DMR Document Dump Miscellany: More Heberts and a Shumate plus Miller Time

It’s Miller time so let them eat shrimp!

By Anonymous Leak to Slabbed New Media
By Anonymous Leak to Slabbed New Media LLC

2014 Coastal Legislative Reception on the Taxpayers

We’ve had some people asking about the administration of the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP). Here are two interesting sets of CIAP Technical Review Committee Documents:

By anonymous Leak to Slabbed New Media, LLC
By Anonymous Leak to Slabbed New Media, LLC

Here is an agenda from the February 29, 2008 Meeting of the CIAP Review Committee for those interested.

Here is William Shutmate’s contract labor worksheet and selected pages form his DMR contract:

By Anonymous Leak to Slabbed New Media LLC
By Anonymous Leak to Slabbed New Media LLC

Wm Shumate Contract Labor Woksheet and selected pages from contract

Finally I end this post with Samantha Hebert’s Contract Worksheet. Looks to me like Lauren Thompson signed off on it.

Samantha Hebert Contract Worksheet 2012-2013
By Anonymous Leak to Slabbed New Media LLC

40 thoughts on “DMR Document Dump Miscellany: More Heberts and a Shumate plus Miller Time”

  1. It appears we concerned citizens can write our comments until the cows come home but the State & Federal gurus will do nothing to clean house in our state. In fact, it seems they are content to be voted THE MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE NATION. Thank you Jamie Miller, Thank you Governor Phil Bryant, Thank you Senator Brice Wiggins, and the list continues…….

  2. Sadly, most people are more concerned about reality TV shows than they are with what’s going on in their state with their tax dollars. I find it interesting that two of the people on the land selection committee have committed suicide and one has been muzzled by the authorities. I’d like to know what all the brainstorming was about. Maybe the three I refer to were the weakest leaks, I mean, links.

  3. Holy Right On Batman,
    And let them drink hot, Miller Lites till its puke time.

    John Rodgers: La. was second after Mississippi in corruption but those rankings were before Ray Ray got sentenced and his friends are due up next in the lineup so La. may very well win the national championship back

  4. I did not know that there were that many corrupt people in the world – much less the State of Mississippi. I am amazed that the FEDS have all of this information and are still sitting on their duffs. When are they going to pick up Barbour, Hewes, Pickering, Bryant, and the rest of the higher ups??? I guess never. It appears that Joe Zeiger, who was the ring leader of this in my opinion, will just get a pretty little bracelet on his leg with home arrest. I had heard that he was going to testify against all of the rest to save his own hide, and the FEDS let him do it!!! He and his brother-in-law, Bill Hewes, were the instigators and recipients IMHO, and to date, they are still running around scott free. I guess it will take a grass roots movement like storming Jackson to let them know that the Taxpayers mean business. They will reap what they have sown in the end – one way -or the other.
    I have been hearing chatterings that the local Supervisors are involved in this too and helping it all run smoothly. There are so many involved in this evil network that they won’t break ranks and cover each others’ butts. Vote them out!! They are all greedy, selfish, egotistical, and power hungry trash.

  5. That’s some pretty got pay Paw Paw for just showing up. No conflicts here because a memo was constructed for the file after the investigation got started that states this. Sons, sisters ,mothers, fathers, daughter in laws, son in laws, cousins and every other type of relative of management have been employed at the DMR. Now they have added friends in the consulting business who just happen to represent the Governor during campaign season. No conflicts here just business as usual.

  6. My Fellow Americans

    I am not in the shrimp business but it seems as if the price per pound is pretty steep. More especially when the DMR ordered a large quantity.

    Expensive or not, Eye for one do not approve of a state agency funding a political hob-nob. I don’t give a hoot what the paperwork says, it was nothing more than Jamie Miller expressing his Southern hospitality to influence a pack of politically connected fucks we have running the show. According to inside operators that have been dug in deep for years, they say that not all DMR employees are welcome to this event as it has been going on for years. It’s more or less reserved for the “high class”. And I think most may get the impression that Jamie is the high class type.

    Now on to The blonde ditz Hebert chic. From what I have been told, Lauren Thomson’s (who I hear doesn’t work at the DMR any longer. Hmmmm) name is on the paper work but Hebert worked inside Tina’s office space which was in another part of the building. This is probably why we saw time sheets signed by other people.

    I think most people know how she got hired and what actually went on. Lauren Thompson was probably used as a buffer to illiminate the impression of nepotism.

    But. There is a big difference between reality and what’s written on paper. .

    1. Eye – any idea why the Sun Herald has bailed out on the Taxpayers? Who has them silenced? I am so disappointed in them. They need to fight for what is right.

  7. Jamie Miller and political connection should never be used in the same sentence as he has zero… He’s just busy doing what he’s told.

  8. That’s a whole lot of shrimp Paw Paw for sampling purposes. Maybe it included the fees from the emergency contract for Frontier Gulf Coast to pick them up and take to the shindig. Probably only $1000. for shrimp and the rest will be book as consulting expenses. Fuel for that plane with the custom made parachutes is expensive.

  9. And off to state prison Shumate goes to start serving her two year sentence. Wow,not like the Feds where it takes months to sentence you and more months for you to receive your reporting letter. Hope she brought some clothes and personal belongings with her to court. Oh that’s right those are provided by the taxpayers.

    1. BB,

      I wouldn’t put to much faith in the state. As most people recall, she was still holding out and here court date apprars to have been switched. This was oddly completed all under radar. I think it’s clear the system appears to be doing everything they can to give her as much of a break as they can.

      Now it appears she will show up in federal court as a felon in shackles. That will be good enough for 6 months probation.

      Also, examine the restitution. See anything funny?

          1. BB. What I am saying is look at all her charges plus the civil demand amount. Shumate got off paying approximately 10% of the total was charged with in whole. Gollott got screwed on the deal and she had far less charges but the state still pushed 2 years in prison and made her pay back a lot more. The judge gave her house arrest.

            In the Herbert case, I think the old saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree holds true. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it. Trent Lott has been tight with this family for years and they have been embedded within the regime for two generations. The third was already lined up.

  10. Any time spent in state prison is no picnic I’m sure, but if you remember her secretary Leslie Gollott almost got 2 years in prison, but got house arrest instead. But the states recommendation for her was time served. She got 5 years probation–one year more than Shumate, and paid back $31k in restitution—twice what Shumate paid. Justice has not been served here, and I am not surprised.

    1. I think the public has been scammed. According to inside sources, at least 1 of the 3 previous state employees who plead were harassed by the DA and put on strict deadlines with threats. It seems as if Tina was allowed to carry on and be dealt with later. She had the worst pile of charges against her out of the whole gang and was in a management position but it seems like the state let her slide as much as they could without having a political backlash. People need to remember the names Joel Smith and Crosby Parker when election time comes. These two act tough and put on an act but when it comes to politics or the high and white, they do what the can to help the situation. And that would include fucking a pile of lower level employees to make it look like they did their jobs. Just another classic case of hillbilly politics.

      If we get lucky, maybe she will commit suicide in prison and do the public a favor.

      1. I have had a few reports back that I was mean and rotten and the comment in my post was over the top. With that, I will formally apologize for being so mean.

        1. Tina Shumate did not worry or apologize about Ms.Hill did she? Tina Shumate is as responsible for her death as Bill Walker is. Have either come forward with any kind of remorseful statement? For these people involved in the DMR scandal suicide would be the cowards way out. They should be made to serve every minute and repay every penny.

  11. To Biloxi Blues, Eye-Spy and all you readers of SLABBED, it ain’t gonna happen!

    As long as ‘we the people’ continue to elect the likes of Steven Palazzo, Phil Bryant, Thad Cochran………and the list goes on, nothing will be done about open government and accountability. Look at how much these former DMR employees have stolen and so like Mike Byrd, they have only had to pay back pennies and have drawn little jail time.

    Where is justice? It certainly is not in MISSISSIPPI!

    1. Mr. Rodgers,

      I am not doubting anything you say. The people of Mississippi will continue to vote for the regime because the majority of people who side with these crooks are either in bed with them or are extremely ignorant. These are the types the Mississippi Republican Party taliors to.

      I spoke to a wise woman last night and she mentioned something that I beleive to be true. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shumate got pardoned by the governor in the future if legally possible. After all, I hear she and her sista did some campaigning for him.

      Mississippi has had a long history with corrupt government and social ties. It dates back to the revolutionary war when the majority sided with England. Stand back and take a look, the way our state government is run resembles that of what we we fighting against.

      I am surprised we have not heard from Douglass. He must be working on something big.

  12. Doug,

    Just curious if you have any thoughts on the Herbert sentence and how it went down. It’s been quiet since it happened.

  13. To EyeSpy and Biloxi Blues

    Have you not figured out what you read in the paper is what they want you to believe? You are correct in the assumption that their is major corruption in Mississippi, always has been. The question that should be asked is why the State Auditor never did an Audit of the DMR for over 10 years!!!

    Reality is, the state thought Shumate had knowledge of what Walker was doing. When she told them she knew nothing of his activities, they thought she was lying, so all these charges were trumped up against her. Unfortunately, she really didn’t know anything. That is why the Feds dropped their charges. She had to plea because trials are expensive. Only a rich man/woman in Mississippi can get a fair trail. That is why most people plea, because they cant afford to go to trial.

    Reality, the only receipts that could not be produced by Shumate were for a total of $340.00. Quite a harsh sentence don’t you think. Had Leslie Gollot not thrown away all the receipts in order to hide her embezzling, the other 3 staffers would not have been indicted either.

    There is much more to this story than ever made the paper…… in Mississippi, there always is….

    so wait for the book….it will be out soon, and then the truth will come to light ….

    1. MWatson,

      Just to let you know, I beleive I have made previous comments in regards to why the DMR was not audited for such a long time.

      You would only think that my information only comes from what’s written in the paper but you are sadly mistaken.

      I will be readily waiting for the book and if I have an idea who the author may be, it will mostly be a story that’s missing a lot of facts like your post.

      I would recommend that you refer to an earlier post where Doug posted time sheets. This will give you just a small taste of what has been hidden from the public.

      In due time, the public will be enlightened.

    2. MWatson, you may be correct in saying Tina Shumate was not aware of all that Bill Walker was up to but you will never convince the vast majority of those that have followed the DMR scandal that she and Bill Walker did not work together in cashing out the Gulf Hills lot owned by Scott Walker and the Pascagoula lot owned by Shumate’s parents. I also hope the book includes her thoughts on the suicides of Ms. Hill and Mr. Bass. Who pushed them to this and why? Maybe the book could be dedicated to the memory of these people who were collateral damage to the greedy schemes that went on inside the Bolton Building on her floor. She will have a short amount of time at the Mansion to gather her thoughts on Ms. Hill in particular.

  14. If there is any book written by any of the DMR involved crooks, including Shumate, I would not waste my time or money on it. It would be like reading “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”!

    1. And Shumate is still listed as being an inmate in Harrison County Jail without a transfer to a real state prison were she belongs. Ya, I am quite sure there is something shifty going on behind closed doors with this.

      I hope to see her home soon……………….

      1. Not exactly on target Doug but you know whats funny. When I goggled the name Brandon Pike and looked at his Linkedin profile–chills ran up my spine.

          1. Its like a revolving door. One vein dies and the flow is redirected to someone else within the social bloodline.

            And they wonder why they lost the Civil War. 😉

      1. Here is another headline in the making. Miller has been spotted on more than one occasion having half a dozen or so glasses of wine while he meets with politicians at lunch and then hopping in his DMR vehicle after and driving away.

        1. Miller meeting with politicians? No way. 😉

          I don’t see any harm with a glass or two at lunch. However, if one was to actually observe large quantities of alcohol being consumed by a public official, then operating a motor vehicle ,I would recommend contacting the local law enforcement office at once. If a situation like this were to actually occur, public safety could be at risk and lives could potentially be lost. Photographic evidence or video surveillance would also be a plus and highly recommended. This would help avoid any potential coverup.

          1. Operating a state vehicle after drinking against state policy for one thing. There is no video or photographic evidence that I know about, just a few witnesses here and there. And lastly, no law enforcement office on the coast wants to touch that one.

            1. If this were to happen, I think they would rather handle the situation than risk the footage going to the media. That is, if someone could capture it in the future if it were to occur.

              If a situation like this did happen and an officer of the law knowingly disregarded it, they would be liable.

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