Slabbed Finance: In case you were wondering what the heck is a VIX and SPOOS……

The financial markets worldwide are getting slaughtered and the best financial twitter accounts are spouting inside acronyms faster than Ebola is spreading in Big D. Here are some examples:

SPOOS is slang for S&P 500 Index futures. VIX? Here is a hint: Continue reading “Slabbed Finance: In case you were wondering what the heck is a VIX and SPOOS……”

In case you’ve been wondering where your Supervisor has been……

He, along with Scott Walker signed up over 10,000 people from across the gulf south for a pair of Houston Texas lawyers to sue BP. Now he, along with Scott Walker and Kirk Ladner are suing the lawyers:

Walker at al v Williamson et al Doc 1
Click to obtain 40 page lawsuit
Scott Walker

I’ve read the suit and the exhibits. What I know about the law is exceeded only by what I don’t but I did wonder how the Precision Marketing Group could enter into any 2012 dated contracts as it was not formed until February 2013 but then again the fictitious business names were a flyin’ back in the go go days.

To the extent the attached exhibits indicate the compensation under these operating agreements were capped as percentages of the amounts the lawyers would ultimately collect, I see some very disturbing implications raised despite the assertions in the complaint to the contrary.

This suit will certainly be worth following. (H/T Anita Lee)

In other news:

Gov. Phil Bryant hires former DEQ director Trudy Fisher as $195-an-hour consultant ~ Jeff Amy

The Restore Act is attracting all the finest people.