Speculation, Skullduggery, Intrigue plus he biffed

There is the media and then the media behind the media if that makes sense. The local environmental movement has a wonderful email list where pretty much everyone including those in officialdom are included in the missives.

I’m not gonna kiss and tell beyond saying that as per DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller the electronics aboard the Conservationist were saved. Meantime speculation swirls as to the cause of the accident.

Speaking of the word speculation the fact that it ends with the letters “tion” strongly implies it is derived from the french language, which itself is derived from latin. Here is the latin origin of the word from the good folks over at the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Latin speculatus, past participle of speculari to spy out, examine, from specula lookout post, from specere to look, look at

Following the Latin word specula in turn leads here, which in turn leads us back to the 5th floor at the Bolton Building but there’s more as in more speculation, because people in the environmental community are openly wondering why the Sun Herald’s DMR beat Krewe has seemingly disappeared.  This is a subject which I have no knowledge whatsoever but I do have some insight because I’ve been around the media business long enough to understand how it sometimes works.

Those that want the benefit of that insight should click here. I do not have time to fool with it but the answer could be just a public records request away for any of you that might be motivated to find out for certain.