From the DMR beat: Rumor sweeping the coast Tina Shumate out of jail after serving just 41 days (Updated)

The MDOC Inmate Locator still shows Ms. Shumate at the correctional facility in Leakesville.  I will shake the tree to see what I can find out.


The Sun Herald is reporting Shumate is at the MDOC facility in Rankin County, having been transferred from the Harrison County Jail last Friday.

There are other lawyers that no doubt can relate as Ken was only doing his job…..

But first some lovely music for all my peeps up on seven.

After 2 1/2 years and $20,000 in legal fees, West Jefferson family wins fight to park special RV at home ~ Paul Purpura

It fell to Assistant Parish Attorney Ken Krobert to represent the Parish’s Code Department in the Parish’s fight with the parents of a child with muscular dystrophy and their specialized RV that is tricked out to meet the child’s special needs.

There are some important takeaways from Paul’s article but then again Slabbed’s covered Jefferson Parish long enough to understand not that long ago the case would have been given out to a private law firm that no doubt previously would have contributed heavily to the Parish Council members various campaign funds. There is an undeniable irony in who the Cronley’s used for their lawyer in this fight against the Parish when you look at it from that perspective. Today, these cases are handled in house for the Parish by professionals like Ken and the taxpayers get a bang for their buck in the process.

Congratulations to the Cronley’s for fighting and winning the good fight with City Hall.