Scott Walker Sentencing Letters Part 1: The Ground Rules

Judge Starrett’s order hit PACER late this morning and it contains the ground rules. I have read the letters and will spend some time thinking about how to present them in the post that is coming. I detected two very newsworthy items in my first pass. Stay tuned.

USA v Walker Doc 111

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  1. Just read the order.

    Suppose someone publishes in some fashion opinion and/or commentary based on the content of one or more of the letters. At some point the letters are destroyed per the order, then one of the persons connected with one or ore of the letters files suit against either the publisher of the opinion/commentary, or commenters commenting on the same. The evidence for the defense of such a suit with respect to whether or not the alleged statements were in the letter(s) would be?

  2. I find Brett Warr’s letter hard to stomach. It is known that Warr participated in some oil spill contracts that required DMR approval. And who arranged that access to Bill Walker for his nod for a fee? Maxwell Walker did. Warr grabbed a handful of remodeling money from FEMA for his mansion after Katrina and got caught because of his own overreach. Scott Walker,Bill Walker,Michael Janus and others all will have time in prison to listen to people like Warr profess their innocence because none are guilty of a crime only guilty getting caught up in a some DOJ conspiracy. Warr should get back to his Bibletones feel good performances. Seymour and Ladnier have fired a warning shot over the bow of the citizens of Hancock County which says “get rid of us if you can.” Ashley Edwards is a byproduct of the Seymour-Ladner-Walker CONsulting aka Presicion Marketing Group. Be warned Hancock County.

    1. Where do all these folks with servant’s heart go to worship? I heard it was the church of Bendthemtaxpayersover but I can’t seem to find the address.

    1. If they send Scott to Pensacola he’ll be in with my bud Aaron. Left off the MP list is Mark Titus, a name lifers here should recognize.

      1. I recently read that it was up to the corrections jurisdiction regarding who goes where. Perhaps that has already been arranged because I saw Walker in Ocean Springs a few weeks ago in his Land Rover SUV sporting a Florida tag.

        1. BOP makes the assignments. They do try to keep inmates as close to their families as possible as a general rule. Neither Janus nor Scott Walker will be in long enough to experience the joys of transferring prisons via the Atlanta GA Federal Hellhole facility. Bill OTOH………

  3. There is a Matthew Cloyd that was in that facility who appears to be a white supremacist. I wonder if this is any kin to Joe Cloyd – Snotty Scotty’s neighbor on East Beach in the next door mansion?? Bill have have a connection over there already??111

      1. Nice data pull RFP. It sounds like this guy is quite a standout in federal prison. I guess he is what you would call a “model prisoner”

        Although, I am really thinking hard as to how hard that would actually be to accomplish.

  4. Why hasn’t the Sun Herald posted a list of people who wrote letters on bill Walker’s behalf?? Is it a big secret? They were granted the information by the Judge.
    Will the SH post the list of names (not just selected names) of those who wrote letters for Baby Walker??? What is the holdup? Come on SH – do the right thing. Stop covering for your buddies. Stand up for the people. Post the names for Bill Walker and for his son.

    1. Mona, I personally do not think every letter writer’s name is necessarily newsworthy as some, such as Scott’s pastor are IMHO, in the discharge of their official duties as a Minister of the Gospel. That said I just got back from the Ward 1 Town Hall Meeting and will do my letter post tomorrow AM. To the extent the names have been released, here is the full list in the interest of complete transparency:

      Avril and Gary Henze, Steve and Beth Seymour, Denise and Randy Doyle, Bill Striegel, Lena Melton, Michael Barnett, Greg Denyer, Kirk Ladner, Matt Kirk, Brent Warr, Rev. Chris Cumbest, Robert Lloyd (medical), Sharon Walker, Stan Gartman, Steve Ryals (Father in law), Todd Trenchard, Trinity Walker

      1. Pop Quiz: Of the people that Doug mentioned above: how many were employed or were hired as “contract workers” for the DMR?

          1. According to my sources which have not been “100% authenticated”

            Trinity Walker–hired in the PR department. I have heard rumors that the hiring practice was suspicious in nature but that has not been proven.

            Greg Denyer–as mentioned by SmokingDolphin.

            Lena Melton–from what I was told she had an office in the Bolton building and she coordinated the internship program between MGCCC and DMR. The transparency website listed contracts for this type of work but no names were listed.

            Other situations of interest:

            Brent Warr–according to rumor, he was seen numerous times in the Bolton building around one of Shoemates employees who dealt with BP goodies. The rumor pertained to BP subgrants. If someone was looking to dig, they could find out if he had a company that received a BP type grant if one was issued through the DMR.

        1. Denyer was hired by the DMR for years as a contract worker. He “worked” as a carpenter? at the Lyman Fish Hatchery, where more of the party supplies were stored…gas, boats. Rumor has it that he had a truck and a skiff supplied by DMR as well. Denyer’s daughter was on the payroll for $50,000 plus despite falling asleep on the floor. I think she is gone now.

          “Seymour” was a familiar name, but I can’t confirm it was those Seymours and I never post a thing that could get Doug sued.

          Bill Striegel is a doctor I think. Maybe the “pain meds” doc? Anyway he’s a doc and not a contract worker.

          Warr has no morals grounded in reality if he learned nothing from his guilty plea for fraud. If he is on probation, his PO should take note of his unrepentant comments.

        1. I’m normally asleep at this hour but you asked a good question. I went tonight as a Ward 1 citizen, not a journalist. When I tweet I never say a peep to the elected officials. Tonight we had a candid discussion and that included the Mayor. The Alliance for GG was represented tonight. Give Miss Lana a phone call, she’ll tell you what I said. There was no media present otherwise.

  5. It’s kind of hard not to write a letter of support for one of your friends. Most people would do the same if asked. Heck, I did it a couple times. Once for a person who I personally saw at a lot of charity events and another for a high school’s friend who was in front of the parole board.

  6. Mr. Bremer you are correct about aiding a friend in need. We should want to help if and when we can. Relying on the truth about someone when writing a letter might be a good idea. People like former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr have taken letter writing to another level. He says in a letter to Scott Walker that for some reason was submitted to the judge “Don’t ever wonder about the communities attitude toward either of you. I am out there every day and everyone knows you for being fine, upstanding leaders and public servants. The DOJ is overreaching and the public knows it”. Warr is delusional and needs to immediately get a check up from the neck up. He probably has the coastal community LOL this morning while reading the Sunherald article about local politician’s letters of support for Scott Walker. I know honesty and truthfulness are not a requirement to hold public office but to be a professed religious singer, give us all a break Mr.Warr, go see a psychiatrist

    1. Overreaching? When is the DOJ going to go after the stolen CIAP money? It looks like the DOJ are the only ones interested in getting the money back for the taxpayers. Pickering let millions go on those boats alone. As for Warr himself, get a clue: the days of good ole boys ripping off Uncle Sugar and getting a big pat on the back for it from the local prayer group are OVER. The voters I know are sick of freeloaders and ripoffs. The rich getting richer on the Coast is hard to follow, but there are people out there, rich, politically connected people who made off with millions in the CIAP program and they have not even been indicted. Go DOJ! Take a good look at all the land owned by some of the names on that CIAP purchase list approved by Miller and the rest of the playas. We know who they are and they are living high on the hog still!

          1. Let me ask something about that oil fence that has puzzled me for quite a while. What was the name of that oil fence company reportedly located in Biloxi? Anyone able to provide any additional ownership details?

            Two media stories on the oil fence. Two variations of the business name reportedly in Biloxi in the online stories and the third variation if you read their sign in the video. Wondering if something’s wrong with my bing thing and internet skills as I don’t seem to find any corporation information on any of them.

            Gulf of Mexico oil spill slick slips into Mississippi Sound; 1,000 tar balls found on Horn Island oiled
            DMR got the fabric, which will eventually be paid for by BP, from Environmental Protection Systems, a Biloxi-based company co-owned by former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr.

            #2: Caption to the video at
            Ocean Springs oil barrier
            The city of Ocean Springs contracted Environmental Protection Services, Inc., owned by Former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr, to build a 2.7-mile fence made of an oil-absorbing material along the coast in preparation of incoming oil.

            #3: Pause the video at at :41 and the sign at the fence site looks like an EPS logo and “environmental PROTECTION systems llc”.

            Maybe it’s time to check the OS and DMR claims dockets to see who got paid. I’m pretty sure someone got paid.

            1. Supervisor Seymour pumped that fence relentlessly at the Hancock Sup meetings and the daily disaster briefings. Dwayne’s shop may even have some of those stories still online.

              1. So the oil fence wasn’t mentioned in the letter to the judge? Maybe Scott and Maxwell Walker had nothing to do with it. Just had DMR and Bill Walker on board.

              2. I’m going to dig some more later, I’d forgotten that there were at least three variations of the corporate name floating around. First I’ll give this official request for further information and scuttlebutt a day or two to do it’s thing. 🙂

              3. Maxwell Walker CONsultants Got $180,000. for there hard work getting Bill on board from the Ocean Springs contract. Brent most think that this was easier than dealing with FEMA. He has balls to even show his face in the Scott Walker case.

    1. I just got off the phone with a business community source that filled in several gaps. Warr was partnered up with Buck Fore and I am told Warr was subsequently squeezed out. I am told there was likely litigation but my source had a fuzzier memory on that. Those fences went up largely in Jackson County that are the subject of RFP’s Gulflive articles.

      I also determined that the Hancock County fence proposed by Sup. Seymour was derived from some ideas that Compton Engineering came up with during the oil spill. That idea evidently never got off the ground with BP. I could not connect Scott Walker to Compton or Seymour and the proposed Hancock Co oil fence in 2010.

      1. I don’t have time to go verify now, but quite possible that what you just report SOP partially confirms some other claims made by others in the past.

        Rumors have floated for years in various online forums, some of which are now scrubbed. I have never been able to confirm anything. As far as what BB says, I also saw similar and more detailed allegations and the number was $400,000. Absolutely no concrete proof at all to anything AFAIK so far. However, there out to be some obtainable records if money passed through government hands. The lack of corporate registration that I can find is somewhat suspicious imo.

        There is still a funny smell in the air, and it probably isn’t lawnmower fumes.

        They apparently thought they were both smart and proud to be serving the public back in the day. All it takes is one picture, or one minute entry.

  7. Isn’t it just so appropriate that a “slicky” like Seymour would be involved in anything related to oil.

  8. Hi
    I know this is a really old thread but I came across it while doing a little bit of research for myself.
    I saw a few people mention a “fence fiasco” and I’m looking for information about this “fiasco”.
    I worked for EPS installing these fences in a few areas on the coast. But it’s really hard to find info about the company. I know that originally I had to apply through Mr. Fore’s Co. On dedeaux Rd in Gulfport (design precast and pipe) . My supervisor was a guy named Brian Katt or Catt. It was a complete and total nightmare but it paid well so I kept doing it. The company, like I said was originally through design precast and pipe and a few weeks after I started turned to EPS. It was made out that Mr. Fores son Chris Fore was the man in charge of it at that point but I ended up quitting after a few weeks of paycheck chaos. They were really shady people. I later got my checks from precast pipe and Mr Fore himself because i was fortunate enough to have a family connection.
    At any rate. We never wore PPE and were put in some pretty dangerous scenerios. I take that back. One person. Wore PPE in a pic thst was taken by the news in Ocean Springs at the biloxi/ocean springs Bridge.
    (we had to wait for someone to run and grab a helmet and etc so they didn’t look like fools when the pic and article hit the paper)
    Any ways…. I was diagnosed with an infection from a pathogen that is found in hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon rich soils as well as marsh lands. I was told the time frame in which they think I acquired it and it all lines up with the time that I was working with that Company. It’s a pretty serious little bug that I’ll have for the rest of my life. Also had high levels of heavy metals in my system. At one point I wasn’t supposed to survive. Well I did and I’m doing much better. Took years but I’m back to fighting strength and would really like to handle this legally. And I will. I’m curious what the fence fiasco was. I’m curious about anything to do with all of the people involved with it and any of the legal karma they have dealt with. Was their a lawsuit against them already? If so what was it to do with? There is very little info online. Very very little. I can easily prove I worked for them and the time frame because I do still have the check stubs due to my hoarding of paperwork. But any info anyone can off would be great.
    Stephen Jackson
    [email protected]

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