident reconstruction work for the Sheriff’s counsel not a conflict of interest?

      1. Reread the article. He was not acting as a reconstructionist. He was co-counsel with Hughes and allegedly told the client he could obtain experts who were reconstructionist who would help the case.

        The point some have made of having a side practice is a red herring. DA’s do it, municipal and traffic judges do it, some ADA’s are allowed to do it. While it may not be the best idea in the world, Trainor did nothing wrong if Strain presumably permitted it.

        1. Jack, what is your view on trainor billing $12k to a professional service provider who billed over half a million dollars to the stpso that year? even if everything was above board it appears to be a red flag, no?

            1. I have no experience in law or public service. I do hold multiple FINRA licenses and can tell you with certainty that no compliance officer under the regulation of FINRA would approve a similar outside employment scenario as this.

    1. Indeed, fair question.

      And much like district attorneys and other law enforcement officials masquerading in civil court – really, now, what message does THAT convey??

  2. It tis passing humorous that Dane Ciolino, the “legend in his own mind” on ethics, is found hoist on a petard.

  3. The client seems very difficult. When you have difficult clients, you better always watch your back and document everything. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t say anything as dumb as what Hughes was caught on tape saying. Venue discussions are at the forefront of any litigation and should be discussed from a legal perspective, not like someone who has a few too many drinks and is telling the whole world “Anybody could have won 2 Superbowls with the team we had”. Just dumb and unnecessary on so many levels.

  4. One last thing. The client seems so reflective of clients today, i.e. the lawyer should get nothing or next to nothing. The lawyer wanted or took too much money. No wonder the legal profession is losing attorneys at such a fast pace.

    1. Keep in mind, NRB, all the agitprop about “trial attorneys” (yes, we know, a banal euphemism applied to plaintiff attorneys) and “tort reform” which the booboisie ingest without thinking. A classic economist would tell you that attorneys are merely providing a service in an efficient division of labor.

      I have had a field day with “tort reform” advocates who are simply unprincipled, noting to them that if they preferred, we could go back to the old way of settling matters, and noting that I have kept up with my target practice over the years. Usually that gets their goat.

      As for the booboisie and “conservatives” I note that it is decidedly strange that one would want the State set the upper limit on recovery, by collectivist “progressive” litigation. Such flies in the face of individualism and the identity of the self and indeed is nothing more than an artifact of central planning (wage & price control ring a bell?) Usually the booboisie recoil in horror when confronted with the State (“democratically”, of course) having determined there is no liability for injury or the max you get is $X.

      And of course our enablers of Big Brother, consisting of Big Interests, dash madly to the kleptos in Congress or Red Stick when a tweaking of the rules is required.

  5. Does Satanic Tammany need another part-time DA who does legal work on the side?

    TRAINor seems like he has indeed been “train”ed as an ex-asst . DA under Greedy Reedy, whose part-time example was observed ,and Trainor as Strain’s current buddy and sheriff deputy will , if elected DA, once again cause Satanic Tammany to have mutual co-dependent Sheriff and DA.

    1. Why not, Locke, given the red herring (and illogical) refrain of “everyone does it” and apparently the booboisie willingly countenance having their elected betters play the entire spectrum – on the taxpayer’s dime, of course.

      Locke, never ever give a disabled attorney a pass on ethics merely because “they do it everywhere.” Bad enough disabled attorneys and the local constabulary enjoy immunities up the wazoo – meaning they can screw you over without consequence and so just because they can – but a truly free citizenry should always suspect someone who has a badge and a gun. A legitimated monopoly on the use of force is always a bad idea.

  6. And why, just why, does THIS make the news, while my allegations of CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT to the TOTALLY CORRUPT Office of Disciplinary Counsel, against the “Disciplinary Counsel “hissef”, and the WHORE he “pimps” for, former Attorney General Charles Foti and others within the Louisiana Department of “Injustice”, so-called former partners of the now defunct lawfirm of Lemle & Kelleher, and a host of others, DOESN’T MAKE THE NEWS? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Gee , TRAINor only bagged a $12,000 finder’s fee in acting as a middle man to find a favorable accident reconstructionist for STRAINor’s friendly lawyer, Chuckie Hughes’, client.

    Da’ Sheriff of Satanic Tammany STRAINs one’s imagination in saying dat TRAINor only handles 10-20 cases a year and that doesn’t conflict with da’ STRAINor’s ethical guidelines for a Sheriff’s Deputy.

    Sorry STRAINor, TRAINor appears to be a mini-me in da’ making of da’ next Greedy Reedy and his highly lucrative off-beat work appears to be HUGHESmongus.

    Vote Burns for DA to burn dat whore house in Covington down.


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