Bay St Louis Mayor says news coverage of City’s audit report “sensationalized”

And just think folks, Slabbed has yet to break down the 2013 audit, which is chock full of internal control findings that indicate severe financial mismanagement under the current Administration.  Meantime Hizzoner said Stacey Pickering’s Krewe said everything was A-OK down here in the Bay but don’t take it from me.

11 thoughts on “Bay St Louis Mayor says news coverage of City’s audit report “sensationalized””

  1. The Mayor shifted his rendition of the Auditor’s opinion of the city’s books a little tonight. He says now that they are concerned about some issues with the city and are willing to work with the city officials to see if things can be improved and will give the city all the help it needs in that respect.
    That’s a far cry from “nothins wrong.”
    New tax increase is 5 mils.
    New utility rates are: from $35 minimum to $48 minimum
    30 days delinquent will receive a door hanger warning for 2 days and then cut off, if no response.
    To be cut back on will require $10 late fee + bill paid in full + $40 to cut back on. All of this is in effect immediately.
    Don’t any of you hold your breath now waiting for this to all happen because I hear a lack of oxygen can be harmful to your health.
    There were no cuts in personnel or salaries for anyone including the Mayor and Council.
    The citizens will be the ones to take the salary cuts now with the new rate hikes. Guess the elected officials forgot their actions would affect the hard working tax paying public. And those folks in Wards 5 and 6 are gonna want their services now with the tax hikes on those homes that don’t qualify for Homestead Exemption, and there are plenty of them out there.

    As people were tiring of the conversation about how much money the city doesn’t have, and were leaving the meeting early, the negative comments were interesting to say the least.
    So now that the Mayor got his way, and the Council had to make the hard decisions, let’s see how they handle all of their new money. Interesting year ahead.

    1. Considering internal controls over delinquent Utility accounts has been thus far nonexistent per the 2013 audit I’m not holding my breath Hizzoner will actually shut off the deadbeats that don’t pay their water bills.

      1. I bet the first shutoffs happen this coming week.

        Who needs accounting to figure out whose utilities need to be shut off? They can just monitor social media to find the critics err or the delinquents.

  2. That’s a possible scenario, rfp, but remember, those critics on social media have to first be delinquent.
    They knew who the delinquents were last year, 7 city employees among them, and did nothing.

  3. What is the city going to do about the homeowners that do not even get a bill. Hear that is pretty prevalent around town.. Nice to be on that list. How long has this been going on? when will an audit be done to identify these meters?

    I really thought when the new councilman were elected last year we would see a major change in city government. Boy were we all wrong. They talk a pretty good game outside of the council chambers and brag what they are going to do and how they are going to handle situations. What a bunch of COWARDS.

    I am so disgusted with the city and its leaders. I have seen some political situations and read papers from other cities, but Bay St. Louis is the Best for being the Worst.

    Why are you so afraid of the mayor? He is in denial. The reports have been given and the results are extremely critical, yet you give in to taxes and utility . WHAT SAFE GUARDS ARE IN THERE FOR THE ADDITIONAL REVENUE???

    What are you doing to protect the people that elected you to serve.
    Looks like the entire council are drinking the “lemonade”
    Boy are we in trouble this next year. It will be Really interesting to see how short they will be in 6 months.
    They won’t realize any ad valorem taxes until next Jan. What happens in the next couple of months.
    The utility increases will probably only pay for the services we already paid for. What a joke !!
    Hooray for the Mayor !! he Duped the public and now the City Council.

  4. Actually, since I do attend their meetings regularly to see where this situation is going, I would not label all of the Council as bad. Granted, there are four of the seven that are in the Mayor’s back pocket.
    I have witnessed the other 3 try to get things done on many occasions, but the vote right now is just against them. Without taking up for them completely, that has to be a frustrating experience.
    I was, however, disappointed in them as a group last Thursday when I tried to push for a revelation as to where $370,000 in utility payments went last year that their users had sent to city hall. I felt like the citizens were entitled to know what was done with their money since they sent it in under the impression that it was being sent to the two agencies who pick up their garbage and treat their water. And they deserved to know that before their rates were raised again. After all, they are now stuck with a loan at The First Bank to pay for “whatever happened to their money.” No response from any Councilman, except Falgout who said that he voted against the loan because he thought it was illegal and still does.
    The Mayor’s needle is stuck on “Lana, you don’t understand how the account is set up.”
    Well, guess what, I don’t care “how the account is set up; I just want to know what went with $370,000 of it.” I could see that it was useless to pursue it there so I will just go through the State Public Records Request Statute. When the Mayor continued to babble about how the account is set up as I left the podium, even Rev Reed, Ward 3 Councilman, who is now President of the Council, cut him off.

    One local business man told me last week that he has never seen worse run meetings in his life either by a private board of directors or public. He said that he is just amazed and disgusted by the long discussions that actually result in nothing. Their agenda is the same week after week with nothing accomplished primarily because the Mayor is allowed to run the meeting.
    Now, none of this is going to change for the next 3 years. That is the dismal truth. But one thing those 3 Councilmen can do who are continually voted down is just keep exposing, exposing and exposing and have everything on the recording and part of the official record.
    Outside of that, nothing is going to change. The tax hike is going to be there in Jan. but the amount of debt waiting for it will devour it immediately; that is, if they get to Jan.
    Stay tuned.

  5. Right, Doug, and there are 5 incumbent elected officials right now in Bay St. Louis giving any opponents they may have all the ammunition they could hope for to run against them.

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