From the DMR beat: Rumor sweeping the coast Tina Shumate out of jail after serving just 41 days (Updated)

The MDOC Inmate Locator still shows Ms. Shumate at the correctional facility in Leakesville.  I will shake the tree to see what I can find out.


The Sun Herald is reporting Shumate is at the MDOC facility in Rankin County, having been transferred from the Harrison County Jail last Friday.

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  1. I know that I am just another Loser (L) commenter on slabbed but it appears the day has finally come for “Tina Sheila Shumate”

    I will admit, I was starting to think there were back room deals being made. But, we are not out of the woods yet so the sheets could still be pulled out from under the public at any time.

    I will assume this, for a person to actually go to jail with the family connections she has, there must have been a pile of potential charges the public did not see.

    Of course, there is a chance we will hear all about the “truth” in a book that may be published in the future. A book written perhaps by crook(s) and published through “connections.” We might even see a few comments show up on slabbed to state the case and withhold all the real details.

  2. Thank you Doug for being quick on the draw with this one! And the Sun Herald was Johnny on the spot too. – it is hard to pull one over on that little Anita.
    I am wondering why Miss Tina is in the Rankin county jail instead of the Leakesville jail. I am sure that she will have more protection in Rankin county and might even get an appointment from the Guv himself. He might need an aide, or girl Friday at the mansion. I hope Anita keeps an eye on this one. I just don’t see that the Heberts will let their innocent little daughter rot in Rankin. I expect some kind of shennagins that would ease her incarceration that would not be available to the average joe in prison. She will get special treament. Maybe we should take turns visiting her?
    As for the Walkers, I fear the same is in store for them. These arrogant types have tenacles that are long and far-reaching and have connections that know other connections. I am sure that the good Doctor is enjoying his stay. He deserved something more like Angola in general population instead of the golf resort he has been sent to. I expect that Baby Walker will be serving the same “soft” time down in Florida. The Bushes will make it easy on him along with the other members of the gang.
    What a horrible thing they have done to our Coastal community. All along the Coast, members of the “Gang” are being called to task on a regular basis – from Jackson county to Hancock County and into Louisiana. It is sad that they are only getting a small portion of the punnishment that they deserve.
    We will see how the unbiased scales of justice handle the upcoming sentencing of the biggest crook of all. Too bad they don’t have his brother-in-law……yet…. :)

  3. I tried to search Sheila Shoemate in the Rankin system and they listed no person by that name or by Tina Shoemate. Below is what is listed as the Rankin system. Probation? and Parole? Office???? What does this mean? IF anyone can locate Miss Shoemate actually serving time in prison in Rankin county, please list the link here for us. I have had no luck.

    Probation and Parole Office
    Brandon Probation & Parole Office
    609 West Government St.
    Brandon, MS 39042
    Office: 601-825-1155
    Fax: 601-824-9652

    1. Sources close to state government in Jackson that are not authorized to speak with the media indicate to Slabbed that Ms. Shumate is in the Pearl MDOC facility being processed into the system. The Sun Herald story is spot on. The MDOC inmate locator is a bit behind the times and then some.

    1. RFP–delivering the goods at lightning speed.

      After reading the story I came to one conclusion. There is good in everybody with the exception of the devil himself. Even the anti-Christs of our past must have done some good, for someone during their lifetime. The single mom comment was a little absurd. . Now a days most single moms get all sorts of breaks but it’s not morally acceptable to call attention to such.

  4. With all due respects to the gentleman, and pardons to his family, I am sure that he has been more than paid well by the Taxpayers of this State for all and anything he did in his lifetime, for the less fortunate.

  5. So like Hitler and Capone, maybe we should just let the dead lie. Or maybe lie, and lie, and lie? I am sure both Hitler and Capone did a few good deeds in their lifetimes. So I guess we ought to cut Harris a little slack, huh?

  6. The King of the nonprofits has passed. While he may have done some of the good things that were quoted in the SunHerald he will be mostly remembered for the other things he was involved in like Cedar Point and Harbor Landing. He figured out a way to become the go to man around town thru his job at the local YMCA and turned this into the transferring of donated assets for his own benefit. He was Bill Walker’s non profit consultant and help him created the party boat leasing scam that netted hundreds of thousands of dollars for somebody that were not recovered by either state or federal officials. He had a special talent for giving out high appraisals for 30 year old boats and other junk then refurbishing them with the money of others. His last attempt at this still sits at the Competition Marine repair dock in Gulfport. Of course we all would agree his greatest work was done in plain site at the Ocean Springs Harbor. He built a dry boat storage, restaurant and ship’s store which he turned into a private yacht club. When all was not financially well he was able to sell a property worth $1.5 million tops to taxpayers for almost $4 million and then was able to keep the boat storage rents for another 18 months. He knew how to grease the financial rails and always came out on top. Was he good for the city as some will say? Did all he care about were the needs of others? You be the judge. I,for one will be glad when he is laid to rest so the family can have time to straighten out the mess he left and clean up his junk.

  7. Years ago, a neighbor of ours passed and few people really liked the difficult fellow. One neighbor said, “I went to his funeral.” When I mentioned that I thought they were enemies, he replied, “I just wanted to make sure the SOB was dead.” Will this be David Harris’ legacy? With all the reported capers, I would think so.

  8. I just read this story online @ the Sun-Herald online, and, why, there was his long-time accountant Frank leech and his niece objecting to Karen Nelson’s very balanced story! I’m sure Frank is aware that in 1993 the man he thinks is so worthy signed over a big chunk of property donated to the YMCA to his sons. There are rumors, of course, that a lot of other property meant for those poor li’l kids and Christians at the Y ended up with family ‘n friends of Harris (like the Wal-Mart nearby lot), but the land transfer is there at the Jackson County court house for all to see! (Book 1018, pages 740-741). Too bad the Y and his accountant, who also had to see the money rolling in from CIAP and from that Foundation, couldn’t handle the truth and let the Y know what he was doing all those years. Even after the man got away with the 4 million CIAP buyout, and the $300,000 from the lot he co-owned with Palazzo, and all the land he got from the widow at Weeks Bayou, he still would not pay back the Y for the lands he signed over. Shame to anyone who does not appreciate how much Ms. Nelson held back in respect for the family. I could go on,but must get back to work. Those two politicians quoted also kept boats at Harbor Landing; did they pay for their slips? Did they get free food, liquor, boat rides to fish with free gas? We will never know.

    I’ll save the YMCA T-shirt scams and shakedowns for later, after the service, for “respect”. Also all the wrecks he had in OS for which he was never, ever arrested.

    1. Does anyone have any additional information on the YMCA’s reported $357,341 “LOSS ON DISPOSITION”? What was this about? The boats? Something else? Good deeds done wrong?

      ” Curious to see no mention yet of a certain expense item which appeared on the most recent (2012) 990 filing for Mississippi Gulf Coast Young Men’s Christian Association Inc.

      PART IX Statement of Functional Expenses

      24 Other expenses Itemize expenses not covered above

      a LOSS ON DISPOSITION OF $357,341

      More than 10% of total functional expenses, and the second largest line item (after regular salaries and wages). It could well be that the public might want to know some more details about this. The same entry has appeared before. 2011 amount of $17,112, and 2010 amount of $2,476. What will the entry be on the 2013 filing?

      Page 10 of the 2012 IRS 990.
      Link to 2012 IRS filing:

      Link to previous posting of this question:

      1. Now that was really informative. Did you see this?


        I think that is the amount the YMCA was paying Harris in retirement. One of the dumb moves this so-called charity did was to pay Harris a handsome retirement, and then, say that they could not go after Harris for the obviously unaccountable mess the donation program was in because he was still an employee of the Y! This is like saying, I can’t charge my employee with embezzlement because he works for me. I mean, duh. The crime is because he works for you and stole what should have belonged to your business.
        I was told at the time he was the only Y director ever to receive a pension after retiring from that charity. The fools at the Y were never told that the CIAP scam was well underfoot by 2008 and the Harbor Landing property had been pre-selected as a so-called “state” project so it was lumped with other ‘state” buyouts and was not scrutinized. The money was appropriated over 2008-2010 so the large amounts necessary to give Mr. Harris would not trigger any kind of audit or alarm. When in 2010 the 4 million was all in, the deal was done and Harris, now a millionaire 4 times over, was STILL drawing a pension from that Y! Talk about greed.
        Pretty easy to make yourself look good with OPM, especially when you also help yourself to a yacht or two and some antique cars. Oh, and land for your sons. What a perversion of a charity. Where was the auditor?

  9. Tina was transferred to the Women’s Regional Corrections facility today. She will be spending the night in solitary as part of her “break in” time.

    As for Herr Harris, kinda makes you wonder what else he knew about the DMR Mafia, and whether his timely death was as coincidental as the growing list of people dead with relations to the cancer therein.

    Now if some fatal accident befalls Miss Schumate while in the custody of the State, then we’ll know for sure…..

    1. Now that the Shumate MDOC page is complete down to the Mugger, maybe she’ll fade from the public’s imagination for a while.

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