Today was a good day for Public Interest Journalism in South Mississippi

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Anita Lee for trailblazing this issue. After Scott Walker was sentenced, Anita along with other interested members of the media, including myself, huddled with Team Walker, the US Attorney and Judge Starrett. Subject to certain conditions Judge Starrett granted us access to the Scott Walker sentencing letters. I’ll absolutely have more on this a bit later.

22 thoughts on “Today was a good day for Public Interest Journalism in South Mississippi”

  1. I thought this was very week on the punishment for all he has done and the turmoil the Walkers have caused. I bet he will not return to the Coast after he gets out of prison. People despise anything Walker. He lives in a million dollar home, drives expensive cars, eats at the finest restaurants, vacations several times a year around the world but cannot afford any fine money what so ever. What a joke all of this has been. I did not fall for the “I am not the same man that I was in 2011” BS that I heard him say. He never was much of a man in my opinion.

  2. I’m with you BB – I am absolutely disappointed with the sentence the Judge handed down for this loser. I am wondering if the Judge has been given orders from the GOP? Hotty Toddy’s sentence should have been much harsher. He got less than Janus, and he was the ring leader of all of this and was charged with more counts. Just who is going to do the right thing for the Coastal citizens of this State? Do the ones on the sidelines that were involved in this conspiracy get punished? I know that the FEDS could use the RICO act to round up all of them. What is the holdup?? It’s not like they don’t have the information and goods on it all.
    Now I guess since Joey the Boy Ziegler sees the light sentences that have been passed down, he will cop a deal to and won’t do much time. This is really sad. What has our justice system come to? Is it taken over by the GOP too? Does the GOP think that the law doesn’t apply to their members??
    Also I see that Daddy Walker is in Louisiana prison. I don’t know which one, but someone should pay attention over there because I understand that Haley Barbour (the Walker’s hero), is in tight with Bobby Jindal and I am sure they will give Walker special treatment. He won’t be treated like a prisoner there I am sure. And the same thing with Baby Walker. I will bet he goes to Florida where the Bushes have contacts. God help us all.

  3. What a waste of taxpayer’s dollars to give the Walkers a slap on the wrist after all the investigation! Yes, the Feds had the ammunition but failed to fire the guns. WHY?

    Is there any justice left in the world? Maybe, but not in Mississippi.

  4. How quick you all are to lose faith in the justice system! Don’t forget, Stacey Pickering found some slam dunk fraud with those $175 Travel Vouchers!

    The only way Scott was going to get 15 years maximum was if he had been trying to sell pot…

    1. I have had a martini so no analysis until tomorrow but Judge Starrett called it straight. The charges only added up to so much time plus Scott Walker has major health issues. If there is “fault”, it is in the plea agreement.

      1. That was just a little sarcasm to crack at the “findings” that Pickering pumped up.

        I look forward to your analysis, Doug. For some reason I was under the impression that he was facing 10 years and 5 years on the two charges. Admittedly, I have not reviewed the federal sentencing guidelines, but based on his sentencing at the maximum of 5 years for Dr. Walker, I thought Scott would have at least received 3 years for each charge, served concurrently, of course.

        I guess when you factor in his plea cooperation, medical condition and the fact that he wasn’t in the position of oversight that his father was in, I can understand the downward departure to some extent.

        All that said, it’s still a hard pill to swallow and things “just don’t seem right” when a secretary embezzles a few grand because she’s struggling on her $25k/year salary and she gets more time than Scott Walker – who’s motive was nothing more than power and greed. State sentencing to federal sentencing is apples to oranges, I know, but it sure seems wrong to the reasonable man.

        I look forward to your analysis, either way. Keep up the good work, Doug.

  5. I really do not know what to think about the sentencing other than I was a “little off” on my prediction.

    All in all, I think the truth in our justice system lies with Shumate. She has state and federal charges to fight. I know one of the lower level employees who was basically forced to admit guilt was threatened with up to 30 years in prison for the travel vouchers and another frivolous charge to be brought against her.

    Through the grapevine I have heard rumors that Shumate has been a handful for the investigators and if she intends to fight it or give in at the last minute, she should see some jail time. Unless, her deep political connections pull through at the last minute to save her. This also makes me wonder why certain other people were not charged with anything. Hmmmm…..

    It also makes me wonder why any of the Walkers were not charged with any state crimes.

    Either way. The state side has Pickering and Bryant written all over it. That is my perception anyway.

  6. 18 months? That’s it? A lousy 18 months? Scott was involved in at least two corruption schemes and he gets less time than Janus? His “health” issues haven’t stopped him from jaunts to the Florida Keys or from procreating. Wonder what info he traded to get this sweetheart of a deal? Perhaps something related to the three indictments announced today for the folks involved with the MS Gulf Coast Community Action Agency? Goodness knows he was like a cockroach – couldn’t get rid of him, he was everywhere. There’s got to be something more coming down the pipeline if all he got was 18 months! #disgustedwithcoastpolitics

  7. Yesterday was a good day for Scott Walker beyond all others. 12 months at Eglin and a half way house stay is nothing. He will share in the repayment of an amount of money that is a small percentage of what they stole in various ways. No money, no fines, no problem. Just pay back a small portion @ $750. per month. This is less than the lease payment on the new Mercedes he tools around in. This judge is really not known for leniency in sentencing so you must think the only way this could have happened was for Scott Walker to provide substantial information about the criminal acts of others. Who are these new targets? May the guessing begin. If we look at the names of the people mentioned in the court room yesterday as participants in the abuse at the DMR you have to wonder if these are clues? Todd Trenchard was recently released from M&M Bank. You will notice he is referred to as a former employee in the SH. He and the Walkers have been inseparable at the past Jolly functions. Trenchard is known even over here in Biloxi for his arrogant overreaching personality. Maybe the use of the boats got the Walker’s M&M loan originated or renewed. It is not often you can borrow 150% of value on real estate. Ashley Edwards is another person mentioned who has been running silent lately. Lots of questions linger about his being shot down for the DMR job and then gets hired in a position at the HCPA that he was even less qualified for and started out at the top of the pay scale.Was his selection linked to any monies coming from Jackson to Hancock County? I personally think the IMMS/Ocean Expo is what we find he rolled on. We all know that between his mother, father, Janus, Maxwell and himself they know how to tie the knot on the hangman’s noose. Moby could be the most likely to receive the next target letter along with the person who sold all of the property for the failed dolphin prison. Did they all conspire to defraud? Stay tuned.

    1. I understand Mr. Trenchard is the type of Jesus lovin’ social conservative that would have welfare recipients drug tested and cut off. If that is true, based upon your comment and others, such certainly appears to be the case, then he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. The operative word here is hypocrite IMHO.

      I’ve always said scapegoating the poor, minorities and immigrants was cover to distract people from the big money stealing that goes on. I offer DMR and its private yacht fleet for politicians and the connected as Exhibit A.

  8. So Scotty’s tooling around in a new Mercedes and the Sun Herald story photos show Trinity with a purse that must cost at least $2K, yet “Starrett found Scott Walker lacks the financial means to pay interest on the restitution, or a penalty beyond the $200 court assessment.” Scott seems to have plenty of money for his toys/accessories.

    1. Just guessing but it is likely that Bill Walker is the source of the $$$$. He accumulated a lifetime of riches cashing in “public service”.

  9. I know how frustrated all of you are this morning, but we have to remember like John Rodgers said, “We are in Mississippi” the state that just won 1st Place in Fortune Magazine’s review of the most corrupt state governments in the nation.
    It is not just at the state level. Look at Waveland and Bay St. Louis. Waveland did, to their credit climb up out of their muck. But it was because they
    elected new officials and hired a new city clerk to handle the funds. otherwise the rate and millage increases they instituted would not have made any difference if the same people were handling the money.
    I am hearing that the sense of ownership in the Bay by city employees is getting so bad one of them is threatening to sue the Sun Herald if they publish her salary. Somebody needs to tell her the awful truth–
    she is compensated by the hard working public, she does not own the utility department. Poor baby. Wonder who does employee orientation for the city. Just joking, we know that doesn’t even exist.So, to all of you, be not discouraged. in this world today you can’t have very high expectations of accomplishing anything with public officials, but we can sure keep exposing these Governmental Parasites for what they are and do.
    Stay tuned.

  10. Since our state has failed to act in order to protect all the politicians and cronies and it appears the Feds are either slow or will not do anything, maybe the IRS will step in? After all, that is the only way they could get Al Capone.

    1. It takes enemies in high places to put the IRS on your trail. So far it seems that the crooks have enemies in low places and friends in high places.

      1. True dat. I still think Hayley’s Navy was tipped off to CIAP money and what would qualify and they all set out and schemed to rip off millions and who cared? it was oil and gas money in a federal program, so pigs feed at the trough…just certain pigs, like the judge said. Didn’t Trent Lott sponsor that CIAP legislation anyway? And Shumate worked for him then?

        As for M&M bank and Mr. Toad, the fishes say that M&M was right there when those crooked CIAP land appraisals came down; Palazzo and Harris and everyone ran off to M&M and borrowed on those 1200% value increased real estate sums and then just waited for Billy to pay them off when DMR bought the land, as the Friends ‘n Family CIAP committee (with Miller on it, and Shumate) already had selected the land to buy.

        Here the push to expose came from the bottom and the urge to conceal came from the top. Thats why HornE is there, to find the rest of the stolen loot and hide it from the Feds. Thank God Eric Holder is AG or this scandal would have never made it to the Fed courts at all. Not that I think his politics are good, he just doesn’t care what Haley Barbour can do for him, or to him, see?

  11. I agree will all commenters that Scott Walker should have served more time than the lower hanging fruit i.e Janus.

    However consider what then Congressman LBJ did in Texas when he rented a room across the street from a courthouse and sent communiques for many days to the court to get a hitman, a Mr.Wallace indicted and found guilty of 1st degree murder of LBJ’s sister’s professional golfer boyfriend, off with PROBATION !!!!!

    Funny how the finger print ( thumb) of this same Mr. Wallace was years after the Warren Commission investigation/report found through computerized finger print indexes to be the same print on the stock of the rifle reportedly owned and used only by Lee Oswald to kill JFK.

    However. THE GREATEST CRIMINAL INJUSTICE OF ALL TIME was how the century’s greatest crime was pinned on a Marine who worked for several so-called intelligence communities.

  12. John Rodgers, with all due respect, the IRS?!!!! Do you own a TV or subscribe to any newspapapers?
    The only thing left for the rest of us to do isontinue to expose these nere do wells, and let the God who will judge all of us have HIS way with them, and trust me HE will.

  13. Oooweee! Been saving this for the right time. It’s a picture to use for your next DMR Fools, Frauds and Felons- Seems They’re All In The Family post! Take a look at the picture on page 78 of the DMR ANNUAL REPORT FY2007.

    From left, state Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-Biloxi, DMR Chief of Staff Joe Ziegler,
    state Rep. Randall Patterson, D-Biloxi, state Rep. Roger Ishee, R-Gulfport,
    state Sen. Billy Hewes III, DMR Executive Director William Walker, Secretary
    of State Eric Clark and state Rep. Michael Janus, R-Biloxi.

    Suggested musical accompaniment to set the melancholy mood while viewing the old gang in happier days: Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton sing a lovely duet.

    Bonus question revealing rfp’s coincidental congroovancy of the day: What was the title used for that show’s pilot?

  14. “I’ve always said scapegoating the poor, minorities and immigrants was cover to distract people from the big money stealing that goes on. I offer DMR and its private yacht fleet for politicians and the connected as Exhibit A.”

    Amen. A-freaking-men. Sadly, that is just but ONE example.

    There seems to be a paralyzing fear among this bunch that somehow, in some way, a person or group that they consider to be beneath them might actually receive something that they, the “bunch”, feel they’re entitled to, but are not eligible to receive by legal means or sheer need. I see it as some kind of whacked-out reverse discrimination against the impoverished.

  15. Haddanuff, I stand by my statement that the IRS could investigate since Al Capone was sent to prison for tax evasion. When a person spends more than his tax statement shows, there is cause to investigate. I was audited by the IRS years ago but thank God, I had all my receipts to prove my claims. And yes, I have 2 TVs and receive and read several newspapers weekly.

    You can be assured there is ample evidence to bring charges against numerous people involved with the DMR fiasco but will the FEDs act? You can bet the STATE will not. There is too much at stake here with too many cronies involved to open Pandora’s Box.

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