Because he still has hope: “Tammany DA Walter Reed lashes out at media reports, hires new spokesman”

Walter, if I may be so bold as to suggest the problem here is not the spokesman or the astroturfers but what do I know?

Tammany DA Walter Reed lashes out at media reports, hires new spokesman ~ Sara Pagones

Does it get much worse than having Gordon and his peeps chewing on the right cheek while Manuel, Lee and their peeps chew on the left? Probably not unless Slabbed joins in. :mrgreen:

Hospital checks to DA Walter Reed raise more questions about nature of payments ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

Something tells me the criminal defense sector of the local legal market will have an uptick in business soon.  We’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Because he still has hope: “Tammany DA Walter Reed lashes out at media reports, hires new spokesman””

    1. Jr:

      Thanks for the above reference and as anyone can read Chief Judge Vance failed to issue a final judgment, on a requested judgment ordering da’ Strained Sheriff to return a Holy Bible, Rosary beads and a shotgun he illegally seized, so the Mantons’ family could not appeal such a judgment denying return of personal property to the U.S. Fifth Circuit for constitutional violations. This diabolical judical policy of not issuing a final judgments occurs too commonly in too many cases in the 22nd JDC of Satanic Tammany Parish.

      Finally, read what Terry King, ,leader of Concerned Citizens for Satanic Parish who broke the coroner scandal, said about the all to common, reoccurring organized relationships between the Strained Sheriff, Greedy Reedy and some 22nd JDC judges

      1. I read that, lock, and I detect the whiff of malpractice, as in not filing a motion requesting order or failing that, take a writ to the Fed Fifth Circuit. Smells more like someone issued an order and a wit-challenged advocate was asleep at the wheel.

        1. Empire:
          I believe a Motion for Judgment or Order was filed and after the unethical,judicial apathy and non- issue by Judge Vance a writ to the Court of Appeal First Circuit in BR would have also been viable. I believe though they (Mantons) have appealed to Federal Court according to the article.

          However, as I’m sure you are aware a State Judge has great and broad discretion and if they want to screw a litigant they can do it with approval and applicable jurisprudence from their fellow bros in appellate courts.

  1. Crocodile tears have been shed by Greedy Reedy in Satanic Tammany Parish just releasing a statement to public stating he will not run for re-election :

    “…and (I) have always worked hard to earn and keep your trust.”

    Me tinks Greedy forgot to capitalize the word ” Trust”, as he for over 20 years really has kept ( as in kleptomaniac) the public’s Trust bigtime !

    1. While the public is still drying their crocodile tears from Greedy Reedy ‘s announcement that he is not seeking re-election we have the Strained Sheriff of Satanic Tammany Parish politically backing one of his Loyal Deputies. Oh, come on Tammany peeps that is so cozy it reeks of another family organization forming another dynamic duo to fight crime and corruption in Satanic Tammany.

      And so the beat goes on ( first da’ mayor, den da’ coroner, den da’ DA, etc.) but a ” new” and “improved” crime fighting family may be organizing itself around da’ Strained Sheriff. However, perhaps the informed public might just want to vote for an truly independent DA instead of a kissing cousin of da’ Sheriff and Justice for all under the law can return to the Ozone Belt.

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