Pro Bono Publico: Hancock Alliance for Good Government holds Waveland Election Forum

And the new council chambers on Coleman Avenue was standing room only which is a good thing:

The feistiest exchanges happened with the 3 candidates for School Board Trustee:

Circuit Court Judicial Candidate Chris Schmidt gave a quick PSA telling those assembled that because the Judicial races are state elections, Waveland voters may have to vote at two different polling places to vote in the Municipal and State Judicial elections:

The candidate forum concluded with the Mayoral election candidates. Outgoing Mayor David Garcia Continue reading “Pro Bono Publico: Hancock Alliance for Good Government holds Waveland Election Forum”

Lack of transparency at Diamondhead Water and Sewer District and Hancock Board of Sups Disturbing

All I can tell you folks is that my spidey senses tell me something is not right when Citizens can’t gain access to basic financial records.  And when a governmental body conducts their financial affairs without public oversight bad things invariably seem to happen.  Dwayne Bremer has a must read story on Monday’s Hancock County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Calling Car 54……

Jim Brown: More Pride Needed in Louisiana

Thursday, October 9th, 2014
Charlotte, North Carolina


One of the biggest priorities facing Louisiana’s next governor is the challenge of re-instilling pride in the attitudes of many Louisianans. Government can only do so much. But a governor can be a catalyst in raising the public’s expectations.

The whole focus of public accountability and local pride came to mind as I traveled up to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina recently to see the leaves change. Now I do admit a bit of favorable prejudice towards the Tar Heel State, having graduated from Chapel Hill back in the 60s. And 50 years ago, many observers linked North Carolina and Louisiana as the two southern states with the greatest potential for economic growth and a higher quality of life in the South.

Both states had a strong agricultural base, with tobacco being king in Carolina and both cotton and sugar cane offering farmers a good living in Louisiana. It was textiles in Carolina and oil in Louisiana. There were two great university presses in the South – one at Chapel Hill and the other in Baton Rouge, with major American literary figures concentrated around the two state universities.

But an economic downturn hit both states in the late 70s. North Carolina quickly diversified and centered its future economic development on an innovative research triangle that attracted startup businesses from all over the nation. High oil prices enticed Louisiana to keep the status quo. And things haven’t changed much since then.

Several Louisiana cities have recently sent groups of business leaders and public officials around the country to observe what seems to be working in other cities. They would do well to make a pilgrimage to Charlotte. If they do, here is what they will find.

One of the first things you notice is the cleanliness, not just in Charlotte, but throughout much of the state. By and large, you just don’t see the litter that seems to cover Louisiana. Continue reading “Jim Brown: More Pride Needed in Louisiana”

Wednesdays Wars | Tom Callaghan: Barack Obama Not a Natural Born Killer

Published on Oct 8, 2014

There’s no doubt about it, Barack Obama is a reluctant warrior. He’s cautious about committing American forces to battle, and equally cautious about ordering military actions that are likely to result in substantial civilian casualties for the other side.

In other words, he brings a pro-life point of view to the table when assessing the efficacy of military action. That should meet with the approval of those on the right, who call themselves pro-life.

But, alas, such is not the case. Their interest in life peaks between conception and birth. Thereafter, it tanks precipitously.

The right equates leadership with a strong jaw, a steady gaze, and a good-looking suit. A strong leader identifies forces of evil, and calls them out.

Reagan was perfect. He identified the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire”. He stood in front of the Berlin Wall and told Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”. When Reagan left office, the wall was standing.

When our embassies in Beirut, Lebanon were hit in April of 1983 and 69 people were killed, Reagan was resolute. Four months later, the Marine Barracks, also in Beirut, was hit with the loss of 244 American service personnel. Reagan vowed not to be “cowed by terrorists”. Four months later, we were out of Lebanon with no retaliatory response.

We’re talking Benghazi 78 times over. Could you imagine if that had happened on Jimmy Carter’s watch, or Barack Obama’s? A strong jaw and a steady gaze forgives a lot of sins. Continue Reading…………..