How soon the Unclassified forget: Jefferson Parish Juvenile Services Director Roy Juncker and Kona Ice

Here you go folks, someone has a very bad memory but that person is not I. Here is the down low in links:

Jefferson Parish President John Young seeks resignations of unclassified workers ~ Paul Rioux 10/27/2010

Young distributed copies of state ethics laws to all at-will employees, who must sign an affidavit pledging to adhere to the rules if they want to try to keep their jobs. They also must agree not to take a second job.

“My position is that anyone in an unclassified position should work exclusively for the parish to avoid any conflicts of interest,” Young said.

Young said the ethics affidavit is a response to the sprawling federal criminal investigation that felled former Parish President Aaron Broussard’s administration. Broussard resigned in January, shortly after the resignation of his former top aide, Tim Whitmer, whose private insurance agency did business with at least a half-dozen parish contractors.

Former Westwego police chief selling cool treats, helping local nonprofits ~ Helen Williams

Gretna entrepreneur Roy L. Juncker was on a mission when he decided he could satisfy a number of goals with a new venture. He wanted to make sure his daughter, Erika Juncker, a high school junior at Cabrini High School, had a summer job, but he also wanted to give back to the community.

He launched Kona Ice, a decked-out, mobile shaved ice truck, a business that is a fundraising vehicle.

Roy Juncker is a former Westwego police chief who now serves as director of Juvenile Services for Jefferson Parish. The father/daughter duo has been booking Kona Days at nearby schools.

Sounds like the mobile Snowball truck is in the time honored tradition of West Bank Pols owning Firework Stands. It is nice that Kona, a franchise snowball chain donates back to the governments where it markets itself, including the Jefferson Parish Juvenile Services Department where Mr. Juncker is the head cheese as the following Facebook Photo Illustrates: Continue reading “How soon the Unclassified forget: Jefferson Parish Juvenile Services Director Roy Juncker and Kona Ice”