Worse than I thought: Crawdaddy runs partisan political ads as news

Being stretched so thin where content is gotten on the run comes at the cost of quality and there is nothing half cocked in that. I hit a nerve over at the Sun Herald folks:

From the I’m-not-in-it-for-the-money file: There is no payola from Pickering ~ Paul Hampton Crawdaddy Blog

That is good to know but I also would thoughtfully posit it also is worse in a respect too. The Sun Herald is running Stacey Pickering’s political ads for free and calling it news but don’t take it from little ol’ half-cocked me. Paul clue(less) us in on that:

When asked who is running the campaign and making the calls on the ad purchases, he said it was Pickering himself.

This isn’t the Senate race,” he said. “There isn’t campaign staff, it’s just Stacey.”

He said the advertising is just a pre-emptive strike against anyone contemplating a challenge in next year’s election

Anyone for Tea?

I am, I didn’t have to waste my time unraveling any of it.

Rest assured there will be no partisan political ads masquerading as blog entries here at Slabbed New Media, not unless I’m paid and that would be disclosed. Thank you for playing.

Jim Brown: Landrieu causes her own problems in Re-Election Bid!

Friday, August 22ed, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Louisiana United States Senator Mary Landrieu has always been a survivor in Bayou State politics. She’s been successful in four races for the U.S. Senate, but the elections have always been close, and until now, her opponents have never had the full weight of the national republican campaign apparatus behind them. But this time it’s different. Landrieu is in the political fight of her life. She’s under an all out assault by republican organizations all over the country.

There’s a good reason why so much attention is being paid to this Louisiana election. The stakes are sky high. Which party controls the U.S. Senate may be determined by who wins in Louisiana. The Bayou State’s unique “jungle primary” pushes the runoff election back until early December. Every other state election will have been decided by then. And if control of the senate comes down to one vote, which a number of political prognosticators believe could happen, the Louisiana election will captivate the political eyes of the nation.

Can Landrieu pull it off again? Landrieu’s biggest hurdle is not her two aggressive opponents, but rather a number of problems she has created on her own. The lady is facing a high mountain to climb because of two things: her controversial senate record, and her continuing campaign blunders.

Her political problems were highlighted after she became the deciding vote to pass Obamacare in the Senate, for which she was dubbed “Obamacare Mary,” a yoke Landrieu’s had to carry for legislation highly unpopular in Louisiana. Adding to her burden, she’s been a longtime champion of The Patriot Act — a distasteful law that allows widespread spying on every American citizen. Continue Reading……………

State Auditor Stacey Pickering Wins Beauty Contest!!! A Mississippi (Non) Audit Department Update

This post is not a paid advertisement.

My folks how one simple disclosure changes the context. In today’s 24×7 365 news cycle the beast must constantly be fed and sometimes junk food is served. To me the question wasn’t that the content was junk no sir. The question is who is being paid to distribute it? Jackson Jambalaya was and I am fine with that because of one reason:

This post is a paid advertisement.

The disclosure means we know that Pickering’s press release is glorified advertising. And when press releases get passed off as news uncritically what I wonder is if the messenger is being paid and that fact is not disclosed?

Pickering honored for performance and accountability ~ Paul Hampton Crawdaddy Blog

Here at Slabbed New Media we’re hip to the concept of payola thus the reason I wonder about undisclosed monetary consideration in exchange for the promotion. To be clear I am not accusing the Sun Herald or Paul Hampton of anything improper because this may simply be a case of getting some cheap content on the run. That said and given what happened in Judge Jennifer Schloegel’s courtroom, for the Crawdaddy Blog to present such tripe in an uncritical manner represents a missed opportunity. Then again that is what places like Slabbed are for as people yearn for analysis. Continue reading “State Auditor Stacey Pickering Wins Beauty Contest!!! A Mississippi (Non) Audit Department Update”