Election 2015: Scott Walker sentencing letters raise troubling questions (Part 1)

In a respect, when you’ve seen one set of sentencing letters you’ve seen them all folks in that most everyone had done a good deed or two in their lifetimes as well as positively impacting other lives. With that said, the vast majority of the letters written on behalf of Scott Walker fell along those lines including the one from Walker’s wife Trinity, who wrote a heartfelt letter to Judge Starrett not on Scott’s behalf, “but on behalf of our children”.

She then recounted how she came to know Scott in 2010 as “the hardest working, most driven man I have ever known.” She admits that, “He is a “yes man,” who trusts everyone, which has proven to not always be the right answer…”

Scott is certainly a political creature, which inherently means he is a “yes man”. I also bet Scott knows Nic, a local GOP political operative type whose Twitter account literally overflows with homespun wisdom:

I mention this because often sentencing letters are truly revealing of a person’s character and it is clear that Scott Walker has many fans here on the coast. Todd Trenchard, Executive Director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation and recipient of a taxpayer funded booze cruise wrote this about Walker: Continue reading “Election 2015: Scott Walker sentencing letters raise troubling questions (Part 1)”