I’m reminded of the old saying pigs love mud……..

There is a danger in becoming a one track blog or one track anything for that matter. Here area couple of examples:

cheering for Kenner to fail, again ~ Connie Montgomery

An added twist – failed magazine partners see a lot of scrutiny in Walter Reed investigation ~ Connie Montgomery

Connie Montgomery provides legal services to Slabbed New Media.

One thought on “I’m reminded of the old saying pigs love mud……..”

  1. The first linked post leads with a quote from Sartre that is invariably misinterpreted (in the U.S.) as some sort of inspirational exhortation to keep your head down and work harder rather than “rock the boat.” Yeah, that sounds a lot like ole J-P!

    Larger complaint: Do people even read actual philosophical texts or study philosophers anymore? Or is it all about plucking decontextualized quotes and understanding them at face value? A philosopher has failed if his or her assertions provoke reflexive agreement instead of thought.

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