DMR Public Records Leaks: Shumate land transaction raises questions (Updated)

There was one document in the last care package that I could not fit with the others yet the leaker thought it important enough to include. I’m hoping the community here can help solve this mystery. The language on Exhibit A leads me to believe this may be part of a section 1031 Exchange but we can’t conclude that based solely on these documents. What we do know was that Team Shumate was doing land transactions right up to the time the larger DMR Scandal broke in the media:

Shumate Loan July 2012

Shumate Loan July 2012

See comments for the answer to the question.

For those that think Team Fed’s performance in the DMR Scandal was abysmal…..

Just wait until and see what happens with the HCUA. The smoke has been billowing for years now and there are politicians that have exposures according to lore. That said I fear that just like DMR, the authorities are more concerned with containing the reach of the investigation than unraveling the web of deceit and corruption.

Here are a few salient links so everyone gets on the same page:

I mention all this today because the rumor mill has been churning for a year plus now. I personally wouldn’t get my hopes up the scandal goes beyond Sean Anthony and Kamran Pahlvan, if it goes that far.