On the run Wednesday: Scott Walker to be sentenced and another Bay St Louis Council meeting

Here is the minute entry on PACER:

Full docket text:
Set/Reset Hearings as to Scott J. Walker: Sentencing reset for 7/23/2014 at 02:00 PM in Courtroom 1 (Hattiesburg) before District Judge Keith Starrett (scp)

I will certainly be there. I hear a few members of the environmental community may also come to observe.

Next up a comment bump on last nights regular Bay St Louis City Council meeting and death by Deferred Revenue:

It will be interesting to know what the outcome was after the council went into executive session last night to discuss Mr. Kolf’s lies to them.

He should be dismissed immediately. The council should take the city back and pull all responsibility away from the mayor.

It is time for the council to take this opportunity and be responsible to the people of Bay St. Louis.

Speaking of that I have this from the Seacoast Echo’s Dwayne Bremer on Twitter:

As I understand things from folks that were at the meeting last night, the story of the almost 2 year saga of the City Clerk, The DFA and Deferred Revenue continues to evolve. Stay tuned.

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. ~ C.S. Lewis

11 thoughts on “On the run Wednesday: Scott Walker to be sentenced and another Bay St Louis Council meeting”

  1. Things could, within the next 24 to 48 hours, get much worse and more embarrassing for the Bay St. Louis administration. We’ll all stayed tuned together to watch those who have done their dance finally pay the band. The end of the summer and budget time could be rich, but not in the truest sense of the word.

  2. I guess Scott Walker is up already putting on that fake smile and practicing the entry/exit all is well walk with wife and kids. I think someone should be out side playing so bagpipe music and I have maybe a good one set to the Irish tune of “Oh Danny Boy”. Ole Scotty Boy the cell, the cell is calling you,… From Pine Key and the Alaskan Glaciers side,…. Vacations gone and co-defendants are falling,…. Its you who must go and the judges order you must bide. Ole Scotty boy today, today you must surrender your fake pride. Feel free to add other versus. I got to get up 49 to the Burg.

  3. It would be lovely to see another Scott Walker sentenced (or just indicted). As MS ex-pats, it appears we’ve jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire concerning matters of corruption, but up here it seems it has not yet fully permeated all levels of government, just the gub’nuh’s office, a couple judges, Preibus, and a certain Rep. from Janesville who wears a dog whistle around his neck at all times. Sigh. Being from MS, I saw them all from a million miles away; they are amateurs at best. They also lack the Hal-ee Baw-bour swagger and charm.

    Watching this all unfold is fascinating but stomach-churning for the residents of BSL.

    May the guilty reap as they have sown.

    1. Its a day brightener to know that Mississippi’s #1 export, human capital, is getting their old hometown news from Slabbed. Thank you Jen for stopping by.

  4. Yall are hysterical today.
    I just heard a few minutes ago that the “Assistant Mayor of Bay St. Louis” Mr. Beaugez has his panties in a wad again on Facebook and the Bay’s Topix Blog.
    If they could just find something for him to do all day to live up to his self described position.
    By the way, it is now being reported that he was told to change his answering machine tape, and stop referring to himself as “Assistant Mayor.” Did we see that on the ballot last year when we voted?
    He’ll just have to settle for being in charge of blogging and facebook. Tst tst.

  5. More wasted tax dollars
    I never heard of Mr. Beaugaz before the meeting. Our Asst Mayor?
    Another wasted salary and benefits we are paying for.
    How many more of these do we have ?
    Does anyone know what he does?
    Does anyone know what Buzz does? Other than ride around or walk downtown all the time..

    Maybe the council needs to do a complete survey of all position and salaries .. Let’s start evaluating positions and eliminating. We have too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Between buzz and Beaugaz I would think we could save over $100,000 a year plus benefits. That’s 1/3 of the debt for utility authority. And less for the city to increase taxes to pay the debt.

  6. I wouldn’t question Buzz’s value! He does much for the city and brings $$$ that aren’t tax revenue. Bay St. Louis has a silent benefactor in him.

  7. Great for Buzz
    When he retires the city does not need to replace him since since he is irreplaceable.
    One more salary saved.

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