Jamie Miller hasn’t learned yet that you can’t fire everyone……..

There is always gonna be someone that knows the score that is gonna talk to somebody. Reigning in the political hacks/lightweights that permeated Congressman Palazzo’s staff and managing a state agency are two different things.  DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller may find that out one day.

Everyone remember the sweetheart contract Miller let to Frontier Gulf Coast for Public Relations work that the “Public” never discerned?

Complaint filed against DMR over tracking of agency expenses ~ Anita Lee

Folks Miller is paying mucho money for bean counting and PR:

The half-page “time & expense analysis” listed hours worked by five Horne employees, by title, at hourly rates ranging from $48 to $285 an hour. Hourly fees for Horne totaled $111,973.50 and undocumented expenses were $9,041.45. The sheet also listed an hourly rate of $150 for a Frontier consultant, 286 hours worked and a total charge of $42,900. An EnStrat consultant charged $150 an hour for 234.50 hours, for a total of $35,581.80.

Maybe the reason Miller keeps firing long time employees is DMR can’t afford to pay salaries after they pay for all their no bid professional services contracts. It is good to see others are paying attention too.

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  1. Would it not be interesting to see the work completed by Frontier in this matter? Or could this be a way to pay off somebodies campaign debts for work completed by Frontier? All of this is suspect but the boys at Frontier raise the most questions. What were they doing besides eating lunch at Shaggys? Has the corruption actually gotten worst since Dr. William Walker left? A new guide “How to Live Like Millionaires on The Taxpayers Dime” is what they may have been working on under this subcontract. Airplanes, million dollar homes, taxpayer funded rental developments, and so much more as the connected Frontiersmen work their money makers.

    1. Yes, I for one would love to see all the “work” completed by Frontier for what they charged. I have made comments before about the overall value and end products received by contracting all this work out. To this day, I still see nothing more than inflated prices being paid for minimal work IMHO. Jamie Miller has created far too many enemies and I am quite sure some tasty “DMR-Wiki-Leaks” will be surfacing soon.


  2. IMHO, Maybe they were hired to implement a new funneling system? Or destroy evidence? Or get rid of the ones who knew everything about the scam? Maybe they got hold of that girl that they fired in the beginning that started all of this mess. Remember, they fired her and her husband for nothing? Weren’t they long time employees too??
    Well, we may never know the truth, but the fact that a Private GOP Agency is running a State Agency should be enough to bring our Governor, Lt. Governor, Attnorney General, and State Audior running to see what is going on. By the way, why aren’t they doing their jobs??? They work for us!!!

    1. The reason the top dogs aren’t coming running is because they are all in on it. Its been shown how the Horne group is connected to Bryant. Its all a big funneling scam that goes to the top. What else would explain the outrageous amounts they are charging for work.

      1. Then, pray tell, where is the IRS?? where is the FBI?? why hasn’t there been a protest by the people of some kind?? Surely everyone in Jackson isn’t tied into this mess??? If so, why are they allowed to carry on like this?? And for so long??

    2. Mona

      Just curious but what do you mean when you said “they got a hold of that girl who they fired in the beginning who started all this mess”

      Started what mess?

      1. Eye, I meant that maybe the FEDS had spoken with the poor girl that they fired when all of this began. You remember – there was something about them firing this girl from accounting because she refused to do what they wanted her to do that was illegal. Then they trumped up some charges on her husband (who also worked there) and then they railroaded her. I have always said that she was innocent and did the right thing. The others that were working with her just did as they were told – even if it was illegal. But she was the one that got punished. No one stepped up to help them out either.
        I wish I knew how many people were fired due to Bill, Scott, Miss Shumake, Joe Zeigler, and now the new regime. I would bet that it is near 100, or maybe even more!

  3. It appears only the Sun Herald and Judge Schloegel are representing ‘we the people’. It seems that from Barbour on down the line, they are all covering their a…. and protecting their ill gotten gains. Until the Feds do their job, we are continually being taken to the cleaners while DMR money is used to support these politicians, cronies, etc.

    No, things are no different at DMR as when Walkergate was in power; just another bunch of crooks!

  4. Can anyone tell me what Senators and Representatives are the heads of this Agency?? Maybe, we need to make a concerted effort to bombard them with complaints and throw them out the next election if they don’t do the right thing! I am ashamed of them too! They are supposed to be representing us. Does any of our elected officals have a spine???? I am beginning to wonder. Seems to me like they are scared to death of Fat-Ass and his cronies. Well, they will see the next election. People usually have short memories, but not about this. The SH and Slabbed have been too good at what they do keeping the people informed. I hope they continue to do just that and also remind the people during election season. For sure, Stacey Pickering needs to go!!! And Bryant is a lame duck.
    Why hasn’t the Senator/Representative over Appropriations been on top of this???? What is their names??? Are they in this too???? We need to start advertising names on here folks. Just who isn’t doing their job????

    1. Timmy Gollott and Brice Wiggins are the two you should start with. I’d guess neither has a spine but both have some lined pocket books Those that aren’t doing their jobs at DMR are at the top. Jamie Miller and the HR Director Christy Royals are tyebtop dogs, followed by Joe Spraggins.

  5. P. S. How can we get in touch with those people that picketed on East Beach in Ocean Springs a while back? Are they still watching???? What about those Snake people….are you still watching things????

  6. Those people that picketed on Ocean Springs Beach came on their own; no group, no backing. Internet information got them out there but do not know who Snake People or any other group are that failed to show but advertised a protest.

  7. Who are the elected officials on the Senate Committee and Representative Committee over the DMR? And who is the Senator and Representative leading the Appropriations committees? Those are the people who need to be on top of this. They make the calls on the money and what goes on at that Agency. They should have some ‘splaining to do’. We elected them to represent us. They are surely doing a poor job of it. They should be called to task first. Then we should start calling the offices of that bunch in Jackson. If we keep sitting back and letting this thing go on, we are just as bad as they are. Get on the phones folks – start calling and asking questions.

  8. Mona,

    I hate to be so negative but you can write and call any and all of our elected officials in reference to DMR or any other questionable agency problems and you are just wasting your time. They will lie and their cohorts will swear to it. Unless the Sun Herald, Judge Schloegel and the FBI helps the citizens of Mississippi, do not depend on our elected politicians since they have deep pockets and want more, more, more……………….

    1. Mr. Rodgers,

      Negative or not, this is pretty good advice. I also believe calling any of our local REPUBLICAN officials would be a total waste of time. Also, I am actually skeptical if the local FBI unit involved with this would do anything either. I say this because of the nature in which the investigation took place and it certainly appears they are being very selective on who they indict and on what charges. They need to at least finish the job.

      1. Sad but so true that people who are known to have participated in stealing from the taxpayers are not being pursued. Politicians are not going to demand that their supporters and donors be investigated. Just using the Marine Resource Foundation as an example, how much money went into this conprofit and how much was given to politicians as campaign donations? We know the recently resigned head of the MsDEQ, Trudy Fisher, was sending convicted felon MsDMR Bill Walker money paid to MsDEQ in fines. He deposited these thousands in the conprofit he controlled and sent donations to many current politicians. Did Fisher and Walker secretly have a plan to recycle the taxpayers money? We would have never known about this activity had it not been for the level of greed Walker advanced to. Do you think the current governor of our state would demand an investigation of a firm that ran his campaign and raised thousands for him? Will Stacey Pickering send his investigators to look into no bid emergency contracts given to this same firm after one of the owners held a fund raiser in his beach front mansion. They never investigate the money bundlers because they are inside the protective dome.

  9. Mona,

    Biloxi Blues stated the ‘state of affairs’ much better than I could. And yes, I am disappointed in our local and state officials but really more perturbed that the FBI only skimmed the surface. Were they paid off as well? Local and state officials do not want to rock the boat and upset their contributions for the next election.

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