For those of you searching for meaning on the Flamingo abduction from Kemper Park….

Unfortunately a dirty little secret came out during the United States Senate Primary regarding doing indecent things to farm animals up in the Pine Belt but this looks to me like four college age males doing something very stupid. Here is the surveillance video of the perpetrators:

The details are few but we do have this from the Hattiesburg Zoo Facebook page:

Last night/early this morning one of our Chilean Flamingos was taken from the Zoo. The flamingo was found several miles from the Zoo and was returned to us this morning so severely injured that it had to be euthanized. Video surveillance shows 4 people inside the Zoo at approximately 1:08 am. An eye witness also saw a group of people scaling the Zoo fence around the same time last night, carrying what appeared to be a large bird. We are asking for your help in solving this and would like for you to please come forward with any information that you have. Thank you!

Since the perpetrators look college age we must turn to the Urban Dictionary for some clues and sure enough I found one here which accurately describes at least one of the perpetrators. And then there is the unthinkable, of life imitating art in the name of a twisted literature project. [Full episode here]

Whatever the backstory, if my instincts are right and this is four young adults attending  Southern Miss doing something very stupid, we’ll all know their identities in short order. Worth noting is avian torture and murder is not a new thing up in the ‘burg no siree as the gang at Southern Miss killed their own mascot Nugget II from sheer neglect and then embarked on a cover up back in the early 90s.

Anita likes seeing cruisers in the neighborhood…..

To the extent I use Highway 90 a good bit to conduct business, I know at least one time this week when I am trying to get to an appointment and there are classic cars on Highway 90 in both lanes doing 35, I’m likely to mutter something that I will not republish on these pages due to the family nature of the website.

Consider this today’s open thread.

Harahan Council Candidate Vinny Mosca’s Campaign Finance report reveals little campaigning

Campaign finance reports are very enlightening folks, even for sleepy Mayberry on the Mississippi. So, you’re the Hizzoner of Harahan now running for City Council. How do you spend your $10,000 campaign fund? Simple junior, you donate it to several candidates for Judge in both Orleans and Jefferson Parishes along with a tithe to District Attorney Paul Connick to go with the donations to the political groups whose endorsement you seek along with the local Catholic Church. Of the $8,000 spent by the Mosca campaign through early August 2014, only $400 directly benefitted his own campaign per my looksie at his August campaign report.

Must be nice to be anointed instead of elected.

The operative word here is incorrigible as in Scott Walker is incorrigible (Updated)

Facebook Photo Scott and family at the July 4th Wesson 2K. Reader submitted photo
Facebook Photo Scott and family at the July 4th Wesson 2K. Reader submitted photo

What Wayne Weidie termed the Scott Walker farewell tour has been in progress since last year so pictures of Scott having a great time up in Oxpatch last Saturday with the wife and kids is not much of a surprise here at Slabbed. In fact Biloxi Blues was kind enough to give us an almost real time report of the Walker family sighting at the game.

Still in all the farewell tour is beginning to wear on those observers that are paying attention, so Weidie’s blog post last Saturday evening complete with a pic of Scott and family enjoying the game, coming on the heels of receiving a health related extension of time to report is getting a fair amount of attention. For all of his health problems Scott is doing good running short races.

The bottom line is Scott will be a free man until December 1st so there should be more pictures popping up before then, like the one Slabbed featured from Thanksgiving 2013.

Provided the current prison reporting date of December 1st holds, Scott will have remained free almost 9 months after his guilty plea and 13 months after the indictments were originally handed down. In the scheme of things these are not extraordinary time periods but Scott is doing his best to make it seem like forever to the public.  Incorrigible is the operative word.

Photo edited at the request of Trinity Walker.