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  1. I don’t understand what is wrong with all of these people who seek public offices!! Is it a requirement to run for public office to be dishonest? a thief? have no morals? Why are we sitting back and letting this continue?I think Louisiana and Mississippi should get together and run all of the politicos out of the States and up to Washington, where maybe they can fit in with that type.
    It is time to put a stop to it people!!! Vote against the politicos. Do not vote for the incumbents – no matter what!!! Vote them out or shut up whinning!

  2. You will note that it is incontrovertible: Reed has passed the point of no return, for no longer are the serfs laughing with him, they are now laughing at him.

  3. When will Parish President Pat Brister send an apology to Ed Quatrevaux?

    Quatrevaux rankled some elected officials in St. Tammany Parish on Monday when he told a task force exploring the idea of creating an IG office for St. Tammany that the world is full of “thieves and liars” and that government is vulnerable to them.

    Parish President Pat Brister fired off a letter to Quatrevaux the next day saying she was “extremely disappointed and offended” by some of his comments, singling out the “thieves and liars” remark as an offense to “all the honest hard-working government employees and public officials” and the people who elect them. She wrote that she was “discouraged at such an acerbic attitude.”

    1. To update, since Brister was offended Coroner Galvan has entered prison for thievery, The St Tammany District 3 Fire Chief admitted stealing $5k in public funds to buy auto parts, The Pearl River mayor, police chief and town clerk were found by the legislative auditor to have stolen public money and the DA Walter Reed has been exposed as a thief and a liar. Waiting to hear how high up the thievery or lying stretched with the sheriff Strain work release boondoggle.

      1. Walter has managed to push the Sheriff outta the news cycle. As I remember the coverage of that Parish Council meeting, Brister had plenty of company in the indignation department. There is a news story out there for the taking, especially those outlets which have video.

  4. Holy Cialis Cuntnections Batman,

    Done after humongous “bonefied” analysis and “adjudickation” of da’ irresistible “blind” and “moonlightin'” facturds introduced into da’ pubic record (i.e. hospital retainer and Cialis prescriptions paid by dem taxpayers) by Zurik, The Advocate and the TP, me done have reached da possible erectable cuntnection :

    Me tinks dat Greedy Reedy done bees possibly placed on his $30,000, highly “inflated” retainer by Tammany General to off-set any pricktidable costs for possible mergency visits to dat hospital to”deflate” possible side effects of toxic Cialis ingestion.

    But den agin what does I knows ?

  5. Well, this really is a boondoggle. Seems corrupted officials are rampant throughout St. Tammany Parish. I was once a homeowner there for 22 straight years. Having movef there from New Orleans, I believed that I was in a parish governed by good and just people. I also recently retired after spending nearly six years working in a public office I thought was run by a moral and just group of people. Oh, how wrong I was! If You guessed that I worked in Walter Reed’s office you win the purple pig! By the way, I was not one of ‘the special six’ led by Walter Reed, who got taxpayer funded refunds on their medical copays! What a way to end what had appeared to be a great run of office for Reed. I use to be proud to have been associated with Reed’s office. Everyone of the higher ups in that office are now suspect in Reed’s thievery. What a way to end a career!

  6. rfp:

    He looks like a “sexual battery” alright – yep, a Diehard but with a shorted-out ” badge” ,dat didn’t work when he bees flashing it to da’ Covington deputies, which makes him dead in jail wit’ a hard on.

    Gotta wonder if DA Reed was not losing in his 20 year old political monopoly game would Richard Reed’s ” badge” not have been a valid get-outta- jail card ?

  7. rfp: Roy Burns has announced he is officially in the race for Satanic Tammany Parish DA.

    A few weeks ago I posted that I read a TP social article of a certain date which I have NOW LOST about a social at Walter Reed’s lavish home ( you know the one that had less square footage than originally claimed on blue prints so Assessor Core could lower Greedy Reedy’s property taxes) and TP comments were made about a guest and relative of Reed’s, Walter Burns . And I raised the question to Tammany peeps if anyone knew if Roy Burns was related to Walter Burns who is in fact related to Walter Reed.

    If Roy Burns is related to Walter Reed and wins would this be similar to O.K. Allen winning the Governor’s race in La in the 1930’s and Huey Long really running the State government from Washington,D.C..

    The Advocate gave a brief description of other candidates namely Black, Montgomery and Trainor but absolutely nothing on candidate Roy Burns.


    Just who is ROY BURNS and is he a relative of Walter Reed? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Holy mea culpa , mea culpa ,mea maxima culpa Batman :

      CORRECTION: The TP article on D.A. Greedy Reedy’s social was printed on November 6, 1994 in the TP Society section, however one of his guest who was cited as a relative was George Burns not Walter Burns as I ignorantly posted above.

      So the question is – Is Roy Burns related to George Burns who was cited by the TP as being related to Walter Reed? It would be very smart for Greedy Reedy to have his own horse in the race, would it not?

  8. My home has been in st Tammany parish for over 50yrs and I find it to be the most corrupt parish there is .the court system is in the same BED with Walter reed .and don’t leave good o boy jack out neither.they all work in the justis system that system caused me to loose thousands of hard working dollars .St Tammany I hope y’all burn in hell and you will

  9. To bad it’s not like it use to be in St Tammany parish , it was the best Parish that any family could raise a good family iAm a prime example . My mother &Father had there on restaurants my brother had a iron working comp. and I Myslef was an electrical contractor for about 35 long years .i would had thought that ment a little something. But it didn’t in Covingtons court of law. There is no justis at all there.

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