Jim Brown: Worst Abusers – Football Players or Federal Judges?

Thursday, September 25th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Worst Abusers – Football Players or Federal Judges?

New allegations of physical abuse seem to surface daily. The most recent downpour began with the media release of a hotel surveillance video showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his girlfriend in the face, leaving her knocked out on the elevator floor — and leaving even the most ardent NFL fans deeply disgusted. Then came more charges against a multitude of players on teams from coast to coast. College football took its licks with Florida State Heisman trophy winner Jamis Winston being accused of a number of crimes including rape. So is it just big time athletes who can’t control themselves? Hardly. How about the reckless and unlawful behavior of some federal judges?

We expect federal judges appointed for life to conduct themselves with decorum and to maintain the highest levels of legal ethics. Sad to say, however, that these protectors of the public trust are often as wild, irresponsible, and out of control as any NFL player. A number of federal judges, particularly in the South, have recently been guilty of both physical abuse as well as actions that seriously compromise, what should be, a high code of conduct.

The latest judicial abuser is federal judge Mark Fuller from Alabama. His first wife accused him of domestic violence and drug abuse. But that was just a warm up. Fuller’s second wife called 911 from an Atlanta motel room recently, saying the judge was drunk, and pleaded to the dispatcher, “Help me please. Please help me. He’s beating me.” Fuller beat her, threw her to the ground, kicked and dragged her, and hit her repeatedly in the face resulting in multiple cuts on her mouth and forehead.

But hey, he’s a federal judge, so no big deal. After his arrest, he was given a plea deal allowing him to go to counseling and his record will be expunged. Fat chance that any private citizen would get such a deal. Fuller should have been criminally charged with assault, immediately resign from the bench or be quickly impeached by congress. Continue Reading………

A few things are very clear….

  1. Interest in the doings at the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources remains very high here on the Gulf Coast.
  2. Now is the time of year that public interest groups and others are honing their legislative agendas for the January 2015 session of the Mississippi legislature.

Regarding the first item Slabbed will continue to take an interest a state agency that continues to generate public interest in my readers. Regarding the second I am happy to work with those people that promote a fiscally conservative message. This includes elimination of the Franchise Tax which I am told Lite Gov Tate Reeves is planning to push in the State Senate.

Finally, in other news I am told that the endorsement machine for 24th JDC Division O candidate John Sudderth has ended as the Greater New Orleans GOP yesterday endorsed Thomas Anselmo, Jr. for the 24th JDC Division O seat.  Given Sudderth’s murky background I was mildly surprised the Parish GOP executive committee and the Alliance for Good Government have endorsed Sudderth for the Division O seat, which encompasses areas on the West Bank of the Mississippi River.  With well over a month to the election I am told Anselmo is closing some of the gap with Danyelle Taylor, who my political sources have identified as the early frontrunner in the race.  Both Anselmo and Taylor actually live on the Westbank and politically that is important in Division O.