Inside the 24th JDC Election Finds Good Ol’ Boy Favoritism at D.A. Connick’s Office

We love sharing the muck we rake from our Jefferson Parish sources and this tidbit comes to us today from one of our favorite purveyors.

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To put it simply, we’ve never thought it particularly fair that the people who run for office and have the favor of DA Paul Connick get to take a leave of absence from their job at the District Attorney’s office, while people who don’t have the same permission are not granted leave and are obliged to resign.

Take the case of Division G at the 24th JDC in Gretna where there is an open seat due to the retirement of Judge Pitre, former Law Clerk Adrian Adams and (now former prosecutor) Angel Varnado have both publicly announced their intentions to run for the seat. The unfair part is that the DA doesn’t want anyone in the race against Adams, so despite Varnado being a very successful prosecutor, she runs without the favor of the DA and therefore has to resign. Continue reading “Inside the 24th JDC Election Finds Good Ol’ Boy Favoritism at D.A. Connick’s Office”

Wednesdays Wars | Tom Callaghan: Gaza – Who are the Terrorists….Israel or Hamas?

Before this, Israel’s third slaughter operation in Gaza in six years, the average American accepted Israel’s propaganda line that, “Hamas terrorists in Gaza are raining down missiles on Israel, which is only exercising its legitimate rights of self-defense.”

They accepted this explanation because the pathetically timid American press was afraid to ask logical follow-up questions, like:

1. Does Israel’s practice of regularly executing Gaza citizens by bomb or missile attack confer any self-defense rights on the citizens of Gaza? Or …
2. Does Israel’s practice of blockading Gaza and strangling its economy create circumstances under which the citizens of Gaza are allowed to indicate their displeasure with Israel in any way?

Apparently, this kind of follow-up was beyond the capability of most members of the American press.

Thanks, however, to the courage of some on the scene reporting from people like Ayman Mohyeldin of MSNBC, and Nic Robertson and Karl Penhaul of CNN, plus the online activism of Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, and the people at, a more complete picture of Israel’s action in Gaza is emerging.

A few relevant facts: Continue Reading……………