Contempt of Court at the Super 8 Motel Legal Department……

As the contempt citations and Rule 11 sanctions mount on the author of the Trout Point Lodge Cookbook Daniel G. “Danny” Abel……

Finally, as demonstrated in the procedural history of this case and the court records, plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ counsel have demonstrated a clear pattern of frivolous and vexatious claims. Mr. Abel has also repeatedly failed to adhere to the requirements of this court and has shown a disturbing pattern of asserting potentially damaging allegations with no evidentiary basis whatsoever and of being inauthentic with the court, to put it mildly. For these reasons, the plaintiffs, Belva and Faith Webb, and their counsel, Mr. Daniel Abel, are hereby prohibited from filing any future claims before this court until the sanctions ordered under Rule 11 are paid in full.

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Webb v Morella Doc 68
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But hey folks, you think this is bad? It appears Aaron Broussard’s former law partner has been tagged with contempt of court: Continue reading “Contempt of Court at the Super 8 Motel Legal Department……”

History will record that he “talked himself out of bed”……

With all the years I have in auditing Mississippi K-12s all I will say is this happens far more than most people realize.

Destrehan High School teachers accused of group sex with student at Kenner apartment ~ Helen Freund

Well, not the Ménage à trois sex part and that is what makes this case somewhat unique.  The whole thing blowing up because the young man went out bragging to his buddies is stereotypical in my experience thus the talking himself out of bed part. This much is for certain, the young man has some personal quality that his English teachers clearly liked.

To make the mess complete one of the accused teachers is the daughter of a 29th JDC Judge.

With a mind toward my own teenage years, I was never aware of such happenings between female teachers and male students but I evidently led a semi-sheltered existence. That said, Continue reading “History will record that he “talked himself out of bed”……”