Anita likes seeing cruisers in the neighborhood…..

To the extent I use Highway 90 a good bit to conduct business, I know at least one time this week when I am trying to get to an appointment and there are classic cars on Highway 90 in both lanes doing 35, I’m likely to mutter something that I will not republish on these pages due to the family nature of the website.

Consider this today’s open thread.

One thought on “Anita likes seeing cruisers in the neighborhood…..”

  1. I guarantee you they were not going 35mph on the Bay Bridge and passing folks on the wrong side. I asked a Highway Patrol friend of mine today if it was still against the law to drive without a muffler, and he said that yes it definitely merits a citation. These people come down here and get away with all kinds of foolishness. I used to really like the event, and still enjoy looking at the beautiful cars, but I think this event needs to be tweaked by the local governments next year. As one long time business owner in the Bay said to me yesterday, no event should be able to shut down a city during business hours. Find some other way of displaying the cars. In the Bay parents were having trouble getting kids to the Catholic elementary school on Second St., and in the Pass, they had the area for the blockades so widespread it was ridiculous shutting out the Bank, hardware store, and every turn style entering the Pass off of Highway 90–totally uncalled for. We love your cars, we love you and your event, but let’s get it back in perspective.

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