The operative word here is incorrigible as in Scott Walker is incorrigible (Updated)

Facebook Photo Scott and family at the July 4th Wesson 2K. Reader submitted photo
Facebook Photo Scott and family at the July 4th Wesson 2K. Reader submitted photo

What Wayne Weidie termed the Scott Walker farewell tour has been in progress since last year so pictures of Scott having a great time up in Oxpatch last Saturday with the wife and kids is not much of a surprise here at Slabbed. In fact Biloxi Blues was kind enough to give us an almost real time report of the Walker family sighting at the game.

Still in all the farewell tour is beginning to wear on those observers that are paying attention, so Weidie’s blog post last Saturday evening complete with a pic of Scott and family enjoying the game, coming on the heels of receiving a health related extension of time to report is getting a fair amount of attention. For all of his health problems Scott is doing good running short races.

The bottom line is Scott will be a free man until December 1st so there should be more pictures popping up before then, like the one Slabbed featured from Thanksgiving 2013.

Provided the current prison reporting date of December 1st holds, Scott will have remained free almost 9 months after his guilty plea and 13 months after the indictments were originally handed down. In the scheme of things these are not extraordinary time periods but Scott is doing his best to make it seem like forever to the public.  Incorrigible is the operative word.

Photo edited at the request of Trinity Walker.

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  1. Yup.That’s him alright. That’s the man I saw in the Oxford last Saturday. I never could find him again to give him a hug and kiss after the game was won. I think he was probably on the field tearing down the goal posts. He must be a bionic man with all those keep me out of the pokey back problems. He deserves all the unwanted attention he gets. As the articles says, he is no longer in High Cotton even though he still pretends to be.

  2. People with true back problems don’t even jog in small races as the pounding causes repetitive vertical compression and decompression of spinal column discs , vertebrae and spinal nerves radiating laterally out of each vertebrae.

    Sitting at a football game even in a chairback should also be a challenge.

    Maybe in prison a fellow DREAM inmate will do a CUMplete spinal cor-RECTION injection starting with the vertebrae over his asshole.

      1. Word on the street “Chris Lott is behind Scott Walker’s freedom”? You have to wonder, what does Chris Lott (Light weight Pickering’s bag man) and Scott Walker have in common? Could it be the midnight run to take documents to Jackson involves a cover up of who was on the DMR boats and for what purposes? Why do we not have that list? Anita???? More to come but Pickering and his tribe were on the boat and since we all know that was wrong, why has the money for the trip and use of the boat not been paid back? Are there federal indictments pending? Chris Lott stops along the way to Jackson and we will never see some of the documents? Perhaps Scott Walker will sing before it is all over?

        1. I have heard though the grapevine for some time that the state DMR investigation was very suspicious in the way it was conducted. A few bagged for special reasons and a few left alone for special reasons. The special reasons are what the public really needs to be informed of. Perhaps the state auditor who committed a contempt of court violation during this very same investigation can enlighten us? How about it Pickering?

          1. It’s about time someone questions the investigation at DMR. Whoever was in charge of that certainly didn’t follow protocol. Begs to question why only certain people were targeted. Could it be Mr. Pickering was trying to cover his butt?? His hatchet man, Chris Lott, certainly isn’t in the running for “Man of the Year” himself!
            Too many questions about the motives of the Auditor’s office.

            1. Mr. Pickering has a lot of questions to answer. I get the sense that his political career will be a rough road in the future.

  3. WHY?

    First the Walkers get off with next to nothing in fines and prison time. And then Scotty convinces the judge he has no money to pay fines and needs extra time before prison for health reasons. And then we see the family at Ole Miss, etc. What a sham of a justice system!

    1. It amazing to see that the state of Mississippi is willing to spend tons of cash trying to investigste and bust some thug who is eating a turkey leg. Contraband or not, who really gives a hoot.

      The citizens of Mississippi have a lot more important things to worry about. The Crawdaddy blog on the sunherald has a recent post regarding how the state of Mississippi received an F rating in its latest report card. This report card is just another example of how the leadership of our state government is failing its citizens–I would once again tag Phil Bryant as being one of the main culprits.

  4. For years we have seen countless photos of S Walker with that silly, silly grin on his face. Heard years ago that he managed to turn up any where he could get his picture taken. Now I am wondering if maybe going to prison(eventually) will help remove that silly grin.

  5. Hey Scotty me tinks you needs to done palpate yo’ gynecomastica right breast (Ole Miss picture), call the Risperdal lawyers and then get fitted for a Soma bra before checking into prison :

    Dat whopper of a nipple could cause some DREAM-like inmate to get aroused, get frisky and want to have some rough foreplay before his CUMplete cor-RECTION of yo’ rear-end spinal malignment .

  6. When the photo was edited it appears to me someone touched up Scott’s double chin he had growing and gave Trinity a bit of a lift. These broke and soon to be mansionless folks sure seem to be doing just fine. I guess they have already flown first class out to College Station,Texas to watch the Rebels and Aggies go at it on Saturday from some the Bush private skybox. We will all just have to wait for the pictures they are sure to post on Saturday night. They may want to just send them directly over to Slabbed for some photo shopping around and this time please give him two nipples with that single chin. Will not be long before he is going to pose with another number for identification purposes.

    1. Sheeeet!

      From what I hear he’ll be where some people be gettin the free ametcher tattoos and mebbe even some diy scarification. So it can be a whole new look!

      Kinda like dis or mebbe even like dat. Oooooweee!

      It dat’s too much of a ride on the wild side den sumthin like dis can hide under the typical lobbyist/consultant attire. So as to sneak up on the taxpayers by blending in with the rest!

      If the wedding ring is tattooed on, then there’s no risk of theft or using it to buy a channel change to check the markets or watch Meet The Press instead of football.

    1. Lock, quit, I’m snorting coffee out the nose.

      Perhaps your boy could do the “flamingo” with Kevin Nortis aka “Flamingo Kid.”

  7. It looks like there is action over on the Topix Ocean Springs forum regarding additional firings. With the 6 month limit approaching, I would expect to see a few more.

  8. To Empire and rfp:
    Wit da’ Rebels in hot purrsuit of the crystal egg da’ Big Tittie Boy should be surfacing at one of the next Rebel games dough he could be in his infamous Hollow-WEENIE outfit.

    Hell, dem races and sittin’ at dem’ ‘Rebel games gotts to be HARDon him and sure he done bees askin’ fo’ EXTENDion from da’ judge to perCLAPS goes to some national con-TESTES beesfore he receives his overdoes CUMfortable , theRAPEe at his ASSigned PENAL, cor-RECTION inSTICKITution.

    Who Dat says I don’t know dem big words, Bro’ !

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