Another Civil Rights Lawsuit filed against St Slammany DA Walter Reed

So the story goes Magee provided information to the FBI concerning “Jerry Wayne” Cox, a Pentecostal Preacher who is friends with District Attorney Walter Reed, concerning property insurance claims made by Cox. Magee alleges he was warned not to return to Louisiana. Sure enough according to Magee, the next time he took a trip to Louisiana, several Sheriff’s deputies showed up at his aunt’s house, tased him into unconsciousness and arrested him. After the arrest, a press release was issued saying Magee was arrested for owing back child support payments. He was held in jail for 97 days, during which time he was denied bail under the pretext he was under a “DA Hold” put in place by Reed. This all sounds familiar folks.  Click the pic to score the 28 page PDF below:

Magee v Reed et al Doc 1

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  1. Jerry Wayne Cox was mentioned in a previous Advocate story “Reed dumped criminal case to take on lucrative civil one.

    His letter to pastors, which refers to a camp meeting he attended with Pentecostals in Arkansas, is a blunt pitch for more legal referrals.

    “I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the Apostolic preachers and have made many preacher friends over the years, with Brother Jerry Wayne Cox of Franklinton, Louisiana being one of my best friends in life,” Reed wrote.

    Reed talks openly in the same article about how busy his private civil practice keeps him. “Reed joked that sometimes it seemed like Faith Tabernacle was a full time job. Brother Cox soon had him representing the church and injured people from the church,” the article says.

  2. Where dere be Holy Smoke dere usually bees Holy Rollers on Spiritual Fire in Da’ Bible Belt Batman;

    Hat-Tip to rfp :

    What happened to the universal Pentecostal belief that Jesus shed His Precious Blood on The Cross for all sins and forgiving those who trespass against us ? Could DA Walter Reed have possibly been on some Church Boards like he was on da’ Tammany General Hospital board? Did DA Reed get any cases from Tammany General Hospital to defend or litigate ? Maybe some research needs to be done on the personal injury / malpractice legal cases coming out of Tammany General Hospital Reed could have handled or out of this Pentecostal Church just to see how much dough da’ holy rollers were “wholly” rolling in wit’ da’ sacred referral blessings of Pastor/ Brother Jerry Cox, who done bees da’ ‘ best friend of life’ of Satanic Tammany Parish DA , Walter Reed? Or was that part of the reason the FBI was investigating?

    Me tinks da’ Saints’ Pope done needs to skip the next Saints game and getts his Popemobile cross da’ big pond and doos a mass exorcism !!

    1. Some of this research has already been done. Be sure to read the full article linked above.

      It seems there is some evidence that Reed has been sowing donations (from his campaign fund) amongst the faithful flocks of potential clients.

      “It seems that Mr. Reed has been quietly representing Apostolic Pentecostals all over the country in cases involving personal injuries,” the article says. “Preachers have referred to him cases, and he has been very successful in returning very just money judgments to those injured in car wrecks, on the job, offshore and other accidents.”

      Reed may have helped build goodwill in the Pentecostal community by making contributions to denominational churches from his campaign fund. He gave $25,000 to Faith Tabernacle for its building fund in 2013 and made $1,000 contributions to First Apostolic Church in Lake Charles in both 2012 and 2013. His fund also contributed $2,000 for missions to Scott Hall, the magazine editor, in 2012.

      Donations to at least one magazine editor… Wonder if it has occurred to Reed to donate to The Advocate or Slabbed 😉 I’ll report back when I obtain the Together article referenced by the Advocate.

      1. Not the first time that use of ministers as “runners” has occurred in local legal circles.

        Got to like that comment by Lock, as to did DA Reed get any cases from Tammany General Hospital to defend or litigate ? Hell, he could farm out the good cases to connected PI attorneys and defend on the taxpayer dime. Talk about a perpetual motion money making machine. Given the hideous hidden numbers in medical mal these days, looks like a good bit of work to go around.

  3. Careful rfp when you evacuate.

    You may want to do contra flow on thy “holey” I-10 and not through thou Satanic Parishes cause da’ DAs and Sheriffs of da’ Bible Belt evidently done got holy harassing and spiritually spiteful cameras that read license plates 24/7.

    Remember Magee was in da’ holy of holy holes for 96 days bro’ wit’ no bail, no gets-me-out-of-jail badge or purgatory prayers answered.

  4. A reading from the Book of Wisdom according to DA’ Apostle Reed :

    Thy bees a season for sowing unholy seeds, a season to done water thou unholy seeds wit’ adoration, a season for eliminating dem Magee pests dat want to destroy yo’ greedy fields, a season fo’ harvestin’ thy unholy, unethical referrals grown tall and laden wit’ thousand dollar bills and finally an eternal time to tink about yo’ sowing habits wit’ your cellmate Ray Ray.

  5. There is another “Magee v Reed” (different Magee) case that was filed 7/2/14 that is worth reading. Of note is that now disbarred defense lawyer James Moorman (misspelled Mormin in the complaint) is said to have plea bargained multiple unrelated drug defendants with the DA’s office.

  6. To be clear, it is alleged Moorman plea bargained multiple unrelated drug defendants at the same time. i.e. the chows of Mandeville who were selling synthetic dope were offered a better deal if another defendant Magee got a worse deal. This has to be unethical. Give the not-guilty black male the max and let the guilty white lady walk.

  7. Holy Hairy Wars in Da’ News Rooms Batman,

    Hmmmmm Crystal Magee reads the Advocates’ Fort Sumter shot story on Greedy Hairy Reedy but does she call the Advocate? Maybe, but we don’t know that. We do know she called the Times-Picayune who in turn publishes her side of the story with emphasis on her comments that she did not talk to Reed but only Seals. And further despite the readers’ disbelieving negative comments under the NOLA article, the story seems to posit that Crystal got no special treatment as per Seals’ comments that all dead beat fathers get arrested by SWAT teams. And did or does Mr.Magee have any legal papers out of Arkansas defending his legal position he verbalized to the SWAT team on the porch before he was tazed twice?

    At this point in the news holy war I could give a ding-dong who called da’ cops or whether Mr.Magee’s civil rights were violated. Maybe Super Peabody Z-Man can save the day and find the truth in his ongoing “Louisiana Purchased”. However, I’m waiting for NOLA, Pastor Cox and Reed to dispel the Advocates’ allegations that Reed sowed campaign fund seeds into the holy baskets of the churches in the Bible Belt in return for legal cases referred to his private law firm.

    Now done move over WWL cause dat bees da’ BIG STORY here. Broken open by Louisiana’s New Newsleader, natrilee SLABBED.

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