Comment Bump: Freedom is not free

This site is one of the few places in the state media that is not controlled in some way by Barbour and his P.R./media machine. ~ SmokingDolphin

Smokey’s right of course. Not only is Slabbed independent of Boss Hogg’s PR Machine, it is independent of all the PR machines.

I fear that people think that when I display the donate button that it represents some sort of inside joke that does not apply to them. Where will you folks go to get independent news and commentary when Slabbed is gone? It is literally as easy as a few check boxes and hitting the save button.

The day job is doing extremely well and I frankly have nothing left to prove blogging on issues of public interest in a 2 state area. Whether or not Slabbed is up tomorrow morning depends on the response I get today. Thank you for your support.

Wednesdays Wars | Tom Callaghan: Israel – Slowly Beating a Sick Dog to Death…..Again

Published on Jul 26, 2014

In the summer of 1982, the Israeli Air Force pummeled the densely-populated and virtually defenseless city of Beirut, Lebanon for nine weeks. A Newsweek Magazine reporter on the scene cabled his New York office … “Watching the Israeli Air Force smashing Beirut was like having to stand and watch a man slowly beating a sick dog to death.”

The Secretary of State at the time, George Shultz, pleaded with President Ronald Reagan to do something to stop the slaughter. Reagan’s Deputy Chief of Staff and longtime friend, Michael Deaver, told Reagan he couldn’t continue to serve in the administration if Reagan was unwilling to do something to stop the carnage.

On August 12, 1982, President Ronald Reagan made the following entry in his diary:

“Met with the news the Israelis delivered the most devastating bomb and artillery attack on West Beirut lasting 14 hours.

King Fahd called begging me to do something. I told him I was calling Israeli Prime Minister Begin immediately. And I did – I was angry – I told him it had to stop or our entire future relationship was in danger. I used the word holocaust deliberately, and said the symbol of his war was becoming a picture of a seven-month-old baby with its arms blown off.” Continue Reading…………….

Jim Brown: Voters Unhappy with Choices in U.S. Senate Race

Thursday, July 31st, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


If recent polls are any indication, Louisiana voters are not too keen on any of the choices for U.S. Senator in the coming fall election. A number of national surveys have found that every candidate running has a higher negative than positive rating in the Bayou state. Maybe it’s time for Louisiana to consider offering a third choice. None of the Above.

In a recent poll released by the non-partisan Public Policy Polling organization, incumbent senator Mary Landrieu receives a favorable rating of only 42%, but has a negative in the state of 52%. Her major challenger, Republican congressman Bill Cassidy, doesn’t do any better with 28% of voters favoring him, but 36% finding him unfavorable. Tea Party candidate Rob Maness weighs in at a paltry 14% favorable with a high 28% unfavorable rating.

So what gives? Are Louisiana voters ambivalent about their choices? Are they turned off by politics all together? And are they searching for some other alternative? Maybe it’s time to consider a third choice – None of the Above.

Bearing in mind the negatives she brings to the table, incumbent Landrieu should consider herself lucky to be still competitive in this race. She’s been in lockstep with a highly unpopular president, voting with Obama some 97% of the time, and has been a staunch supporter of much-maligned Obamacare. The Senator has become a Washington establishment figure, rarely returning to the state, and is considered out of touch by many of the locals back home.

Landrieu brags about her political clout, particularly as the new Senate Energy chairman. But she’s been chairman of the Senate Appropriations Homeland Security Sub-committee for years, and the current immigration policy put forth by her committee and congress is in shambles. Continue Reading……………..