Friday Links: The apple does not fall far……

First up from the land of Dizzy Dean:

Stone County attorney disbarred over misappropriated funds ~ Robin Fitzgerald

Let’s count some apples shall we. Dad gets off very light with house arrest after the family drug running enterprise blew up in the 1990s while son Eddie got 7 for his participation. Now Tadd nabs client funds outta the law firm trust account and is disbarred. How times have changed over the last 20 years In Stone County as Boss Hogg finally passed. Moving right along.

Sal Perricone was still Sal Perricone on the Internet ~ Jarvis DeBerry

You tell ’em Sal. 😉 Next up is someone that flew under the radar.

Ex-DMR exec Ziegler pleads guilty to helping conceal mail fraud ~ Paul Hampton

Given that misprision of felony is not a major felony (every felony is major, some more than others) it is very possible Ziegler gets house arrest. Here is the salient text of 18 U.S.C. §4:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Do Bay St Louis and Ocean Springs need to swap City Councils?

How dark are the finances for Ocean Springs ~ Karen Nelson

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  1. While reading various newspapers online this morning I saw this article on Ocean Springs in the Ms. Press with plenty of comments After reading the SunHerald article on the same subject it appears that a number of cities are now going thru withdrawals from the very addictive Katrina and BP money. Many predicted this day would come. Free money is not free because all of the new structures built after Katrina now must be powered, insured, maintained and staffed. Since 2006 the money flowed and was spent foolishly on a whole lot that can not be afforded or justified. Many needed projects were and are being constructed. The cities are not alone. Coastal counties are also in a financial strain. The utility authorities are going to bring additional pressure to the finances of the cities and counties especially in my Harrison County. The taxpayers are going to be asked to pay more money by the cities, counties, state and the USA because, as always, its the only way out. So many opportunities so much fraud ,abuse, theft, and wrong decisions based on who got the money. Ironically while we the taxpayers struggle to pay our increased fair share people like the Walkers and Ziegler will be living tax free at our expense.

  2. The Parson are another group of criminals, Stone Counties version of the Walkers. With law degrees and continuing education on how to steal and deal. From Daddy during the S&L crisis days and then joining the son in the Drugs Are Us enterprise and now Tadd Pole lying and cheating poor country folks. Remember the shopping center on Hyway 49 that was supposed to have been purchased with drug money by the Parsons and had to be forefeited? The most ironic thing is they employed the services of Tina Shumate’s attorney to help resolve the crimes they were accused of committing. We will see if Mr. Holleman has continued to hone his legal skills in September or will we? I have a feeling in my bones that a change to Shumate’s innocent plea is forth coming.

    1. The Missiflex forfeiture – I remember it well. It was a machine shop when the Parsons had it. How Jack got off with 6 months house arrest when you had drug running and money laundering combined is still mystifying. There is also an unsolved execution style murder at City Bridge circa the mid 1990s that locals in the know still sometimes discuss. For the longest time my next door neighbor was a former Stone County Sheriff and his wife, now both deceased. I heard stories about lying and cheating illiterate country folk that literally dated back into the 1960s.

      Tim Holleman is the real deal in criminal defense. I’d like to see Shumate go to trial so the truth will come out but it seems there are still sweetheart plea deals to be had. Tim did eventually return my email but he refused to comment on the case.

  3. Thanks Doug for keeping us informed on Stone County’s upstanding citizens; the Parsons.

    And as far as the cities having to cut back to pay for utilities, remember the part former Southern Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz played in the scenario of having Mississippi Power, Kemper County Lignite Plant built with rate payers footing the bill. Here again, we were shafted and Bentz went on to bigger and better things with his Paw opening the door for his new appointment. Therefore, also remember the role our elected officials are playing to benefit their pocketbooks when you receive your next electric bill. How many elected politicians opposed the building of Kemper? I rest my case!

  4. Well, well, well – I wonder how many hours Joey Zeigler and his brother-in-law Billy the boy Hewes had to spend on their knees to get out of this one??? Ma Bell let Zeigler get away with all the looting he did there, and it looks like all of the rest of the Political crooks owe him favors too!! I guess this is another one of Mr. Pickering’s “dear friends and family” plans. Half the time and fine for five times the wrongdoing as compared to the average Taxpayer on the street. How is this fair justice people?? Zeigler is nothing but a festering sore oozing pus on the backs of each one of us. How can the FEDS let this slide?? This is mail fraud!!! One of the hardest charges to get out of!! I guess he has done so many favors for so many of the “good ole boys” and sent so much money up the wire to Jackson, that they are all afraid of him. Well, it’s too late for fear now folks. That bird has been chirping for a long, L-O-N-G, time. Where i come from, it is what we call a stool pigeon, a rat, a sell-out or a singing canary. Of course they will try to cover up for him and make it look like good undercover work, but believe me, the songs have already been sung out of that bird’s mouth. I am sure that all of the Hewes’ family is so proud!!! How about it Big Mouth Hewes??? How about it Baby Billy Hewes??? Remember, you reap what you sow. Oh, excuse me, Ithey know that already – I forgot that Billy the Boy has actually kissed the Pope’s ring ! (That was a great photo op in the SH a while back) Now I guess the SH is covering up for the Hewes clan. I didn’t see much of a report on Zeigler. What a yellow-bellied snake in the grass. – See more at:

    1. The Ark Times has posted the letter of suspension and removal from office:

      I’ll use unseemly hot mess in addition to the usual “conservative political philosophy” to describe the following excerpt (from page 10 at the link). Just one of the five “Undisputed Fact Patterns”.

      UNDISPUTED FACT PATTERN NO. 5: Conflict of Interest

      1. Approximately February of 2013, April Mathis, Hot Check Coordinator for the 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney, Cody Hiland came into contact with Judge Maggio. She stated that the judge came to her office and brought a check over for prosecution. The check was written by Todd Rivers, whose ex-wife was the live i girlfriend of Mike Maggio. The check was returned for insufficient funds. Todd Rivers had tendered the check to his ex-wife (Maggio’s girlfriend) to pay for child support obligations. The check was in the amount of $2,500.00.

      2. Maggio filled out the usual paperwork to have the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office attempt to collect or prosecute the check as a criminal offense. This was the second such check that the judge had brought over for Mathis to handle.

      3. At the time Maggio was assigned 100% of the felony hot check cases in Faulkner County.

      4. Maggio asked Mathis to “issue a warrant immediately” for Todd Rivers’ arrest. The well-established protocol with hot check cases was for the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to give notice to the violator and wait ten (10) days until any further action is taken. This allows for possible payment of the check with added fines, fees and costs.

      5. The judge also told Mathis that there was a concurrent civil body attachment for Todd Rivers. Therefore, if he was picked up on a warrant, he would stay in jail because of his inability to pay for the civil case as well as the criminal hot check charge.

      6. Mathis stated that she felt the judge was asking her to break the protocol on his behalf. She denied the request and stated she would have to speak with her supervisor about the situation.

      7. Upon being notified by Mathis, Prosecuting Attorney Hiland went to speak with the judge in his chambers along with the chief deputy prosecuting attorney. Hiland informed the judge that what he requested was not proper and that the hot check case would follow the usual protocol. The judge stated that he was misunderstood and there was no more conversation on the matter.

      8. The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office considered the request to be “inappropriate”.

      9. The Judge called Mathis on the tenth (10th) day to ask if the warrant had been issued for Todd Rivers. Maggio mentioned again that he was aware of Todd Rivers’ actions in the civil case and that he was eager to see the warrant issued and served.

      10. While the eventual arrest warrant was signed by another judge, the case was still assigned to Judge Maggio’s court with him also listed as a victim. The judge recused on the case without a court appearance by Rivers. However, before recusing the judge did sign a scheduling order on the case which was entered into the public file (Cr-12-1124)

      11. The judge made no call or other notification to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to inform them of his relationship to the defendant and to ensure the case was not assigned to his docket.

      12. Maggio acknowledges the appearance of impropriety was present in this Fact Pattern and that a reasonable person could have questioned the judges integrity and independence.

      For additional perspective the following statement was issued by Maggio just after he was caught. In retrospect it now seems he might have been suffering from projection, in that he obviously stepped on his own junk in attempting to punish his girlfriend’s ex.“It is a shame that the politics of personal destruction take precedence along with the win at all costs mentality that results in the disjunction. An elected judge attempts to use his office and position to cause the arrest… that glove seems to fit!

      Maggio statement upon his initial exposure:

      I take full responsibility for the comments that have been attributed to me. I apologize deeply for my lapse in personal judgment and for that, I have no excuse. The comments posted were not acceptable. These comments are not a reflection of who I am.

      During my life, I have prided myself in treating all fairly and with respect, both personally and professionally. My friends, family and colleagues know me and can appropriately attest to how I have treated others. I stand by their opinion and regret letting them down. I ask for both yours and God’s forgiveness. My actions are not indicative or illustrative of the conservative political philosophy of which I hold dear.

      It is a shame that the politics of personal destruction take precedence along with the win at all costs mentality that results in the disjunction.

      At this time, in light of the pain I have caused to my family, friends, supporters, the Judicial Branch, and the public, I have requested that the Secretary of State remove me from the ballot.

      I would ask you to respect my family’s need for privacy so we can being the healing process of forgiveness.

      Geaux Judge Maggio. In a more just world you might be going the same place you tried to send Todd Rivers, instead you will be going to the pay window through December.

  5. The judge did not access Snotty Scotty as much as he should have saying he did not have the means or to the effect. But I hear the two Mrs. Walkers have purchased, not rented, homes nearby the federal institution their spouses are being held. Is there any truth to the rumor? But remember, Mrs. Walker or someone holds the purse strings to the reported millions stolen. And what about all the millions sent to Moby’s aquarium?

  6. Earlier:

    The reason for the attempt to withdraw the guilty plea revealed?

    Prosecutors say Maggio withheld information, thus breaking plea deal

    In a response to Maggio’s motion to withdraw his plea, federal prosecutors on Friday told U.S. District Judge Brian Miller that Maggio broke the terms of his plea agreement and is now trying to avoid the consequences.

    On January 19, they said, Maggio failed a polygraph test (an addendum to the plea agreement stipulates that he submit to polygraph examinations if requested) regarding the extent of his contact with “Individual B” in the events surrounding his alleged corruption.

    Much more information at the link.

    Prosecutors may need a bigger skillet before it’s done.

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