BREAKING: John Young announces for Louisiana Lite Gov

As we have been consistently saying on Slabbed for almost a year now. Slabbed is told it is not likely Councilwoman Cynthia Lee Sheng will seek the Parish President’s job given the untimely passing of her husband earlier this year and resulting family considerations. All eyes on Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni and Parish Councilman Chris Roberts for Parish Prez. All eyes on Nunny and John Young for Lite Gov. I now return you to our regular programming.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: John Young announces for Louisiana Lite Gov”

  1. Holy ‘Vote for the Least Incompetent Candidate’ Batman;

    Sure hope your peeps are wrong about Lee-Sheng not running as she has the rock bottom. lowest campaign deposits of all Councilpeople and could use that fact to promote a platform only dreamed of by the M&M Sistas – i.e. no campaign contributions associated with selective Jeff Parish contracts !

    Just think how much extra free time the Councilpeople would have to do da’ peoples’ business if they didn’t have to get up at 5AM to sit on dere terlits to check their campaign contributions.

    1. I have been to Bucktown and back already today and managed to visit with 3 knowledgable JP political observers. Lee Sheng, if she runs for anything, will run for the council. Even that is not a given. She has young children to provide for.

      It will be Yenni and Roberts for Parish Prez.

  2. My bets are on Nunny for Lt. Gov.
    What does Young know about running the state. He is in JP? What has he done for a statewide election? Is Parish prez election same time as state elections.?
    At least NunGuess has been out there. Not his first rodeo. And he was active after Katrina.

    Would like to see Lee on the Council. Not a great lineup yet for Prez.

  3. If your bets are predicated on his friends and family, yes: Nunny has the assistance of types including Vitter and the indifference of Piyush. And, Nunny’s friends are legion, as Nunny was the gift that kept on giving. Some reports indicate Nunny’s largesse will leave Plaquemines Parish Government on the hook for in excess of $250 MILLION for hs reign alone. Even a well endowed kleptocracy as the Plaquemines Parish Government will find that a huge bite to chew, such a figure easily three times annual income. Our CPA guru Doug will tell you that’s a figure which is like an event horizon for a singularity.

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