Leading the way in vanquishing Libel Terrorism

There has been much happening behind the scenes and it is apparent people are paying attention:

Defeating “Libel Tourism” under Mississippi law and the SPEECH Act ~ John Henegan

Henegan’s effort is rare in that he correctly quotes the things I actually wrote about Trout Point Lodge and the trio of Vaughn Perret, Charles Leary and Daniel Abel instead of the stuff they made up from whole cloth.  Using Nova Scotia Enterprises as the centerpiece of their damages claim against Louisiana Media Company in their Nova Scotia defamation suit against Fox 8 was certainly not the brightest idea the gang ever had…..

As for the behind the scenes most of you folks don’t know the half of it so for those without the benefit of PACER.

Click to obtain 44 page pdf
Click to obtain 44 page pdf

2 thoughts on “Leading the way in vanquishing Libel Terrorism”

  1. Doug, Doug,

    My regard for the black robed jesters has taken another nose dive when reflecting on the fact that as gatekeepers, the jesters are simply failing to dismiss the krap filed by the “partners” (Now, really, Doug, you chose that word to get in a good and well deserved dig at the Trash Trio) which on its face is beyond ridiculous. Yes, judges are gatekeepers and are supposed to control their courtrooms under their plenary authority if nothing else.

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