Is Diamondhead an old school southern plantation? Discuss.

All I know is that the Bat line here at Slabbed New Media is ringing off the hook on the Diamondhead Water and Sewer District, it’s capital project plans and it’s budget. These public records are what I would term basic and yet I am getting reports the Citizenry is being denied access. The Hancock County Board of Supervisors appoints the DWSD Board. Watch out for the Mississippi two step when the Sups and DWSD start pointing fingers at the other. Either way this topic has captured my interest.

2 thoughts on “Is Diamondhead an old school southern plantation? Discuss.”

  1. Okay, Doug, my phones are hitting hi c’s on the scale today with the Diamondhead issue. This looks like it could develop into one of those surgeries where the doctor tells the family he is doing surgery on their loved one for one thing, and then comes out of the operating room saying he discovered something much worse that he did not anticipate.
    The conversation today about the new office building for the Diamondhead Water and Sewer District has now evolved into the Hancock County Utility Authority saying they wanted Diamondhead W&SD to join them last year instead of building a new plant because more customers would bring down the cost for everyone. Sounds great, huh. One little catch I was told a while ago—Hancock County Utility Authority may be carrying some big debts that they want a successful partner to help them out with in a merger. Is this true? Who knows? Along with all of the criticism today about the new office building, I have really heard nothing in the past about Diamondhead W&SD except that it was well managed financially.
    Which brings us to this part of the conversation. Mike Collard, director of Diamondhead W&SD told me last winter he would not join the Hancock Utility Authority because “he didn’t like the way they did business.” No details. Just said that it wasn’t happening.
    Looks to me like perhaps the public has to look at the books of account of both agencies to see what kind of assets and liabilities they both have.
    Let’s proceed with the Public Records Request. One has already been made in Diamondhead today–next step–Hancock County Utility Authority.

  2. DHWD Regular Meeting Minutes for April indicates the following: – “District Financial Audit – Jim Tonglet, CPA, of Ericksen, Kentrel & LaPorte addressed the Board to present and review the audit report they prepared for the District for Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2013, and their recommendations in connection therewith.”

    Sure would be nice to examine that report, if they have the funds already to pay for the new Admin facility, maybe this report could shed light to where they have been hiding $3.4 million.

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