Let’s re-visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction: Clarifications and corrections

Yesterday I ran For those that think Team Fed’s performance in the DMR Scandal was abysmal linking a post I did back in April 2013 about Sean Anthony’s tax assessment on a house on the Bay in Pass Christian. Yesterday evening I was contacted by Harrison County Board of Supervisors Attorney Tim Holleman, who wished to set the record straight regarding the role of Tax Collector LaRosa had in the sequence of events:

The truth is the tax receipt posted on your website is for 2012. The date for determining when improvements are to be added to property assessment is January 1 of each year. Improvements are not added until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. I am advised that a certificate of occupancy was issued on the Anthony home on January 9, 2012, therefore the home could not added to the tax rolls until January 1, 2013. It was added in 2013 and should not have been on the rolls for 2012 as was alleged in your blog.

The county gets a printout of COs/permits from Cities/code offices each year, from that newly constructed homes are picked up and added to tax rolls.  So if Anthony CO not issued until 1/9/12 it would not be picked up till 2013 tax roll.  It’s up to Cities whether someone moves in before a CO is issued as county has no knowledge of such and no way of knowing if someone did so.  There are over 100,000 parcels in Har Co. impossible to ck everyone each year, county relies on Cities to give info within Cities on new construction primarily COs and permits.

To the extent the Tax Collector is dependant on the Certificate of Occupancy which in this case is Municipal building department function, the insinuation in my original post that Tax Collector Larosa was involved in the inside of a bad tax assessment was incorrect and Slabbed New Media apologizes for making it.

That said and to the extent my sourcing on the issue of the date of occupancy of the Anthony homestead is rock solid, Slabbed stands by the larger point made in the original post regarding problems with how the newly constructed home was valued for the 2012 property tax rolls.

8 thoughts on “Let’s re-visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction: Clarifications and corrections”

  1. There’s a way to game the system? Just be sure not to have that final inspection in November or December? I’m shocked to learn this! Some of those fancy housewarming holiday parties might be in a McMansion lacking a Cert of Occupacy? Almost screams at you to match social media with the tax roll, and here is a likely test case. How would the insurance coverage view that lack of a COA if an unexpected disaster should strike the party goers?

    I wonder if there is a yearly flood of COA’s for the expensive homes every January? Maybe the Tax Collecter mentioned such an observation to you? Maybe not.

      1. 🙂

        So was that a two-fer on the one call or two separate calls? 😉

        If a person wanted to be very specific, doesn’t the Assessor assess, the Tax Collector computes and collects? Seems like this weak link is in the Assessor’s office, and human nature may be for some to take advantage.

        One other thing which I don’t have time to properly check right now. Can the homestead exemption be claimed without a certificate of occupancy? Doesn’t the homestead exemption require the owner to certify residence on January 1 of the year exemption is claimed? So something else to look at which seems simple to verify.

  2. If he received his CO in January 2012 it was his responsibility to file for his homestead that year unless he knew how to beat the system. Which obviously he did.

    Most people aren’t aware of this. I was not. One normally would want to hurry and file prior to the march 31 deadline to get the resident homestead rate on their taxes for that tax year. Especially a house with that value.
    The tax records now show it is assessed at $757,000 but he has it on the market for sale at $1,295,000.
    Big difference …..

    The tax assessors office may not have to have values in until a certain date, but I would have thought they would want to revise the values as quickly as possible to derive additional ad valorem taxes. I would not think there would be any law that prevents the assessor to change values way ahead as the CO are presented and not wait until the last minute deadline.

    Politics as usual.

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  4. I called and verified by the name and parcel number, there is no homestead exemption filed on this property, last years bill(with the home)was also without homestead. When did he move in?

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