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  1. When you get a call from any attorney to set the record straight you have to wonder is this a courtesy or a warning call? How did you perceive this? One thing that is for certain somebody involved read this and did not like what they saw. S.H. Anthony is doing business as usual. Investigations by the FEDS either produced no violations of the law or the involvement of the protected class starting on the Coast and trailing up 49 to Jackson where the HCUA was all plotted out. Of the money given by the Federal Government to Ms. after Katrina for utilities in Harrison County, I would be willing to bet my retirement check for this month on the fact that 50% of those funds never left Jackson. Now the customers in the cities of Harrison County pay a special assessment each month to operate and maintain all that was built, even that which serves no one. I spoke with a business owner in Biloxi this week who told me on his last months utility bill for his small office building the special assessment was more that twice the amount for sewer, water and garbage. That would be enough to raise your blood pressure at least once a month.

    1. I met Tim covering the DMR criminal proceedings. I encouraged him to contact me if anything I wrote that applied to his client Tina Shumate was wrong or needed further clarification. To the extent the goal here is the search for the truth, if Slabbed is off in the weeds I personally appreciate the steer and am happy to make corrections where warranted. I viewed the emails as Tim availing himself of the offer that I made him.

      Sean Anthony is radioactive to the point where he is glowing these days in most Harrison County political circles. That is the major takeaway I derived overall.

      Now back to that original post, the children still knoweth not……


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