Contempt of Court at the Super 8 Motel Legal Department……

As the contempt citations and Rule 11 sanctions mount on the author of the Trout Point Lodge Cookbook Daniel G. “Danny” Abel……

Finally, as demonstrated in the procedural history of this case and the court records, plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ counsel have demonstrated a clear pattern of frivolous and vexatious claims. Mr. Abel has also repeatedly failed to adhere to the requirements of this court and has shown a disturbing pattern of asserting potentially damaging allegations with no evidentiary basis whatsoever and of being inauthentic with the court, to put it mildly. For these reasons, the plaintiffs, Belva and Faith Webb, and their counsel, Mr. Daniel Abel, are hereby prohibited from filing any future claims before this court until the sanctions ordered under Rule 11 are paid in full.

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Webb v Morella Doc 68
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But hey folks, you think this is bad? It appears Aaron Broussard’s former law partner has been tagged with contempt of court:

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Strange, no recent coverage of these cases from the loons at Human Events.

3 thoughts on “Contempt of Court at the Super 8 Motel Legal Department……”

  1. And bringing us full circle back to Dwyer’s charge of “where’s Charley [Plattsmeier]”

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with prior connections, right?

    1. The only recent ODC case that has similarity involved Arden Wells in the 21st JDC.

      It took three years from the interim suspension to final judgment. Abel is not yet to the suspension part in that scenario.

      I’m of the opinion there will be major legal carnage and fallout in a two state area because of Abel’s campaign of litigation terrorism against the Attorney General, Sheriff Strain, Judge Swartz, all of my lawyers save one, etc, etc, etc. And if thats the way it has to be then so be it because I am not taking it and will continue to fight back.

      To this point I have been very measured in how I reacted to certain of Mr. Abel’s enablers. Those days are very close to an end.

      1. And of course, chasing good money after bad, Doug, merely because the powers-that-be do not go after attorneys who are “connected.” And we know who falls into that circle.

        I would hope there were jurists in the “country parishes” who would grow a pair and slap down hard such crap; after all, even though the Abels (and others who have graced your pages) of the world are “connected” with bigtime firms, the still-current fact is that many of those New Awlins based firms (although the disease has spread to other big cities) lack the pull in the countrified parishes of Louisiana – which is why you still see local counsel hired in order to get a foot in the door – and accordingly there is no penalty in popping an out-of-town jackleg. Indeed, in those oulying parishes, got to believe a jurist would make his bones with the locals and keep a seat longer if he did send the scalawags packing!

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