Report: DA Walter Reed terms local media “whores and prostitutes”

Welp folks, I don’t think Walter nabbed a “Morel” but I do think he made the right move.

St. Tammany DA Reed says he won’t run again ~ Sara Pagones

When Reed did enter the room, a source said, he delivered the news with a far more blistering attack on the media than he made publicly, calling local journalists “whores and prostitutes.’’ He did not mention the federal grand jury that has been convened to investigate his activities, but instead attributed his decision to retire from elected office entirely to negative news reports, and he instructed employees not to speak to reporters.

Obviously someone in the room did not take Walter’s advice on speaking to the press. Is it me or it that scraping noise I hear coming from the French Quarter and WWL-TV Katie Moore sharpening her knives?

Worry not for DA Reed as his pension is sure to be fat. Meantime I have this from the archives for historical comparison as Walter appears to be spoiling for a media fight.

Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “Report: DA Walter Reed terms local media “whores and prostitutes””

  1. Doug, with the usual and somewhat unnecessary caveat that a government thug is going down is a good thing, I’m beginning to sniff the stench of a coup here.

    1. Here is how it came down in time:

      Brian Trainor announced his candidacy Monday.

      Reed announces Tuesday afternoon he is not seeking re-election.

      The possibilities are intriguing.
      1. Sheriff Strain and Reed cut a deal to clear the way for Trainor. (Highly Unlikely but possible)
      2. Political power base withdraws support for Reed, word gets out and Trainor pounces.
      3. Reed tires of the incessant media spotlight, decides its time to leave public life.
      4. There is some very bad news for Reed outta Camp Street.

      As soon as I saw the Trainor announcement, I knew Reeds days as DA were numbered. The reason remains a bit of a mystery still.

      1. WE know that Brian Trainor, ex-deputy Sheriff and ex-asst. DA, announced his candidacy for DA a day before Greedy Reedy announced he was not gonna be around for the” whores and prostitutes ” to kick around anymore but there is rumor that a certain George Burns was also going to run for DA.

        Any Tammany peeps out there know if this is just rumor or has Burns announced because Burns is related to Reed’s family as per Times-Picayune society article dated November 6, 1994.

  2. Doug, I have seen a few coups in my time, and the Reed matter has all the hallmarks. The Reed machine was chugging along for three decades and all of a sudden the SOP becomes problemmattic. Lo and behold, someone who was part of that machine just so happens to pop up as a potential successor, from the other traditional power center in a “rural” parish, a sheriff. It is very rare indeed that the pillars of power in any Louisiana rotten borough are NOT aware of the contretemps of their fellow members of the local nomenklatura.
    I for one am astonished (right, sarcasm) that the Fawning Estate hasn’t bothered asking the obvious questions. An attorney as deputy, and how much recent experience has he in criminal litigation which is (unfortunately) the sine qua non of a disabled attorney? I for one would note that a disabled attorney should possess experience with civil matters as well, given a disabled attorney is supposed to prosecute civil matters involving the State. (Right, you can stop laughing, it is true a disabled attorney is there to provide figleaf cover to State actors, not aggravate his peers.)
    Also, how does Strain’s minion explain away his days as a soldier in the Reed “family”? Was he
    simply “clueless” and if so, that is no attribute. And if he observed but didn’t report, how about a misprision of felony, an affliction the prosecutorial caste afflicts the taxpayers when all other charges fail? And why no questions on this point?
    The functioning of the agitprop transmission belt (Zurich, etc) also supports the thesis. Given the three decades, to suggest that nothing of the sort was noticeable until 2013-2014 beggars the imagination.
    Let me suggest a variant on issue two – Reed was getting sloppy and his fellow elected gangsters decided it was time to begin poisoning the waters to see if something could stick and shove Reed out of the way. You have the “right” correlation of forces at the “right” time and indeed, the leaking of info has achieved critical mass, morphing into “bad news” from Camp Street. Rather “timely” there, too, as after all, a newbie Federal attorney would like to have a scalp on the wall after only an year in office. Keeps the rubes happy.

    For the juveniles, by the way, before chanting the “conspiracy theory” mantra, keep in mind the law is rife with “conspiracy” based actions. And, after all, to conspire means nothing more than two or more people engage in concerted action. While gangsterism is not peculiar to Louisiana politics, even Ray Charles can see in Louisiana politics the byzantine Machiavellian machinations which would delight any coupster from time immemorial.

  3. Katie Moore : As far as being termed a “whore and prostitute”, I ‘d proudly wear a sweater with PT in raised red letters on it (Prostitute for the Truth) cause Greedy is just pissed for the first time he can’t prosecute you for prostitution of da’ Truth

    However, if I were you out of an abundance of caution I would always take a witness with you while you are driving thru Satanic Tammany Parish.

  4. Does not look like a coup to me. Looks more like, one by one, a group of perps is being hunted down using the media and the legal system, rather than using violence.

    Like in the movies, a special lady in his life was hurt. Now he’s on a mission.

    1. Nice, Paul, but you skip over a very, very important point – this is Louisiana politricks, after all, and resorting to a noteworthy quip, there are often circles within circles, very few of which are pristine in nature.

      1. Certainly a coup is possible, taking advantage of the situation. I don’t think those involved in any coup, however, are at all in control of what is happening to Walter.

  5. Ok all you “whores and prostitutes” media take this :

    Greedy Reedy’s spokesperson says ‘ ….documents had to be re-created……’ and ‘Greedy resigned not because he did anything wrong…’

    Well let’s see then the question becomes , if Tammany General Hospital had a professional services contract with Satanic Tammany Parish’s DA office for last 20 years then did the $30,000/year ( $600,000) go into Parish’s general fund/account or in the pocket of GreedyReedy?

  6. Holy Zurik the Zealot and Media Whore,

    Zurik reports dat Greedy Reedy reported $30,000 a year income from Tammany General which Greedy dumb ass done thought was a personal contract..

    No problem it bees just just a simple math problem – Greedy only needs to return $600,000 to Satanic Tammany Parish’s general fund with legal interest thereon over the last 20 years. Pocket change for Greedy and Greedy don’t dare subtract the income taxes you paid cause the parish does not pay income taxes !

  7. Holy Mother of All Media Whores,

    She done bees on Greedy Reedy like redbeans on rice:

    Media whore, Heather Nolan, done has figured out why dat Greedy Reedy in 2011 out of the blue done started layin’ the ground work to institute a separate 401 retirement plan ( in addition to his standard State retirement plan) paid of courser by parish funds for himself and his 10 closest confidants ( secretary, etc.).

    There were evidently in 2011 strong legislature rumors that the La. Legis was going to pass a law revoking the State retirement of any La. public politician convicted of a felony. The new 2012 law had some loopholes dough like da’ retirement pay revoked was only effective for retirement payments made after the law was passed (i.e. only from 2012 forward).

    Dat ole self- fortune telling, Greedy Reedy was possibly buying his precious fat, corrupt ass a private 401 retirement insurance plan paid by the taxpayers of Satanic Tammany Parish just in case he was indicted and convicted of a felony.

    Now its up to da’ Grand Jury to make sure Greedy’s fortune selfie is true and he collects on his private retirement plan for the next 10 years while cleaning toilets at Oakdale State Prison with toilet specialist, Ray Ray.

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