Greenlit: Speculation rampant on target of Killer Van

I’ll take the opportunity to point out the van and its occupants were arrested in Jefferson Parish so it is safe to assume the target was there. To set things up for the rest of ya’ll that have no clue what I am talking about:

Killer Ride: Federal sources say van designed to kill ~ Rob Masson

I saw and read Masson’s story and there is something that does not make sense to me in how police can get a tip about a van riding around with a stolen license plate. This is not the type of tip that can come from the general public which tells me there bis more to this story than meets the eye. Masson followed up with a second story on Monday:

Federal, local agents seek possible ‘assassination van’ targets ~ Rob Masson

The initial Jefferson Parish report said the van was reported by an unnamed source. FOX 8 has now learned that source was a camera programmed to spot stolen plates. Jefferson Parish deputies say they have nearly 100 such cameras looking for stolen cars.

I have heard such cameras in Mississippi helped solve the Jaren Lockhart murder. Big Brother has some utility folks but it still does not tell us the identity of the intended target(s) of the van’s occupants, Dominick Gullo and Joseph Gagliano, both reputed organized crime figures, Gagliano in particular.

5 Plead Guilty to Defrauding Bally Gaming ~ New York Times Archives

I do not see Gullo or Gagliano cooperating with the authorities here. I’ll be keeping an eye on the case

Report: DA Walter Reed terms local media “whores and prostitutes”

Welp folks, I don’t think Walter nabbed a “Morel” but I do think he made the right move.

St. Tammany DA Reed says he won’t run again ~ Sara Pagones

When Reed did enter the room, a source said, he delivered the news with a far more blistering attack on the media than he made publicly, calling local journalists “whores and prostitutes.’’ He did not mention the federal grand jury that has been convened to investigate his activities, but instead attributed his decision to retire from elected office entirely to negative news reports, and he instructed employees not to speak to reporters.

Obviously someone in the room did not take Walter’s advice on speaking to the press. Is it me or it that scraping noise I hear coming from the French Quarter and WWL-TV Katie Moore sharpening her knives?

Worry not for DA Reed as his pension is sure to be fat. Meantime I have this from the archives for historical comparison as Walter appears to be spoiling for a media fight.

Stay tuned.