Sal face it dude you have the Katrina Virus and there is no known cure…….

Either you know David or you don’t. If you’re in the media and don’t know David then you’ve been hiding under a big rock. This I know, Muspench would approve. 🙂 Take it away David.

3 thoughts on “Sal face it dude you have the Katrina Virus and there is no known cure…….”

  1. Holy Copycat Excuses Batman;

    That Amben excuse was first used by a young Kennedy years ago over a wreck less driving incident so I don’t give Sal kudos on originality.

    Concerning the Katrina virus I’m not sure what David specifically is talking about but you can bet the bank Dr. Mary Sherman was not sexually attacked/murdered in her St.Charles apt and the apt set on fire as her whole left arm/shoulder was charred off at the shoulder. It has been postulated by more than one person that Dr.Mary was working on a highly virulent virus as a means of killing Castro and Lee Harvey was involved in such a mission with his mistress, Judy VaryBaker. After the JFK murder Mary was set up for the standard post assassination routine murder/”accident” with the nuclear linear accelerator at the government health station close to Childrens’ Hospital. T/P to the book “Dr.Mary’s Monkey” by Haslam and the book “Me and Lee” by Judy Vary Baker.

    By charred off I mean no remain bones of her arm or forearm was found in her torched apt yet her eyelashes were not even affected. To char flesh to the bone it requires 5000 degress for two hours in an enclosed crematory chamber.

  2. Jesus. It’s been forever and a day since I heard about that story.

    I just haven’t been the same since discovering Abita Beer up here in WI. 5,000 breweries up here and I still pine for an Abita. Very happy, indeed.

    That aside, the Ambien excuse is as tired as they come. Having actually experienced a “sleep-walking-driving-cooking-G-d knows-what-else” event myself about 10 years ago, I have learned to avoid taking things that say “mechanism of action is not exactly known”.

    I think I’d be more keen to the labeling if I were an esquire who has a past that includes hit-and-runs, brothel visits, and assaults. Once finding myself attempting to make a cheesecake at 3am in the garage (on the hood of my Miata with a pound of butter and the biggest Cuisinart skillet I owned, nonetheless) I decided that that classification of drugs was not for me.

    Surely someone with a little age on me and a little more ed-u-mah-cation coulda figured that one out.

    1. Sal is still in denial. I personally think he’d rock writing but before that can really happen he must first admit that he has been a very bad boy.

      It’s passed. It’s past time Sal threw off that yoke and started anew.

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