Trout Point Lodge loses big again in the US Courts, lawsuit against former attorney dismissed with prejudice

By my tally the litigious trio owners of Trout Point Lodge still owe their former lawyer Henry Laird at Jones Walker $97,000 or so.  Since the gang voluntarily availed themselves of the New Orleans CDC to sue Jones Walker, I would posit the firm has its choice of legal venue should they institute legal action to collect their unpaid fees.

I attended the hearing back on July 29th and saw the spectacle first hand.  Danny Abel for Trout Point Lodge, as is his habit and custom, was distributing legal briefs that were due 7 days before. He also, as is his history, habit and custom accused Jones Walker’s lawyer Dan Lund of perpetrating “a fraud upon the court”.  Lund is a seasoned litigator and he expertly dismantled Trout Point Lodge’s attempt to scapegoat their former lawyer for Slabbed’s historic precedent setting victory for the First Amendment and Journalism in the Public Interest over the SLAPP happy Aaron Broussard stooges from Nova Scotia Canada.

The Leary, Perret and the Lodge’s petitions are so infantile and self contradictory only hayseeds 2000 miles away in Nova Scotia take them seriously.

Click the pic to nab the judicial beatdown:

Trout Point Lodge v Laird Judgment Trout Point Lodge v Laird Judgment

6 thoughts on “Trout Point Lodge loses big again in the US Courts, lawsuit against former attorney dismissed with prejudice”

    1. I’m told Judge Giarrusso traces her legal pedigree back to Wendell Gauthier. I imagine the plaintiffs felt like they drew their kind of judge. Instead she called it straight.

      Did not hurt that it was Dan Lund that argued most of the precedent setting legal malpractice cases including one before Judge Giarrusso as luck would have it. I know who I’d hire in Louisiana as a lawyer or accountant.

      There was only two people in the audience for the hearing. The other person was an older lady that took copious notes. As is my custom I simply took in the spectacle. Especially pleasing was watching Mr. Lund take Alan Jacobus and Danny Abel to school.

  1. Got to wonder what the odds are for the bottomfeeders to take an appeal. Even then, you’d have to wonder about the wit of an out of stater to perservere in such a matter. Perhaps Jacobus don’t understand that word peremption, given your boy Abel missed that part of obligations.

  2. More than 60 days has run, Doug, so that’s a final decision. Wondering out loud why Laird didn’t reconvene in the litigation for additional damages or seek at least attorney fees for a claim brought in knowing disregard of law? After all, you have one out of state fool who the court could tag without regard for his feelings ! 😉

    1. I figure if Jones Walker were to sue for their unpaid fees that would happen here in Mississippi where the legal services were rendered.

      I’m not going to drop any names but a well known Media lawyer that specializes in First Amendment issues told me long ago there are only two kinds of 1st Amendment lawyers, those that sue for defamation and those that defend such suits. For instance it would be shocking to see Lori Mince suing someone for defamation or trying to enroll foreign defamtion judgments as it would not be accretive to the value of her media practice.

      What went down in Federal Court in Gulfport in 2012 and 2013 was unique when you look at it from that perspective. Between that and the subsequent allegations in the CDC Malpractice suit – neither are what the lawyers that talk me would be considered reputation enhancing. What’s done is done and I bear no ill will.

      I say all that because it may well be Jones Walker wants no part of their former clients and would be willing to eat the $97K to wash their hands of the mess. I am not privy to the decision making so absent something showing on MEC or PACER all we have is such speculation.

      I’m hearing out of the Bolton Building that media people there used to like Slabbed better when all we covered was the insurance litigation. In New Orleans Slabbed is a respected competitor to the Advocate and The T-P. Here on the coast not so much, kinda like the bad ol’ days in 2010 when Slabbed crashed the party in Jefferson Parish.

      Like everything else since 2007 we shall overcome.

      1. I was figuring on Jones Walker having at least someone present with some wherewithal and tagging them for filing a dilatory matter, Doug. After all, can’t see the JW characters going up north and getting hosed by some Canucks.
        Eating $97k is no small potatoes, even to JW, Doug, so something else is going on.
        Doug, writing from experience and judging from current trends, the Tpisy and Advocate are much like the wooly mammoths caught in a tarpit. To add to their distress is that no one intends to take them out, given media alternatives including SLABBED are more relevant and informative.

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